How to Cast a Spell That Doesn’t Cause Harm To Anyone

What is known as white witchcraft and white magic spells is essentially the practice of casting spells that do not incur harm. If this is something that you are concerned about read on…


How to cast a spell that doesn't harm |



A common enquiry entering my email inbox is about the ethics and repercussions of casting spells.



In the sense of shaping circumstances to suit you, are you taking what is rightfully another’s? Or are you bringing grave misfortune upon those close to you?



Magick and spells are not manipulative or harmful. You are simply working with your own subconscious and changing what you accept as true about something. You end up with the result or outcome that you believe in.




Some absolute myths about magick making include


  • I can’t get anything without suffering.



  • Magick makes me get what I want faster, but I have to give something up in return.



  • I must use protection for myself and my family when working magick to keep them safe from unexpected bad events.



  • Dabbling in even simple good spells can wreak havoc on people’s lives.



  • Experimenting with good spells to help someone can hurt the people around the spell by manipulating situations for the spell to work.




First, the above nonsense makes my blood boil because it discourages you from taking a proactive solution-oriented approach solely based on the premise of fear. Fear that you will suffer, fear that your loved ones will suffer or fear of causing strangers to suffer.




Sounds like rules based on fear of punishment to me… this smacks of the influence of the old patriarchal paradigm that is deader than a doornail as you read this.




“Shut up and take what we hand you because we know something you don’t know.” Yes? I’ll tell you what they know…





They know that you are a powerful, peace-loving, compassionate human being; a custodian of the planet’s wellbeing and all life on it. They know that when you fully come to understand and accept that, they are toast.




Now, I don’t mean to say that the people endorsing these myths are doing so deliberately to keep you from expanding into your fullest potential. Some might be, but others have unwittingly been indoctrinated with this misinformation and don’t even realise they themselves have been duped.




Lead will play its role until the world has no further need for lead and then lead will have to turn itself into gold in order to match the higher frequencies.





Second, if you believe it to be so, then you will experience it as such because your consciousness is your filter through which you perceive your reality. It doesn’t have to be that way. If you are drawn to something “so wrong”, because it feels “so right” then honour yourself enough to explore your soul wisdom and creative inner fire.



  • We are a part of an abundant infinite cosmos.



  • There is no cause and effect, only what we perceive to be such.



  • The universe is not against you or for you, Creation is totally neutral.



  • The intention behind energy is what shapes it.



All possibilities and scenarios occur in all possible ways in all possible worlds. You are NOT taking from one to give to another ~ this is a fallacy.




How to cast a spell that doesn’t cause harm



1. Take these 4 steps before you start any ritual or energy crafting activities.




2. Avoid ritual magick when you are intoxicated or in a very emotional state.




3. Don’t haphazardly invite in entities (discarnate, incarnate or symbolic) you know nothing about.




4. Cleanse any new or second hand items you bring into your personal space.




5. Incorporate the magickal script below to conclude your rite:





I call for this now and bring it into this moment and dimension in accordance with my highest good. I open to receiving this under grace and in a perfect way.



I release anything I may have said or done through all time that no longer serves me that may be blocking my ability to receive this. All my needs are met for I am already whole.



I invite my Personal Interdimensional Support Team (or your preference) and overlighting Soul Self to regulate the spiral of magick so that it flows at the most appropriate and beneficial rate for all involved.



I relinquish any attachment to this now and place it firmly in the hearts and influence of the Ancient Ones (or your preference) for fulfilment.



And so it is.





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