Be a confident soul connected Modern Witch every day

A Simple Starter Kit for the Awakening Modern Witch

Contrary to what T.V. would have you believe, you don’t have to have a big altar, special tools or fancy ingredients to be a witch.

Magick arises from your energy. You are imbuing your creations with life force and therefore heartfelt intention, mindset and vibrational signature is what counts.


Real witches use what is available in their immediate environment or what is relatively easy to attain (thanks to modern interwebs)! You can call upon the Overlighting Spirits of Earth, Sky and the primordial sea within which we all exist for assistance (and yes that includes visiting your local health shop, supermarket, private yard or public park).


You don’t have to seek out some obscure, rare item.

Magick is not about doing, it is about being.


Your thoughts, feelings and experiences as a consequence indicate where your energy frequency is, who you are being. Magick entwines intellect, imagination and intuition.


In living consciously you live magically within the present moment. Conscious awareness gives you power of choice, perceptive vision and the ability to exercise discernment and wisdom in all your dealings.


It also brings a soul clarity about your unique path that instils reverence, heartfelt gratitude, happiness and blessings untold. YOU are the obscure, rare ingredient!


Shortcuts to skip around on this page:

1. Affirm The Magick Maker You Are On A Cellular Level

> Listen to the four minute video or read the transcript

2. Let Go Of Your Fear

> Does performing ritual open you up to all kinds of ills?

> How to Cast a Spell That Doesn’t Cause Harm To Anyone

> How to Get Really Comfortable in Your Own Skin

> Two Easy Yet Powerful Ways to Release Limiting Beliefs That Hinder Your Progress

> Magick = Free Will + Witchiness in Motion

3. Listen To The Wise One Within

> No Time for Your Spirituality? What To Do

> How to Calm and Centre Yourself (in Tricky Situations)

> Alignment and Making Space for Results

> Simple Ways to Witchify Wicked Commutes

> Seven Ways to Fit a Spiritual Retreat into a Weekend

4. A Framework for Understanding Real Magick

> Magick and the Law of Attraction

> The True Nature of Karma

> The Butterfly Effect and Transformation

> What Ritual Is and How It Works

> How Do You Know If You Cast a Spell Right?

> Caught in Manifesting Limbo? No Signs? No Inspiration? Here’s What You Can Do…


1. Affirm The Magick Maker You Are On A Cellular Level.


Listen to the four minute video or read the transcript below to stir your soul…



“This calling is for you Witchy One, for a tribe of people in tune with the earthly, celestial and spirit dimensions. Where we possess a profound love in Oneness with The All. Where we have the freedom of being who we were born to be as never before.


Wake up Witchy One to the calling at your core. This is a homecoming to something ancient, a deep re-membering of your very soul essence. There are no “new” witches… only re-membering ones.


You feel the currents of deep magick running through your veins. You hold the Truth in your bones and the memory in your cellular DNA. Sense the tingling of your cells alive with air, fire, water and earth. Let this cosmic sentience radiate from you like the amazing light that you are.


You who seek a safe space where you can get to grips with energy-craft and infuse it in your day to day living, establish magickal finesse in the current era and live an expansive life, leveraging ancient wisdom in the best way possible.


You are deep magick incarnate.


Your breath is pure energy and charges your physical vessel so your muscles sing. You have touched magick with all your physical human senses you bear witness to it and the beauty brings a flutter to your heart. You are here now to remember who you are so that you can claim your inherent power and lead others through your living example.




You walk your talk and infuse Spirit with matter. You are living Source-ry. You who practise meditation, ritual, leave offerings, perform ceremony and cast spells. Otherworldliness comes naturally to you; spirits, partnering with crystal realms, communing with the animal kingdom, interacting with devas, dragons and unicorns, sailing energy streams, navigating galactic portals, invoking the Ancient Ones, reaching into the astral and shifting between dimensions.


Witchiness in motion.


You walk with the elementals by your side in radiant sunrays and glistening moonbeams, highly respected and loved by all for your magnificent transcendental charms. You alter situations for the better. Powerful protectors guard you day and night, you are wholly supported on your path.


Remember who you are. Take my hand and step across the threshold.


Reassemble your vast and ancient wisdom, whether you are just starting out on your personal Witchy path or seek to accelerate your Witchiness.


I’m a catalyst for transformation. My mission is to facilitate the space for you to connect with your innermost magical aspect so you can wield your inner power with greater effect, create better and become the confident Wise One you are.


You are in this world not of it.


It is time to integrate your knowing into daily being that refines your energy-crafting skills, strengthens your relationship with Infinite Is and deepen your bond with primal forces.


Dip your toes into the wonderful ocean that is at your core, to trust your inner wisdom and to weave more magick in this realm.


Will you join me?

Welcome to an Earth where deep magick is accepted, understood and honoured.”


2. Let Go Of Your Fear


Does performing ritual open you up to all kinds of ills?

A lot of people have been misinformed about the beauty and power of ritual. Mainly, because if more people engaged in deliberate ritual it would instil so much self-belief in them that they wouldn’t need others to tell them what to think and how to behave.


They say you are opening up doors and portals to things unknown, communicating with malevolent creatures. That lower entities just can’t wait to invade your space and that you are unable to control who enters.


The only thing to fear is fear itself. In effect, by entertaining the thought of negativity infesting your intention, you have already invited it in. Whatever you think about expands. What you place your attention on animates a quality of energy within you that colours your experience of events.


Come to think of it, if ritual is “evil” then more situations go unresolved and more people have issues that are not processed so more heavy, untransformed, shadowy energy remains. Is that not perhaps the proposed aim of “evil”?


