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Witchy One, Here is Your Sparkling Invitation To Join Us

Witchy One, Here is Your Sparkling Invitation To Join Us

Among the earliest mother goddess icons is the goddess of Laussel who was found in the entrance to an Ice Age cave in the Dordogne region in central France. She dates from around 23 000 BCE and is the first representation of the natural association between the earth mother and moon goddess.


The first indication of the triple moon goddess appeared as a trinity of giant carved lunar stone goddesses found in a cave at the Abri du Roc aux Sorciers at Angles-sur-l’ Anglin, dating from between 13 000 and 11 000 BCE.


Tap into millennia of sacred feminine rites through our virtual gathering of kindred hearts ~ gentle eclectic nature-based ceremony and meditation that culminates in sending a collective surge of beneficial energy across the globe…


You are hereby cordially invited

  • To connect more deeply in heart-centred consciousness with the earthly, celestial and spirit realms 
  • To embody more of your soul’s wisdom and experience more synchronicity and flow
  • To expand into greater personal power and further your practice of the Craft


We look forward to the pleasure of your company

No matter what your skill level. (No prior experience required). An existing interest in astrology, the elements, nature spirits, crystals etcetera ~ even if completely new to you is enough.


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