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What is a Starseed Witch?

What is a Starseed Witch?

Indulging your fascination with sacred arts such as magick, shamanism, divination, crystal healing and herbalism is something you feel compelled to do.


You may have studied or want to learn more about how to leverage the energies of Earth and sky to find balance and simple joyful living that enhance and empower your personal realm.


If the likes of flickering candles, wisps of smoke and blending fragrant herbs intermingled with arcane wisdom gets you into The Zone, you may just be a Starseed Witch…


Elemental Composition:

Oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus





Atomic Mass:

Adamantine Particles varying from 40-200kg.



A soul that has had many lifetimes on other planets and spiritual realms who has come to assist the shift in consciousness on Earth from 3D to 5D.



Copious quantities across the globe



Shiny objects, intelligent conversation, sunrays, moonbeams, starlight, astrology, astronomy, storms, reading about ancient civilisations, ET’s, sacred geometry, travelling to sacred sites, mythology, esoteria, spirituality, surrealism, metaphysics and cats.


Common characteristics:

Feeling like an alien dropped off on a foreign planet, inexplicable yearning to go “home”, recollection of bi-location abilities, a desire to heal, empower or inspire, others experience your energy as intense, sometimes aloof, a sense of duty to fulfil a mission, wondering what’s “wrong with people”?



Sensing energy via any combination of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairaliance or clairgustance. Connecting with nature, close bond with the elementals, innate guiding wisdom ~ claircognisance. Natural-born advisor, calming presence, can affect weather and technology. You see through lies.


Essentially we don’t all fit perfectly into any one label because we all carry a unique energy signature as an aspect of source spark energy. Thus there is no true differentiation, only different expressions of your soul self filtered into this plane of awareness.


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