By rejecting your personal sovereignty you fail to actively take charge of your own energy and vibrational wellbeing. Evil is keeping you in a constant state of fear, dependant on others for information to keep you subordinate, misinformed and unaware of your true potential.


Ritual is prayer in motion |


Ritual is prayer in motion

A metaphor carried out in gesture for what you want to accomplish. Ritual is a way to shift internally, to raise your vibration and alter your frequency so that you may experience differently on an external level.


You enlist the power of your subconscious mind by consciously conveying and illustrating your desire. In so doing, you redirect and reshape your conscious mind to prepare it for the new condition or resolution you are intending for.


Should you wish to employ Creative Forces such as elemental and celestial energies and ancient Spirit Beings as well as your personal Spirit Helpers to intervene and help rearrange quantum particles to present ways to experience the results you seek, you will certainly gain from opening up to their benevolence.


However, you don’t have to.


Your subconscious mind is super powerful and by simply engaging it you will already experience shifts. If you feel uncomfortable about calling on archetypal forces, know that their company is strictly upon invitation.


Only those you invite and/or allow in can enter your space. That means you set firm, clear boundaries about what you will entertain in your space. This sets a barrier in place impenetrable to all who do not match the invitation you have extended.


“I am Witch. Only those of the highest energy, purest vibration and of good intention may enter this space/attend this rite/intervene/hear my prayer for better. And so it is.”



How to Cast a Spell That Doesn’t Cause Harm To Anyone

A common enquiry entering my email inbox is about the ethics and repercussions of casting spells. In the sense of shaping circumstances to suit you, are you taking what is rightfully another’s? Or are you bringing grave misfortune upon those close to you?


Magick and spells are not manipulative or harmful. You are simply working with your own subconscious and changing what you accept as true about something. You end up with the result or outcome that you believe in.


Some absolute myths about magick making include


  • I can’t get anything without suffering.


  • Magick makes me get what I want faster, but I have to give something up in return.


  • I must use protection for myself and my family when working magick to keep them safe from unexpected bad events.


  • Dabbling in even simple good spells can wreak havoc on people’s lives.


  • Experimenting with good spells to help someone can hurt the people around the spell by manipulating situations for the spell to work.


First, the above nonsense makes my blood boil because it discourages you from taking a proactive solution-oriented approach solely based on the premise of fear. Fear that you will suffer, fear that your loved ones will suffer or fear of causing strangers to suffer.


Sounds like rules based on fear of punishment to me… this smacks of the influence of the old patriarchal paradigm that is deader than a doornail as you read this.


“Shut up and take what we hand you because we know something you don’t know.” Yes? I’ll tell you what they know…


They know that you are a powerful, peace-loving, compassionate human being; a custodian of the planet’s wellbeing and all life on it.


They know that when you fully come to understand and accept that, they are toast.


Now, I don’t mean to say that the people endorsing these myths are doing so deliberately to keep you from expanding into your fullest potential. Some might be, but others have unwittingly been indoctrinated with this misinformation and don’t even realise they themselves have been duped.


Lead will play its role until the world has no further need for lead and then lead will have to turn itself into gold in order to match the higher frequencies.


Second, if you believe it to be so, then you will experience it as such because your consciousness is your filter through which you perceive your reality. It doesn’t have to be that way. If you are drawn to something “so wrong”, because it feels “so right” thenhonour yourself enough to explore your soul wisdom and creative inner fire.


  • We are a part of an abundant infinite cosmos.


  • There is no cause and effect, only what we perceive to be such.


  • The universe is not against you or for you, Creation is totally neutral.


  • The intention behind energy is what shapes it.


All possibilities and scenarios occur in all possible ways in all possible worlds. You are NOT taking from one to give to another ~ this is a fallacy.


How to Cast a Spell That Doesn't Cause Harm

How to cast a spell that doesn’t cause harm


1. Avoid ritual magick when you are intoxicated or in a very emotional state.


2. Don’t haphazardly invite in entities (discarnate, incarnate or symbolic) you know nothing about.


3. Cleanse any new or second hand items you bring into your personal space.


4. Incorporate the magickal script below to conclude your rite:


“I call for this now and bring it into this moment and dimension in accordance with my highest good. I open to receiving this under grace and in a perfect way.


I release anything I may have said or done through all time that no longer serves me that may be blocking my ability to receive this. All my needs are met for I am already whole.


I invite my Personal Interdimensional Support Team (or your preference) and overlighting Soul Self to regulate the spiral of magick so that it flows at the most appropriate and beneficial rate for all involved.


I relinquish any attachment to this now and place it firmly in the hearts and influence of the Ancient Ones (or your preference) for fulfilment.


And so it is.”



How to Get Really Comfortable in Your Own Skin

This post is particularly helpful for those of you living with people who don’t understand why you can’t just be like them and can’t see beyond their own limited frame of reference.


Even though you love and accept them as they are, you don’t require their approval about the way you choose to live in order to feel comfortable with whom you are. Your approach is one of total self-acceptance.


Get Comfortable in Your Own Skin (especially when you feel like you don't belong) |


Your New Script


“I am comfortable in what I believe at this time and with who I am becoming.


I may not know what my path is completely but I choose to enjoy myself on my journey and reach for the best quality experience within each shifting circumstance.


I flow with what rings true for me because I trust my heart,


And listen to my inner wisdom and guidance which is often inspired by others along the way that resonate.


As I settle into this knowing that I am already enough and just be,


Everything I need for my next step is revealed to me in the moment that best supports my expansion.”



*I am Witch. Perfection doesn’t lead to enlightenment, unconditional self-acceptance of my human experience does.*

Own it. You know you want to.



