Four Ways Ritual Is Good For You (including the ones you perform every day)

Aside from planned ritual around the lunar phases and seasonal events, you also need to consider the daily rituals that set the tone for your life day in and day out. 


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What rituals are you unconsciously moving through that keep you stagnant?



And how will you change them to shift and transform your life?





Every day ritual (habits) like waking, stretching, ablutions, dressing and applying make-up you are pre-paving and preparing for your day.



So with ritual you are pre-paving and preparing for an event or desire that takes you somewhere new i.e. find yourself on new ground.



Ritual aligns your conscious mind with the change you desire.



“No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river, and he’s not the same man”

̶ Heraclitus



Four benefits of ritual: 




Ritual places you beyond time and place where what you are asking for already exists. Engaging in ritual is a passage of rebirth for your personal frequency. It recalibrates you to who/ what/ where you want to be.


Essentially you are stepping into ritual from an old self into a new self in the desired “now” vibrational pattern. Thus when you come out the other side of a ritual, no matter how simple or elaborate, you are a different person to the one you were when you started the ritual.





Ritual can change the way you think about something and bring new awareness. It creates new neural pathways. Like opening a gateway, stepping through the looking glass, across the threshold supported by what your brain perceives as a sacred space ~ safe to fearlessly explore limitless possibilities.





Ritual acts boost your confidence, relieve anxiety and heighten your vibration.


They instil a sense of power over circumstance *witch* soothes and has a powerful impact on thoughts, feelings and behaviour, elevating mood and attitude.


That’s highly likely due to the abovementioned benefit #1 where you have stepped into the feeling state of possessing your desired outcome, reaching through time and space (embracing your true multidimensional nature) to claim it for yourself now.





Engaging in ritual focuses your intention/petition into the matrix in a similar manner to how a cat hones in while it stalks it’s prey.


The “after burn” effect of the ritual on mind, emotion and spirit helps you carry that frequency match to your desired outcome for an extended period of time.




*I Am Witch. I engage in everyday activities that I associate meaning to and they lead to regular results.*

Own it. You know you want to. 




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