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To travel or gesture sunwise is to turn from East to West in the direction of the Sun.


In the Southern Hemisphere, sunwise is anti-clockwise. To charge an object or sacred space below the equator you would gesture anti-clockwise. To dismantle sacred space or absolve something you would cast clockwise.


  • Water in the Southern hemisphere swirls down the drain in the opposite direction to water in the Northern hemisphere.
  • Southern hemisphere lunar phases are flipped mirror images to how they look in the Northern hemisphere.


Sunwise motions are symbolic, but also resonate with natural rhythms


~ Beginning in the east you initiate an idea (air)


~ Moving to the north you gather inspiration (fire)


~ Travelling west you bind all your emotions into your working so you feel your desired outcome in every fibre of your being (water)


~ Turning south you symbolically bring forth your manifestation into this plane of existence (earth)


~ Move back to east to complete the circuit


North is associated with fire for those of us below the equator because the sun is at its height at midday in the North.

Above the equator, South is associated with fire because the sun is at its peak at midday in the South.


If you are in the Northern hemisphere, sunwise is clockwise and you would cast as follows; East, South, West, North, East. To charge an object or sacred space you would gesture clockwise. To dismantle sacred space or absolve something you would cast anti-clockwise.


However this is not an absolute “rule”. The directions and element associations are subjective and it’s best to see how they reveal to you while you cast. It can change a few times until you find your comfort zone.


Also, if you were born in the Northern hemisphere and now live in the South you may continue to sense the elements from the directions you know them from your land of birth.


Stick with what feels right for you and don’t feel like you can’t change your mind, opinions or practise at a later stage 🙂


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