Two Easy Yet Powerful Ways to Release Limiting Beliefs That Hinder Your Progress

When you decide to transform something, the most challenging part is releasing old conditioning and thought patterns that no longer serve who you are becoming. They hinder your progress with echoes of, “Oh, you shouldn’t do that” or “That’s not how I raised you” or “Our family isn’t that lucky”.


These thoughts appear at the first sign of making deliberate change and keep bouncing you back from the present moment (where all your power is) so you continue to live from the past. This in turn affects the decisions you make and the quality of your experiences now.


Below you will find the two most powerful methods that I teach my clients and employ personally. Use them as frequently as you need to, daily at first and then gradually whenever you feel you need a boost to the next level.


How To Release Limiting Beliefs |


Option 1. Burn Baby Burn

When you notice an unserving thought seeping in such as, “I’m not smart enough” or “this will never take off”, imagine it burning out of your aura, casting it from your energy field like a solar flare coming off the Sun. {Click here to get the visual on this}. You can change the colour of the light to violet or whatever colour feels right for you.


Don’t worry that you are leaving those thoughts out in the ether to affect others. Fire is a potent transformative element and you are literally rescinding it, returning it to its original form as pure Source energy within the matrix.


Whenever those nay saying ego-imp thoughts start niggling about what you are doing, how you are choosing to do it and the judgements others may place on you, just burn it off and move forward to cancel out and nullify their effect.


{Both of these techniques can be implemented for anything you are shifting in your life ~ more money, meeting your perfect match or getting a promotion. I have just used the exploration of witchcraft here as many of you write to me about this!

Option 2. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

This technique works off the meridian points of the body for release of energy blockages. To learn more about it just hop on over to YouTube and search for “introduction to EFT tapping”.


At first glance, it may appear as though you are focussing on the negative by listing out how you honestly feel and all the ugly thoughts that surface, BUT actually it emphasises self-love and acceptance.


Remember not everything you think is true! You are not your conditioning; it is learnt through socialisation and enculturation and can be unlearnt and replaced with better serving thought habits.


Here are some EFT prompts to get you started:


“Even though witchcraft is evil and casting spells is bad.

Even though I’m going to fry and my family would disown me if they knew.

Even though my spells don’t work and I’m scared I’ll do something wrong that harms others.

Even though my heart and soul is deeply drawn to this calling and I’m scared to act on it because I don’t know what will happen next.

I deeply and completely love and accept myself.”


Make sure you take a nice deep breath in and exhale after tapping to reaffirm the release of energy. The more you engage EFT the easier it will be to identify self-sabotage and the quicker you will be able to release limiting beliefs to your progress.


*I Am Witch. I may have given my power away to you before but you have no power over me now.*

Own it. You know you want to.



Magick = Free Will + Witchiness in Motion

You can take some bark, seeds and leaves and haphazardly scatter them around your space then sneer because nothing happened. I would tell you that I am unsurprised.


You have a number of goals, dreams and objectives swirling through your consciousness at any one time. When you hold back from focussing in on what it is that you want precisely, they keep swirling around you until they become a hazy fog.


“Oh, I’ll take a handful of this and a pinch of that, now go get me that stuff I want”.


Until you commit to a specific direction you would like to take things in an area of your life, your frequency bears that of hesitancy ~ which makes for manifesting more ambiguity


Why? Because all your thinking and conceptual possibilities about a matter channel energy toward it but without clear direction it becomes diluted, scattered and returns to the greater field of consciousness because it has not got a clear direction of what to fill (or fuel).


Magick is Free Will plus Witchiness in Motion |


Free will consists of two components:

1) The power of independent choice (thought)

2) The power of independent action (deed)


When you choose to consciously create differently or better for yourself, you hold a vision while you structure a foundational framework for that which you wish to take form.


Thought –> hold a vision with enough solid focus to allow the strands to begin knitting together for that which you wish to take form.


Deed –> decide wholeheartedly what you are going to create then ground that into practical action.


Take the bark, roots, seeds and leaves. Hold it them in your hands and charge them fervently with your exact intentions, vision and supporting emotional tides until you feel the life force within them stir, cast them abut your space AND THEN go do something that will bring you closer to what you are asking for.


For Example


What do I want? (Get a hold on the general picture. Then explore it further to increase the detail.)


I want another job ~ I want to move to a location where there are more opportunities ~ I am scared of making a mistake by resigning from my current position.


Precise answer: I want to feel supported in my decision to relocate and secure a more stimulating career.



Perform a ritual asking your Spirit Helpers for their guidance and assistance in your decision, seek out divination to examine the potential outcome of your decision. Forewarned is forearmed so you can adjust anything that may be out of step before it unravels all your plans.


Cast a spell to find fulfilling employment. Polish up your résumé, search adverts, sign up at a recruitment agency, prepare for the interview so that you shine.


Cast a spell for the smooth and swift sale of your home. Wash the windows, apply a coat of fresh paint, get a professional to market it.


*I Am Witch. I reach out in good faith that the universe will meet me half way.*

Own It. You know you want to.



Ready for practical tips and inspiration each week to feel more confident and soul connected? (For free) subscribe now or if you are ready to immerse yourself in your witchiness, check out our online coven.



3. Listen To The Wise One Within


No Time for Your Spirituality? What To Do

No Time for Spiritual Practice? |


Are you struggling to give yourself a few minutes to reconnect with your core? Are you trying to see if some spare time shows up or until everything on your to-do list is complete before you give yourself permission to still your mind, process your reactions and replenish your connection with Source energy?


It starts with one simple daily choice to tune out of the typical noise and busyness and tune in to your inner power, which actually helps you deal with life’s twists and turns much more efficiently. The more consistently you tune in to your personal power the more you will be able to exercise it consciously.


