What Is Shielding?

What it is, why shielding is good for you plus practical examples of how and when to do it.


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Shielding is the process whereby you seal off your energy field from lower vibrations and subliminal interference.



This is not restrictive in the sense that it curbs your awareness or perception neither does it stunt your spiritual growth. You don’t “miss out” on anything.




You just eliminate the effect of things that do not serve your highest good. Essentially shielding increases your ability to draw people and opportunities who resonate with you into your energy field.




It acts very much the same way as an e-mail spam filter.




  • It doesn’t come into your immediate experience (inbox) but


  • You can look at it if you want to (spam folder) and decide how you will respond (delete or mark as not spam). Nothing unsolicited may enter your space.


  • This in turn allows you to expend your energy on the things that matter and benefits not only your wellbeing but those influenced by your deeds as well.




How do you shield?


1) Imagine or sense a bubble of diamond-like light surrounding you from head to toe ~ if you prefer a light, shimmering net of interconnected triangles that descends upon and encapsulates you.



2) Affirm either out loud or telepathically, “Each breath I take in and release strengthens this sanctum for me, generating more life force around and within me.”



3) You may also wish to take this opportunity to call upon your Spirit Helpers to guide, motivate and support you.




When do you shield?


~ Every morning after Grounding and Centring


~ Every night before sleep


~ Before meditation, ritual, altar and spell work


~ When you enter a place that you feel uncomfortable in


~ If you meet someone who just doesn’t sit well with you




Optional additional ideas to help you preserve your shield throughout the day


~ Carry or wear a piece of haematite, gold tiger’s eye or rutilated quartz


~ Install an energy funnel at your home and office’s door to literally vacuum the negativity or any other ick out of another person’s aura and send it into the ground for neutralisation.


~ Make an atomiser with essential oils or infusions of either rosemary, pine or fennel to spritz around your space.



*I Am Witch. Aligned with collective harmony and mightily protected.*

Own it. You know you want to.




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