5 Ways Synchronising with Lunar Phases is Good for You

If you know the times of action and rest, doing and being, allowing and receiving you no longer push against the natural tides that govern the ebb and flow of creation in our world.


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Similar to spring, summer, autumn and winter there is new moon’s conception, waxing moon’s developmental stirrings, full moon’s new awareness, waning moon’s clarity then dark moon’s interlude before the cycle repeats.



By synchronising with the lunar phases, you can consistently partner with the natural energy flow in your favour for the varying stages of any undertakings, projects or endeavours in your life.



The lunar witch knows that lunar magic is about melding your energy with that of the moon’s sway on Earth to support and sustain your objectives.



By easing into this natural rhythm you automatically align with the present moment where your personal power is strongest.



1) Business

Schedule fortuitous times for meetings, dealings with attorneys, placing adverts, meeting with investors etc.




2) Personal

Know when it is a favourable time to focus on your home environment and loved ones, visit the spa, get your hair styled, see a dentist.




3) Spiritual   

Tune into the cycles of ebb and flow, creativity and stillness, observe the moon’s effect on yourself and those around you.




4) Magickal

Time your harvesting, enscorcelling, altar work, intention setting, and other techniques for maximum power deliberately creating and purposefully casting.




5) Environmental

Gardening aligned with lunar rhythms such as sowing, planting, harvesting, pruning, etc. yields tastier, healthier and more nutritious crops and fortifies natural pest control and organic methods.



Resulting in more beautiful flowers, stronger trees and better storage life of herbs, roots, seeds, flowers, leaves, fruits and vegetables



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