One of the biggest excuses I hear from people who say they want to experience a deeper soul connection, develop their intuitive abilities and deliberately create their reality is that they have “no time”.


This is really just a mental barrier because time in essence does not exist. It’s a human concept of linearity – up or down a timeline that is not real. All that exists is consciousness and that is timeless.


Humankind has been conditioned into feeling incompetent and to look outside of yourself for answers. So you are used to feeling that way. When you start to engage the type of habits that produce the feelings and experiences you desire there is resistance because it is not the norm.


It feels awkward, you tell yourself you’re being silly and you reject it and go back to your comfort zone where nothing changes.


That’s because you are used to playing small so expansion feels unnatural at first – then you contract and stop, but that is precisely what you need to continue to do until it becomes part of your natural state. It’s detaching from the former self to step into the new.


For some of you, this discomfort of unknown territory creates some weird scenarios in your life or you get sick as your molecules and reality recalibrate. The secret is to stay consistent and ride it out with the new behaviour you are engaging and then the drama fades away.


For others there is an immediate resistance where you find all kinds of reasons to procrastinate – I must clean the house first, I can’t meditate until I’ve filed those papers away or I have so much to do I don’t have the time to do something that I know will help me.”


Here is how to make time for the spiritual connection that you value:


Understandably at any one time you have a number of projects going on to do with home, family, work and personal pursuits. However if you feel that spirituality is important to you, amongst all these other distractions you simply choose to decide that you are going to make it a priority.


30 seconds is enough. 2 minutes is enough. 10 minutes is enough.

Whatever is available, use it.


Give yourself permission to maintain your spiritual connection because not only is it important to you and an act of self-love but you will actually notice that you get more done, more joy from activities you engage in and contribute to the wellbeing of others through the impact that the energy you bring to any situation or place makes.


When you take a moment to connect to the greater whole within which we all exist you effectively take a step back from frenetic scattered energy and move forward from a much more centred, calm and powerful place.


You can only shift from knowing what to do and not living it in a practical sense to integrating it into your way of being one step at a time and those steps begin with the decision to make time.


It can be as simple as

1) Pausing to take 3 deep breaths


2) Expressing appreciation as you eat breakfast


3) Reciting loving affirmations in the shower


Make room in your life for what you value and want to experience more of.


How to Calm and Centre Yourself (in Tricky Situations)

Stress Relief: How to Calm and Center |


Recently I ran the Own Your Witchiness Challenge in our Facebook Group. As part of the challenge on Day 1 participants received an alignment process which I encouraged them to listen to throughout the challenge since it is a great way to set the vibrational tone for your day.


I also suggested that should participants find themselves stressed at any time throughout their day, that they simply listen to or recite the alignment and be present in their body because in those few minutes, they would find themselves more centered and calm.


A participant shared her experience using the alignment technique:


During the challenge a participant posted in the Facebook Group that her husband had lost his wallet at the beach that morning with all of his cards in it! She automatically went into crisis mode trying to find bank numbers to cancel the cards and post a request on a local community webpage in case anyone saw it or found it.


In this frenzied state her energy was so supercharged that she found it nearly impossible to connect to get online. In her panic state she suddenly became aware that nothing was working.


So she took a deep breath – which was quite a stretch from the state of mind she was in at the time – and recalled the words from the alignment process that begins with, “I am grounded, I am centred. . . ”


And her breathing slowed.

As she calmed down the web pages she was desperately trying to get to opened in front of her.

She got through the bank’s reporting process easily with friendly people who assisted her.


What she realised about the process was that this deliberate internal shift to calm yourself and consciously let go of an unhelpful emotional reaction directly affected her external experience. Later that day she let us know that her husband’s wallet had been returned, without the cash, but all the cards were there.


Here is the link to a similar alignment process.


The Benefits

1) Clears your head from the distraction and external noise of the workaday world

2) Connects you with your Deeper Self and Spirit Helpers

3) Helps you remain present and centred in the moment instead of darting back into a past experience or projecting into a potential future


I recommend using the alignment process before you start your day, ahead of important meetings or before engaging in any meditation or ritual.


Basically, you can align as often as you like. Others have share with me that it helps alleviate anxiety. At first you will rely on the wording but in time you will be able to instantly align your energy at the thought of doing so.



Alignment and Making Space for Results

This post is particularly appropriate for that eager time lapse after you have performed a ritual or spell and you’re anticipating the result! Like attending a formal dinner party at a prestigious establishment, you’re feeling really excited but you know you have to tone it down a notch to vibe serene for gracious admission.


Sometimes you have difficulty detaching from your wants and can’t stop thinking about when you will see it take effect or projecting all the potential scenarios through which it can come to be. Then you need to breathe and make etheric space for cosmic winds to twirl around you.


Sometimes your circumstances don’t budge (expand) until you make space in other areas of your life which creates a variety of pathways along which your manifestation can be delivered to you. How do you craft “space” in your life? By taking action of course!


Visualise roads opening and blocks dissolving. Chant uplifting mantras, exercise tomove energy through you. And then there is good old housewitchery; rearrange the furniture, clean out cupboards, organise your desk etcetera.


>> Switch the weave in strands of the web >> Blaze astral pathways >> Open unseen doors >> Take your body and mind on a Spirited adventure.


On recognising patterns… start noticing recurring dreams or imagery and playfully leaning into the potential messages for you. Look up number sequences that keep showing up like 1222 or 1414.


Logical scrutinising can only take you so far, sometimes you just have to surrender into feeling and intuition. Get present in the present and practice letting go of self-judgement whenever it surfaces.


