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What Is Centring?

What Is Centring?

The act of centring realigns body, mind and soul and allows you to function at an optimal level. Awareness, inspiration, creativity, productivity and intuition are all heightened.


You make better decisions from this state because you are more aware of all your aspects of Self and respond in kind. Your intentions are clearer, your will more resolute and your actions sharper.


Centring is a momentary pause you consciously take to realign with your core self, check in with your body and ensure that you are receptive to energy flow, predominantly bringing yourself into the present moment and clearing any emotional residue (yours or others you have interacted with consciously or subconsciously).


How do you centre?

Ground and then pull the Earthly energy up through soles of feet travelling through your legs up into your heart space, then draw on Source energy entering your crown from above and guide it downward to fuse the earthly and celestial energy within your heart.



When do you centre?

~ Every morning after grounding

~ Before ritual, spell or altar work and shielding

~ Prior to meeting and interacting with others

~ After meeting and interacting with others


Optional additional ideas to help you stay in your centre throughout the day

~ Place a mandala where you spend most of your time so that you can gaze at it while you are thinking or when you need to take mental breaks

~ Carry or wear a piece of rose quartz, green aventurine or watermelon tourmaline

~ Drip one or 2 drops of benzoin, rose or vetiver essential oil onto a cotton ball and place it in a tight-sealing glass jar, then remove the lid and inhale gently. Refresh as required.


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