The 4 Steps You Absolutely Must Take BEFORE You Start a Ritual

Spells for beginners can be daunting. Here are some easy to follow steps before you get started.


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All too often we have our thoughts fixed on the desired outcome of a ritual.



Whether it is about creating better for ourselves or requesting healing, love or peace for another, we’re projecting our energy toward what is coming instead of aligning with it in the present.



It’s as if we are peering over a hurdle anticipating the finish line without taking the starting position and flow of technique we require to get there into account.



While it is important to know what you are asking for and the underlying motivation for it (which I’ll cover in the next post) it is just as key to centre yourself in the precise moment where you ignite the ritual act.



Those of you familiar with my teaching style know that I don’t advocate drawn out or complicated formal ritual. No matter which, 5 minutes or 55 minutes will be as effective. The secret is to make it highly evocative on several levels and that is where these 4 easy steps come in.




Step One: Consciously commence


Consciously acknowledging the very commencement of your ritual is like piecing together a beautifully crafted introductory paragraph that draws you in to a captivating novel or carefully selecting that precise meaning laden word that serves as the precipice for a stirring piece of poetry.



This may be achieved through certain techniques that indicate the start of a ritual such as the scratching sound of a match head as it is struck alongside the box or the murmur a candle wick makes as it springs afire.



You don’t need any tools or props to do this though, simply become aware of your body (both feet on the floor, your extremities, your heartbeat and the blood coursing around your body), then focus on your breath. This is enough to dissolve both the past and future so there is only Now.


Through this action you emphasise your knowing that something is shifting in this instant.




Step Two: Settle into presence


Settling into a calm presence helps you to stop thinking about what (or who) may have aggravated you just before the chosen time of your ritual or wondering about what you are going to make for dinner…



Ground to consciously reinforce your connection with Source (or your preference) and Earth. Centre to realign body, mind and soul and to fully access your personal power at its optimal level of functioning.



You may want to set your sacred space and open it with a blessing such as, “I surround this space in diamond light, may only those of the highest light and purest intent enter here.”



Trust your feelings, if the vibe is right you will feel at ease and comfortable. Avoid entertaining any notions of what can go wrong based on what others have told you or that you have read up on. By allowing these thoughts into you consciousness you invite them in.




Step Three: Step into alignment


You’ve heard the old Yiddish proverb, “We plan, God laughs”?! This is the point before you get to the asking part of your ritual, where you allow for cosmic winds to flow around you.



This indicates your acceptance that what you are wanting may differ from destiny so that you aren’t futilely pushing against life’s plan. Here is a sample prayer:




I am one with Source (or your preference).


I connect with the living essence in all things.


I acknowledge the Greater Whole within which all things exist.


I attract endless blessings from this infinite realm of potential.


My intentions serve only my highest good and flow to me effortlessly.




Step Four: Connect with the original elements


This step helps you to pull in inspiration and support from the universe, involving something greater than you to bring your dreams into form.



Take your attention to Air, Fire, Water and Earth in turn. Consider the qualities of each element and sense their presence in your chosen space in whichever method works best for you.



For example, if you are more inclined toward clairaudience than clairvoyance you will hear a sound that you associate with each element rather than visualising each one and so on.



As you conjure and connect with each element ask them to refine, bless, fuel and manifest your intentions. This is because of free will nothing can intervene in your life without your consent.



Now you are ready to begin your ritual (or spell)! Don’t know how to write your own? I’ll teach you exactly how in the next post 🙂



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