Aligning Allowing and Receiving After Ritual |


How to align, allow and receive after a ritual

>> Ask yourself, “what will make me lighter going forward?”

>> The less you reach for results the better things go.


For example, don’t let fear define your actions, as in worrying about missing out. “If I do go I might…” or “what if I don’t go and…” Just lean into it and listen to that still, sure voice within for guidance.


Avoid trying to will it to happen or push things into place. Relinquish controlling the storyline (and timeline). The best approach is to consciously “forget about it” and carry on as if it already happened and matter is just catching up with spirit.


And while you’re calibrating to your new self, take some time out to do the things you love and enjoy. Relax, spend time with your family, get a massage, read books you’ve been hoarding for “one day” and generally have a good time regardless 😉


Because most often, the universe tends to deliver when you’re not looking or through the secret door you didn’t even know existed.


Do this just once every day and you will already be further than most:

  • Utter thank you for everything in your life, even the flashpoints.
  • Say “I love you” to yourself speaking directly to your heart centre.
  • Savour simply being here and getting to play human in Gaia’s vast array of treasures.


Conjure >> Detach >> Allow your wellbeing = Open to receiving



Simple Ways to Witchify Wicked Commutes

Many of you have a lengthy commute to the office during the week. Here is a list of things you can do to amplify your Witchiness while passing the time and/or transcending the rat race vibe, boosting your energy, creativity and productivity.


Start with one or two and then return to the list for some more when you’re ready. I’m pretty sure I don’t have to tell you this, but some of these activities obviously don’t count if you’re driving 😉


On your way to the office…

  • Ground and centre your energy
  • Surround your mode of transport in a bubble of diamond light for safe, pleasant travel to your destination
  • Listen to an inspirational audio book or recorded podcast
  • Read uplifting material on your iPad or eReader
  • Digitally journal last night’s dream, creative inspirations and ideas for the day/projects in the works
  • Visualise the perfect flow of your modus operandi when you get in to the office
  • Do affirmations, mantras, mudras, intention setting
  • Just breathe to gather your faculties and become fully present
  • Bless your morning beverage
  • Send healing wishes to loved ones who require it
  • Send blessings to your child and/or other loved ones for a super day
  • See yourself in a vision of the midpoint of your day accomplishing, triumphing and radiating Source-ry like nobody’s business
  • Take a moment to really see the sky, the other people before you and to acknowledge your interconnectedness
  • Give thanks for another day of Earth life ~ no other experience like it!
  • Greet the Spirit of your place of work as you enter the space


Enchant Your Commute |


On your way home…

  • Greet the Spirit of your place of work as you exit the building
  • Ground and centre your energy
  • Surround your mode of transport in a bubble of diamond light for safe, pleasant travel home
  • Visualise the perfect flow of your evening ahead
  • Imagine yourself amidst love, peace, happiness and contentment
  • Just breathe to gather your faculties and become fully present
  • Listen to an inspirational audio book or recorded podcast
  • Read uplifting material on your iPad or eReader
  • Digitally journal your to-do list and tactics for tomorrow so it’s out of mind by the time you set foot in your haven
  • Cut cords with people you have interacted with throughout your day
  • Release any emotional baggage you may have inadvertently taken on
  • Reclaim any dispersed energy by replaying the scenarios that took place throughout your day and drawing silvery threads back into your energy field
  • Give thanks for all that went right
  • Ask your Spirit Helpers to reveal solutions required for any situations to you in a way you will notice and understand
  • Fish out one tiny nugget of gold from whatever went awry and acknowledge the value of the teaching/lesson in the experience
  • Send some golden sparkles to the other commuters surrounding you for whatever they require most in this moment (you can cast this en masse or one at a time)



7 Ways to Fit a Spiritual Retreat into a Weekend

Many of us already have a full weekend before it starts. By allocating your time differently you will be able to schedule at least one weekend a month as your private spiritual retreat to pamper and nourish body, mind and soul.


7 Ways to Fit a Spiritual Retreat into a Weekend |


Here’s how:

1. Cut down on your TV viewing. Record only your utmost feel-good favourite shows to catch up on week nights.


2. Do housework such as cleaning and laundry on Monday (supported by the Moon for optimal stain removal effects)


3. Shop after work on a Tuesday (supported by Mars for the bargain ‘hunt’). Alternatively buy as much as you can online with a standing order ~ like a weekly delivery of an organic fruit and veg basket


4. Catch up with friends on Wednesday in person with a mid-week dinner or via social media and phone (supported by Mercury for great conversation and enhanced socialising skills)


5. Hold committee meetings on Thursday (supported by Jupiter for generosity, discussion and improvement)


6. Friday night is some form of “date night” whether you are single and looking or committed and settled (supported by Venus for love and romance). Set a regular date with yourself to create something beautiful through a hobby you love.


7. Saturday and Sunday: Your Spiritual Retreat!

~ List everything that is buzzing around in your head to do for the coming week in your diary (or digitally on a handheld etc). Now that it’s noted and in safe storage you can let go of it for the next 48 hours.


~ Turn off and stay away from TV, radio, internet and mobile phones. If possible, you can attempt a silent retreat or at least semi-silent, speaking only when absolutely necessary with as few words as possible.


~ Engage in anything you find peaceful and uplifting, such as gardening, painting, hiking, writing, listening to spiritual audio recordings or reading an inspiring book. If you can, pack up and go to a beach, dam or nature reserve. Be in nature as much as possible.


~ Make sure you have fresh fruit or trail mix type snacks and some delicious sandwich fillings to graze on when you feel hungry so that you don’t have to spend too much time preparing meals.


