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Come closer Witchy One and peer into the cauldron, what shall we create together?


Online Training

Quality no-fluff ongoing training where you can set the pace to fit your schedule. Fresh downloads monthly.




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Crystal Healing, Alignment & Activation

Ritual magick sendings with high frequency quartz crystal grids performed remotely by me on your behalf, working with your personal Interdimensional Support Team, and mine, for energy alignment, DNA activation, deeper consciousness integration and multidimensional frequency healing to rejuvenate and facilitate more ease and grace in your life.


interstellarshower        Sourcery Activation


Private Mentoring Packages

There is a lot of stuff available for free on this site and the Sparkling Witch Coven is chock-full of quality training with fresh download packets released every month. Nevertheless, sometimes more individualised assistance is required to dissolve blocks and make rapid progress. I collaborate with a handful of private 1:1 mentoring clients with three wicked packages to pick from − spots are limited!


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