• Feel like you are done with your “former self” after your recent “spiritual awakening”?
  • Preparing to optimise the next phase of your life?
  • Ready to breathe and respond from a different place than before?
  • Looking for soul serenity that brings peace and clarity?


During the Golden Ages in Lemuria, Atlantis, Ancient Egypt and Greece, there were celestial or “star temples” in service to the people. They were constructed on high frequency grid points and functioned as sacred centres of wisdom, healing and spiritual practices.


Those in service at the temples had a fluid understanding of the workings of the cosmos, communed with various celestial beings and utilised these energies and wisdom to support the Earth and all upon her.


Many of these souls have reincarnated right now, if you are reading this it’s highly likely you are one of them. You are here to restore Deep Magick to Earth as we again enter a golden age. It is time for cosmic consciousness to be a natural part of our lifestyle. You will know if this service is for you because you will feel it resonating in every fibre of your being.


Ancient Celestial Temple Technology | www.stellaseaspirit.co.za


It takes twenty-six thousand years for Earth’s solar system to travel around its central sun, Alcyone. At the end of each cycle Earth’s solar system enters a high frequency photon belt for two thousand years. This heralds a time of global spiritual awakening otherwise known as an Age of Light/Golden Age… in 2013 Earth fully entered the transitory phase of this period.


What this means is that we, collectively as a solar system, are receiving cosmic rays (high frequency light waves) from this wispy band of electromagnetically charged particles. These light codes and frequencies are available to us now for the first time in twenty-six thousand years, accelerating collective soul expansion.


At this time on the planet we no longer require physical temples to carry out the necessary rites and activations. Instead we consciously choose to reignite the consciousness within our cells.


In service to support your journey and life purpose I work directly with Source energy to flow around and through you, creating the most appropriate outcome for all concerned and commune with the celestial and elemental realms to facilitate the space for you to transform, tap into your own power and align with cosmic flow.


The crystal grid work I carry out; including the activations, alignments and invocations are all abilities I have recalled from performing them in other timelines in these celestial temples.



A Source-ry Activation is right for you if:

tickYou have a predilection for metaphysics and the sacred arts (including but not limited to; spellcraft, astrology, Tarot, crystal healing, herbology, ritual, shamanism, alchemy, manifestation and so forth). You know of lifetimes in Atlantis, ancient Greece and Egypt, during Arthurian times, among the Maya, as Essenes and as medicine women and men. And you wish to stimulate recall of skills and retrieve soul fragments from these timelines.


tickYou want to connect more easily with other realms to awaken and develop your spiritual expansion and talents.


tickYou are exploring healing long standing physical ailments and emotional tides like grief, fear, anger that appear to have no sound medical explanation.


tickYou want to relieve stress and tension to help you fully appreciate what is in front of you right now instead of worrying about the past or future.


tickRestore inner balance to get to the heart of who you are.




Giza Crystals | www.stellaseaspirit.co.za

About the Giza Crystals I Use:

The set of crystals I work with are clear quartz. This includes some tiny (and VERY powerful) double terminated quartz crystals which originate from the Jeffrey Mine in Arkansas, U.S.A. They formed in water by double helix spiral generation, which is a rarity in the mineral kingdom. A diver was commissioned to dive 90 feet (27 metres) to retrieve them.


There is a finite number of Giza Crystals left. They cannot be bought, only gifted to those who are aligned by the world renowned master astrologer, psychic and extraterrestrial contactee known as Lavandar.


She was telepathically directed with the task of placing them in the Queen’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid of Giza for 48 hours, while the sun was in Scorpio and the Earth in astronomical alignment with the Pleiades, for a group of off-planet Pleiadeans to place codes of frequency within these crystals. (If you are unfamiliar with astrology, Scorpio is respected for its qualities of intense and major transformation).

As a result, these crystals may be referred to as Star Gates and hold an immense amount of celestial power.



How I Do It:

Most people who received these special Giza Crystals would be tasked via telepathic communication to place them in specific locations (sacred sites, trees, buildings, lakes etc) to assist with the restoration of the planetary grid.


However, it didn’t happen that way for me. I started recalling rituals (pages and pages of invocations) using quartz crystals, drawing in celestial and elemental energy to assist people to realign with their natural state.


My ability to help you tap into your own power and align it to cosmic flow with elemental and celestial support to personally transform your level of vibration is something I do naturally by recalling these rituals I used to perform in celestial temples with crystals in other timelines (Lemuria, Atlantis, Ancient Egypt).


Using channelled invocations I evoke the celestial and elemental energies that you already carry within your DNA via your astrological natal chart. Because every single cell in your body carries this imprint from the moment you were born and what you wanted to be, do and have in this incarnation.


Using your astrological chart like a unique fingerprint it’s like “GPS” for the energy sending and this is what triggers the shift, from within you. This is extraordinary energy work that strengthens your soul mission and purpose for being on the planet and brings opportunities and people onto your path that support this unfolding with more ease and grace.