~ Drink lots of water to flush your system. If you feel like eating breakfast for supper or lunch at 16:00 do so. If you feel like taking a nap or several do so.


~ Breathe deeply and fully.


~ Take a bath in 2 or 3 handfuls of sea salt or exfoliate with sea salt before showering. Optional: smudge your aura and body with purifying incense such as imphepho, sandalwood, frankincense or rosemary.


~ Sit or lie comfortably and spend some time exploring each chakra from root to crown, balancing and re-energising where necessary. You can combine this with a crystal layout if you are so inclined.


The main purpose is to relax, release and regroup with your soul self so that you feel refreshed, inspired and revitalised. When you revisit your To-Do list come Monday, you may see some items in a completely new light and find solutions or ideas dropping into your consciousness effortlessly. Other items may no longer be valid.


*I Am Witch. At times I DO as little as possible so that I can BE as much as possible and engage my bliss.*

Own it. You know you want to.



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4. A Framework For Understanding Real Magick


Magick and The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction (LOA) has received a lot of buzz since Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret book and DVD took the mainstream by storm. Quite simply the Law of Attraction posits that like attracts like.


In essence, your thoughts, words, emotional state and deeds are required to match who you wish to become and as a result determine your experience of reality.


Ritual gesture taps into the infinite subconscious mind whilst distracting the linear mind. The majesty and power of ritual is ancient and beneficial to your wellbeing on all levels.


Magick and the Law of Attraction (how are they similar)? |


Some popular LOA techniques


  • Pre-paving (describing, writing, visualising the desired flow of a situation)


  • Scripting (speaking out loud to yourself, your reflection in the mirror or other people about what you would like to come about as if it already has come to be)


  • Auto-suggestion (affirmations, afformations and general positive linguistics such as “I am, I have, drawing, attracting, flowing, magnetising” etc.


  • Praying rain journaling (expressing appreciation for desired outcomes before they occur or resolutions presented)


  • Detaching and allowing (releasing the need for something to happen before you let yourself feel content


Some popular ritual magick techniques


  • Entering alpha state and richly envisioning the desired flow of a situation, describing aloud or writing what you want to occur on a petition paper or candle, often enhanced with symbols to draw upon utilise ancient energies


  • Speaking your desires into botanicals, crystals or other items as if the end result has already occurred to attune the vibratory frequency of the item with the resonance of your voice


  • Rhythmically chanting or incanting in the positive and affirming that It Is Done, It Is So and So Be It


  • Expressing thanks for blessings received, change incurred and leaving offerings as if the outcome has already happened


  • Releasing the energy so that it is free to expand within the matrix, taking on a life form of its own


*I Am Witch. Ancient and as relevant as ever.*

Own it. You know you want to.



The True Nature of Karma

The term “Karma” gets bandied about a lot. So much so that it has perhaps become a common expression (and explanation) for describing either wayward or fortunate results without giving the underlying concept any gravity.


“Karma” is most often associated with consequences for your actions, “as you sow so shall you reap” indicating that it is a force that regulates your fate. However, in its original context it referred to simply taking action and by doing so one would achieve a result.


The consequence in this regard would be the new experience related to your initiative. So it is your behaviour that pre-paves your experience.


Family karma is the long-held beliefs and behavioural patterns you absorb via the cellular memory held in your DNA.


Soul karma is simply the lesson to be learnt or action to be taken to restore a state of wholeness to your being, this can be shared with other souls you choose to incarnate with during various lifetimes, like a theatrical production you play different roles and help each other evolve spiritually.


Furthermore, it is feasible to acknowledge that what you think about your actioni.e. if you judge your behaviour as “good” or “bad” is the lens through which you will perceive your resulting experience.


For example: You gossip about a neighbour to your friend on the phone, thinking “ooh I shouldn’t gossip and I feel sorry for her but this is a wickedly juicy story to tell…” and then you stub your toe on the door frame. Ouch! Karma got you!




You are not accumulating points or gold stars for “good behaviour” if you believe that what you are doing is either beneficial or detrimental, so shall you create a vibrational match in your next moment’s experience.


Karma is instant. It is not going to bite you twenty years from now. She is busy *cackle*


Karma is often misrepresented as something to “punish” you for stepping out of line.


  • The question is, whose line?


  • And has it been depicted in this way to keep you from taking action that could lead to results others believe themselves unworthy of?


  • Or that they don’t want you to discover your abilities because then you won’t be subject to their ideology anymore and no longer in their control?


If you are wavering on a decision to take some form of action, in fear of the consequences, here are three questions to ask yourself


1. Is this response true for me?


2. Do I firmly believe that my behaviour is valid?


3. Does this choice feel good or bad in my gut?


There is no cut and dry cause and effect. Only what you perceive to be so. You have the ability to see the situation for it is but you can also see the potential for what it can become.



The Butterfly Effect and Transformation

Reader Question: “I have read elsewhere that dabbling in even some simple good spells can wreak havoc on people’s lives. Like the old butterfly effect story where a butterfly flaps its wings somewhere distant that causes a tornado somewhere several weeks later.


This makes me sad and afraid. I worry that dabbling in even very good spells to help someone can hurt the people around the spell by manipulating situations for a spell to work.


After I felt like I could take some control over my life at last, this information suddenly disempowered me and I felt fear and sadness again. I certainly don’t want to inadvertently ruin someone else’s situation by the law of cause and effect. Please clarify this for me. Thank you.”


The Butterfly Effect and Magick (How it really works) |

Causes do not create events or situations


In my opinion, the butterfly effect refers to small changes being made that lead to a significantly different outcome. Much like shifting your perception, transforming energy and/or casting a spell to create some kind of change in circumstance.


