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Does performing ritual open you up to all kinds of ills?

Does performing ritual open you up to all kinds of ills?

A lot of people have been misinformed about the beauty and power of ritual. Mainly, because if more people engaged in deliberate ritual it would instil so much self-belief in them that they wouldn’t need others to tell them what to think and how to behave.


They say you are opening up doors and portals to things unknown, communicating with malevolent creatures. That lower entities just can’t wait to invade your space and that you are unable to control who enters.


The only thing to fear is fear itself. In effect, by entertaining the thought of negativity infesting your intention, you have already invited it in. Whatever you think about expands. What you place your attention on animates a quality of energy within you that colours your experience of events.


Come to think of it, if ritual is “evil” then more situations go unresolved and more people have issues that are not processed so more heavy, untransformed, shadowy energy remains. Is that not perhaps the proposed aim of “evil”?


By rejecting your personal sovereignty you fail to actively take charge of your own energy and vibrational wellbeing. Evil is keeping you in a constant state of fear, dependant on others for information to keep you subordinate, misinformed and unaware of your true potential.


Ritual is prayer in motion

A metaphor carried out in gesture for what you want to accomplish. Ritual is a way to shift internally, to raise your vibration and alter your frequency so that you may experience differently on an external level.


You enlist the power of your subconscious mind by consciously conveying and illustrating your desire. In so doing, you redirect and reshape your conscious mind to prepare it for the new condition or resolution you are intending for.


Should you wish to employ Creative Forces such as elemental and celestial energies and ancient Spirit Beings as well as your personal Spirit Helpers to intervene and help rearrange quantum particles to present ways to experience the results you seek, you will certainly gain from opening up to their benevolence.


However, you don’t have to.


Your subconscious mind is super powerful and by simply engaging it you will already experience shifts. If you feel uncomfortable about calling on archetypal forces, know that their company is strictly upon invitation.


Only those you invite and/or allow in can enter your space. That means you set firm, clear boundaries about what you will entertain in your space. This sets a barrier in place impenetrable to all who do not match the invitation you have extended.


“Only those of the highest energy, purest vibration and of good intention may enter this space/attend this rite/intervene/hear my prayer for better.”



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