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Come closer Witchy One and peer into the cauldron…


My intuitive guidance, metaphysical coaching, and bespoke crystal healing rites are designed to inspire, brighten and transform the lives of my clients in positive, empowering, subtle (yet profound) ways.


I hold the space for you to experience greater soul expansion and step into a truer version of yourself so that you can stand in your light, spiral up and unlock bigger, better possibilities.


Intentions are uttered… magick is stirred… ripples travel throughout the quantum field.






Pleiades Starlight Infusion Rites |



High Frequency Activation & Alignment

Bespoke crystal rites performed remotely by me on your behalf, working with your personal Interdimensional Support Team and mine, for DNA activation, higher consciousness integration and multidimensional healing. These special sessions are available for a limited time at various cosmic energy windows and during galactic portal activity throughout the year.









Astral Spa Self-care Package

These are powerful moonthly bespoke Reiki sessions that I channel through quartz crystal grids, performed remotely by me on your behalf, working with your personal Interdimensional Support Team and mine, to optimise your spiritual receptivity on this physical plane throughout each lunar cycle.







Mentoring for the Modern Witch |



1:1 Mentoring ✦ Coaching Immersion Passages

Nothing will replace investing in yourself for more individualised assistance to rapidly dissolve blocks and shift into your next level of Source-ry as quickly as possible.











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