The randomness of the outcome depends on the initial conditions you set forth before you amplify them with thought, emotion, word and deed.


I’ve already covered spell to work and how to prevent negative side-effects and the misconceptions surrounding the concept of karma and that there is no cut and dry cause and effect, thus I won’t repeat all of that here. 😉


That said, the original phrase refers to the butterfly’s wings as the catalyst for changes in the atmosphere that may alter the path of the tornado, delay, accelerate or vanquish the tornado altogether.


It is often misinterpreted that the butterfly’s fluttering wings (cause) directly creates the tornado (effect). This is incorrect, in accordance with cosmic law; the fluttering wings play only a small part in the bigger picture. One set of conditions leads to a tornado while another set of conditions with the minutest variance doesn’t.


What this means is, causes do not create events or situations ~ they are catalysts within a series of conditions. In each moment, since the present is where all your power resides, you have the ability to set new conditions based on your personal choices that are influenced by your beliefs.


You have the ability to alter the reality you experience in the pause between breaths. With each amplified thought, mindfully selected word and aligned action. You can’t control the flow of cosmic law and principles but you can use your conscious awareness to become a mover in the game of life instead of an oblivious pawn.



Think of each moment of your day as if you are standing in front of a set of revolving doors.

Based on what you are thinking or feeling in that moment and what belief is currently shaping your perception, whichever division you step through will lead you into a slightly different parallel reality.


For example, it will appear as though you have stepped into the same parking lot from exiting a building but in that revolving door all possibilities reside and the sequence of events that follow as you step into the parking lot will play out differently in each one.


It is possible that the space you occupied in that revolving door as you exited set the potential for the tornado to unfold but you cannot ever fully predict the outcome because in any moment a small choice you make can alter everything.


Similarly, the parking lot you left to enter the building may not be the one you return to and the building itself which you entered hosts different scenarios within it determined by your state of being as you entered the doors.


In all the parallel realities that exist, all possibilities are occurring and playing out anyway. Nothing you do creates another event. Your vibrational accord determines which one you step into as with all the other players in the game.


Ultimately all of this unfolds within a Greater Whole with its own self-organising tendencies. Your human mind may hold a mental impression about what you are creating but the matrix/universe/whatever your preference has a reality of its own, independent of the parts.


So you cannot fully control the things that happen along the way but you can consciously transform your energy to yield the most desirable quality of experience on your journey.


Sometimes you get what is equal to your frequency and sometimes you get what is better without knowing it at the time. Either way, you cannot affect another’s reality ~ what they experience is determined by their own set of revolving doors, entering or exiting the primordial flow of All That Is.


*I Am Witch. I don’t have to isolate the cause, only shift the stream of catalysts.*

Own it. You know you want to.



What Ritual Is and How It Works

So many people today dismiss ritual and ceremony as something fine to behold yet irrelevant to “modern life.”

If you have ever participated in or carried out a ceremony, have you noticed how you feel better? More serene, more connected and aligned, more balanced? Ceremony is just ritual beautified by incorporating more embellishments.


Ritual holds within it something primal that tugs at our archetypal roots and strengthens the link to our collective unconscious.


Powerful, mysterious, profound and vast, the sum total of all that was, all that could be and all that is yet to come.


Ritual What It Is and How It Works


What is ritual?

Ritual is a series of actions which lead you into the vortex (connecting you with your core Self) and facilitates stepping into the essence of the relationship you want with whatever you desire E.G. wealth, success, love, health, appreciation.


It can be employed to enhance your sensory experience, alleviate emotional anguish, become more mindful, mark an ending and a new beginning and symbolically restore order to perceived chaos.


Ritual also helps you hold that vibration intensely for an extended period and effectively bridges the gap from “here” to “there” through all time and space. Ritual is the thread spun outside of our conceptual framework that turns metaphor and vision physical.



Ritual can be as mundane as the habits you cultivate around rising in the morning, preparing for tasks and exercising. Your daily practise as it were. 


Or ritual can be arcane such as lighting a candle, ensorcelling some botanicals, greeting the elements and placing an enchanted item strategically with purpose.



Either way you carry this set of motions out with deliberate purpose, holding a specific outcome in mind as a result of your action. Whether you are altering your habits to get fit, gain more financial security or to catch that cutie down the road’s eye.


What is the purpose of ritual?

Ritual melds the left and right brain, lending tangibility to the subtle energies you are drawing on, rearranging your unique vibration to shift into the potential you are shaping for it. Ritual brings you from a state of distraction into a centred presence from where you function optimally.


When you make behavioural change from within, the change is reflected without. Do what you say you are going to do. Be the instigator of transformation. Think, act and speak like the expression of you that you are choosing to become. Slay those rituals that no longer serve your Truth or meet your core values.


How to Begin

Change your diet, start exercising, expand your streams of income, diversify your talents, recite your mantras, attend single’s mixers, type that set number of words per day, take a bath, sprinkle salt, bake and bewitch a gingerbread man.


Choose a set of actions that take you closer to who or where you want to be, apply them consistently and to the best of your ability and you will see results. Also bear in mind that every day is an opportunity to start anew. In fact so is every moment.


*I Am Witch. I merge the everyday with magickal finesse.*

Own it. You know you want to.



How Do You Know If You Cast A Spell Right?

Reader question: “The hardest thing for me in merging a magical practice with everyday life is not knowing if I am doing things right. I could do a spell, but is it enough?  How do I make my practice of magic feel magical rather than just acts to perform?”


My response:

You have probably heard that after many years of meditation and/or ritual practise a person will be able to shift their consciousness into alpha state just by engaging in the thought of starting the process.