The quartz crystal grid links up with the grand crystal grid of the Earth and conducts the spiral of energy to wherever you are, permeating your physical and subtle bodies.


Just like ley lines form an energy system, so too do your meridians, chakras and aura. During your ritual the energy infuses your molecular structure, dissolving any energy blocks and bringing your vibration into alignment with your original sacred blueprint.


In sacred space I invoke the Ancient Ones of Earth, Sky and Spirit and invite the sacred lineages devoted to collective Deep Magick, through all directions of space and time, who wish to step forward at the time of your sending to optimise the next phase of your journey in the highest light and purest intent.



Sourcery Activation Ritual Grid | www.stellaseaspirit.co.za
Sourcery Activation Ritual Grid ~ aspects may vary at times


What it is:

Ancient Celestial Temple Technology


A Source-ry Actviation is a thirty minute once-off ritual magick activation that stimulates your DNA recall. {That’s not to say you must have traceable lineage in this lifetime. I am referring to intergalactic bloodlines you carry from multiple dimensions and existences}.


  • Pre-session: Upon completion of payment, Paypal will direct you to an online intake form so that you can submit the following details to me:

1. Your full name
2. Your date of birth in day, month and year format E.G. 7 April 1983
3. City, state/province and country of birth
4. Your time of birth (if unknown, don’t worry it’s not pivotal!)
5. Your current location i.e. city, state/province and country


  • The session: Is performed remotely by me on your behalf, under the guidance of your Personal Interdimensional Support Team to facilitate the shift and transformation you desire at this time with ritual magick and a high frequency quartz crystal grid to help you recall innate abilities and heal on a multidimensional level.


The energy raised during your rite does five things:

1) Shifts perceptions

2) Dissolves obstacles hindering you

3) Stimulates solution

4) Harmonises your energy with the highest outcomes for all

5) Connects you more strongly with your core essence and Spirit Helpers


  • Post session: I type up your mini report/ritual overview and send it over to you in PDF within 48 hours to read at your convenience with a photo of your personal grid.



How a Source-ry Activation Can Assist You

tickFilter out impurities, restore balance and clarity of purpose with a spiral of energy that transcends all directions of time and space that permeates your very genetic structure.


tickActivate and integrate celestial, elemental and/or any other frequencies of the highest light and purest intent to receive cosmic wisdom available to you at this time along with the integrity, alignment, courage and stamina to move forward in your personal expansion.


tickThe universal energy itself is intelligent and will go to precisely where it is needed in the perfect amount, regulated by your deeper self so that the energy is filtered through all your etheric bodies and physical subatomic constitution on all levels until it is complete.


These tiny crystal beings wield an immense degree of celestial and magical power that finds you no matter where you are regardless of distance. 


During this ritual magick session I use your astrological chart (like Spirit GPS) beneath a crystal grid that includes double terminated clear quartz crystals that were encoded in the Queen’s Chamber of the Pyramid of Giza for 48 hours and specially attuned pieces of golden Tiger’s Eye and Tibetan Turquoise.


The combination of the properties of Turquoise and golden Tiger’s Eye merge your connection with the celestial and terrestrial realms, enhance your ability to recall talents and abilities from other timelines and your ability to translate spiritual wisdom into physical practice.



Another Happy Client! | www.stellaseaspirit.co.za


Wow, I wasn’t expecting that experience to be so clear, powerful and intense… I experienced some interesting things right after signing up for a session and a couple days ago I started experiencing a new energy shift.

I get lots of chaotic sounds in my ears when this happens and then they calm down after the shift is complete which started happening sometime yesterday as I realized I needed to let go of some things in order to step fully into my new life.


It’s a pretty major life change in fact (new on many levels). My full moon ritual last night was somewhat emotionally charged as I continued to release my old life and continue accepting my new life – sad and exciting at the same time.


But that was nothing compared to what I experienced this morning. Around 8:30 a.m. I relaxed and got into a meditative state which I was planning to continue doing for the duration of the session. But then after a while I sensed your presence as if we were actually talking to each other and having a direct conversation which was very clear to me. This lasted for what I think was about an hour as I lost track of time.


My spirit guides were present but sort of on the sidelines and there were other guides there that I didn’t know and a little hazy in the distance (I didn’t see any direct forms) but I realized later that they were part of my spirit family and we are all part of some kind of endeavor on Earth to help others awaken and bring in a new dimension, which I don’t know very much about at this point, or exactly what my place is in it.


The main “theme” seemed to be that I can open up fully to love now. I can let go. Memories came up so I could see them from a new perspective, there were some tears being released (and still are), but most of all, just a lot of insight flowed. I could also ask questions that I’ve had for a while and I previously didn’t found answers to. It reminded me of being in a counseling session except with spirit guides. It progressed quickly but also deeply and meaningfully.