Your subconscious mind is many times more powerful than your conscious mind and it communicates with and through symbols and images i.e. the right brain. Your left brain correlates to logical thought and your conscious awareness.


When you perform a spell or ritual gesture you are merging both left (sacred feminine) and right (sacred masculine) hemispheres of the brain, the intangible and the tangible, projecting and receiving.


Everything is made of energy which connects us to the living essence within all of Creation. We are part of One unified field of energy. When you acknowledge this you understand that you are not attracting something external to yourself but drawing on what is already inherent within you and flowing around you to create an experience.


When you spend time fuelling a spell or ritual energy form with your attention, you are making it more real to your body on a cellular, physical level.


That is why you use your senses in ritual and workings getting clear on what the outcome looks like, feels like, sounds like ~ they all integrate into your molecular resonance filtering in from your soul essence.


vortex via Flickr Commons by chiaralily

Image via Flickr Commons by chiaralily


How to Make Your Magick Feel More Real

Imagine sitting (or standing) in a stream of energy. I sense it synchronising with my pulse and breath, dissolving into the unified field that flows around me and through me and then when I cast my spell or perform my ritual I perceive myself doing it in this vortex that is timeless and primordial, free of any restriction or limitation, ripe with infinite potential. I am literally weaving it into the fabric of Creation.


By doing this I feel the energy “click” for what I am doing occurring on all three body-mind-soul levels, confirming that I have done it “right” because I experience it so fully.


A spell or ritual creates an etheric portal for a result to enter into physical form. You pour your best into it and then let go. Your role is following up on synchronicities, signs and messages that Spirit utilises to guide you in your actions afterwards.


Lightly expect evidence of a shift, staying open to perceiving subtle patterns without obsessively trying to force things along. Support your workings with matching thoughts and speech and most importantly trust that there is magick afoot behind the scenes, even if you just don’t see it yet 🙂


It is also helpful to be mindful of what energy you approach your ritual magick with for example; whining or telling, hoping or certainty, yearning or expecting.


*I Am Witch. I dissolve my beingness into the Infinite Is that flows around me and through me, timeless, primordial and so vast that there is zero resistance or limitation, experiencing it fully.*

Own it. You know you want to. 



Caught in Manifesting Limbo? No Signs? No Inspiration? Here’s What You Can Do…

Every now and then there is a distinct pattern with my clients. The current trend is between those that want to receive guidance in some form of inspiration or sign from the universe about what to do or where to go next (and aren’t) and those that are doing their best to manifest something, setting intentions and working hard at getting a result, that is just not happening.


The thing is, Spirit supports you in your decisions. Spirit does not guide you as to what you should do. Unless it is a matter of life and death, then it can get quite vocal 😀


As you become a truer expression of yourself, loving and accepting who you are, you aren’t going to feel excited about your dreams anymore like they are something to be chased, because everything exists in this one moment.


All possibilities have already played out so there is nothing to move toward since they are already part of you. When you are already feeling whole you don’t long for things or circumstances to make you feel fulfilled because you already are.


Avoid This

Entertaining a waiting space for things to happen or a sign to appear before you take another step keeps you in a state of limbo. Chasing after something you are keenly aware you do not have keeps you in not-having.


When you cast a spell it is vital to let go of any attachment you have to the outcome you desire. This serves to create an etheric imprint that claims it as done. If you keep thinking of it as coming, looking for it at every opportunity and snatching it back from the web you aren’t fully owning it.


Taking action doesn’t only mean getting out there and doing observable activities that take you one step closer to your objectives. It also applies to vibrationally becoming who you need to be to match where you want to be.


Does the person with their dream job wake up dreading to go to work?

Does the person in their dream home sit and pick out everything that’s wrong within their space?

Does your fit and healthy body crave air, sunshine and movement?


Act like you mean it from one moment to the next until the series of moments snowballs and you find you haven’t finally arrived in one defining moment but been there all along.


Caught in Manifesting Limbo What To Do |


Tap Into:

What you choose to experience. In most instances, it boils down to love or fear.

How you want to feel. In most instances, it boils down to love or fear.

What you want more of. In most instances, it boils down to love or fear.

Why you want what you want. In most instances, it boils down to love or fear.


Questions for reflection:

1.) What do I want to create a version 2.0 of in my life?


2.) What do I want in place of what wasn’t working or is no longer a match for me?


3.) Am I open to different versions of my initial goals, letting them expand into a greater potential that I may not have entertained before?


4.) Am I allowing room for magick to unfold?


Know when to let go of something that no longer matches your energy. You either no longer feel energised by it, or that it’s something you feel pressured into as what you should do.

Check progress and enthusiasm. Does “the crowd go wild” still? Is it still a “hell YES”?


Sometimes people and circumstances simply work their way out of your life for example, employment contracts and lease agreements are not renewed. These may appear discouraging at first, but really they indicate your growth and that you are moving on to equal or better for you to connect at a different level beyond your comfort zone.


Do This:

  • Tell Spirit/the universe (whatever your preference) the story of your life as you want to live it.
  • Initiate action (set magick in motion) by making a deliberate choice and behaving in accord with it.
  • Let the Ancient Ones (or whatever your preference) support you.
  • Do it every day, as part of your spiritual practise. Not because you are afraid they didn’t hear you but to remind yourself who you are and where you are going until you believe it.
  • Don’t be afraid to change your mind and make a different choice at any given moment! If you don’t like where things are going or you realise it’s not what you really want you are free to shift direction. Don’t think you have to stick with the first choice just because you already made it 😉


Congratulations for reading this far! That’s it for now, so let’s wrap this up… Over the next week start consciously applying just one thing consistently that you have taken away from this starter kit and see what unfolds.

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