I wrote down everything I could remember after the session and while I was writing it down, I immediately started detoxing and had all kinds of physical detox symptoms including a migraine. To be honest I feel a little bit of a mess but it’s a good mess I think and thank you for saying that I need to be gentle with myself and that it might take a few weeks for the energy to saturate all my bodies.


Also, after the session I had an urge to eat certain foods (and also to throw out  other foods in my fridge which I think have been causing me some issues, which I did). I also had the urge to take a shower, deep clean my teeth, my hair, scrub my body… so I did that too. And I’m cleaning my living space and washing a lot of laundry today. I just want to deep clean everything!


And I’ve been incredibly thirsty so I’ve been drinking lots of iced tea. The insight is still coming in although not as rapidly as during the session and it feels like my energy is slowing down again. I’m figuring out a daily ritual now in order to continue and maintain this shift. Smiles! ~ Elizabeth, Washington, USAwww.intuitivefish.com 


What to Expect

You don’t need to do any elaborate preparation before the session, simply open your heart and mind to receiving the energy upon booking. At the time of your session you can be going about your day as usual or be asleep. If you wish to be in meditation to receive the energy let me know and I will time-warp the sending for you to receive it in your time.


Most people find ritual magick sessions with me relaxing and/or rejuvenating. Some report sensations of heat or tingling, or even feel “hands” stroking their aura as the energy moves through their entire system. Other clients feel very little or nothing ~ this does not mean that it is not working for you, everyone is different in their sensitivity of psychic energy and perception of it.


Important: Read This! Do not undertake this decision frivolously. This is potent energy work. Be prepared for big shifts physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. If you are pregnant or suspect you may be, please postpone until another time.


If you have had an artificial regulator medically inserted please be aware that due to the electromagnetic intensity generated by this work that its functioning may be affected. If you have a chronic health condition I strongly recommend you collaborate with your preferred health professional to monitor symptoms and adjust treatment if necessary.


Though seemingly subtle, this is intense energy work that affects your entire being on the physical, emotional, mental and etheric levels. You could feel very energised or the opposite, fatigued and the need for sleep. This is normal and by listening to your body you will calibrate to the new frequencies faster 🙂


Expect to be lovingly supported and nurtured by Spirit as you shift your frequency and consciousness in the best way possible, as quickly as possible, bringing more ease, grace and flow into your life.


Enter this rite in this awareness so that you may recognise the synchronicity and meaning of what unfolds. Things may appear to be tearing apart when they are actually falling into place to match who you are becoming now.



What it is NOT:

I do not claim to heal you or make your problems disappear over night. My job is to bring to light the sparkle in your soul so that you become a truer expression of yourself. Know that all possibilities reside within you and the onus is on you to follow through on high value mundane actions toward your desired outcome. You can think of the energy work I perform on your behalf as a supplement to your own.


At no time do I invade your personal space or remote view. All clients request this service out of their own free will based on their own discretion.



How much does it cost?

Only $99 USD [currency converter] For a limited time.



How To Pay:

Click the Paypal button below. You will receive confirmation of payment in a matter of moments.


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You don’t need a Paypal account to make a secure payment with Paypal. Just use your debit card or credit card and fill in the form on the right that says “Don’t have a Paypal account?” Simply ignore the prompts to get a Paypal account and continue with your purchase.


Upon completion of payment, Paypal will direct you to an online form so that you can send your details to me if you are not directed to the web form for some reason after completing payment, you can simply return to this page and click here.



Happiness Guarantee

There are no refunds on Source-ry Activations rendered. I bring the best of myself to our collaboration and I firmly believe that you get out what you put in. You cannot merely lay back and wait for things to shower down on you ~ although this can happen sometimes.


In my experience with energy transfiguration I have come to know that there are very few instances where it is unable to bear some influence. So, even if we do not achieve the exact results we set out to obtain, we will still cast a favourable sway for the highest outcome of your situation.


Please understand that when you invest in your Self with this service, your purchase is final. Supplies are used and time is spent. Consider this a small investment that will exude blessings greater than you can imagine for many years to follow.


If you have any questions about the Source-ry Activation Session that are not answered on this page please don’t hesitate to contact me and I will do my best to resolve them with you. I want you to have happiness and peace of mind in my service to you.


Another Happy Client! www.stellaseaspirit.co.za

At the time I booked a session I was dealing with a relationship concern, inner conflict and my energy felt drained. I was feeling insecure and not sure where to turn or what to do next and very negative.


I had a good warm feeling from the beginning and liked your approach of not just trying to make me feel better, instead guiding me to my own power to view things from a different angle.


The most important thing people should know about this session is that only you can change what is happening in your life and it will bring you the guidance needed to get focused and on the right road if you are ready and want to.


It’s remarkable how everything starts coming together after you change your mindset and I am more myself again, which is a breath of fresh air! ~ Amy, Gauteng, South Africa


How these energies interact with each individual specifically will vary based on where you are at in your own journey of expansion.


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