4 Reasons Cooking is Witchcraft in Disguise

Have you ever noticed the magick that unfolds during the cooking process?


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The fine art of preparing a meal has long been associated with an alchemical process.



From the stirrings of a craving to the final product of your deliberate act of creation on the serving dish before you, exists a harmonious flow of intent, purpose and transformation.





The Process


You observe what your palate desires then you gather the ingredients, selecting the freshest most nutritious items you can find. Next you set them out on the counter to prepare.



Your driving focus is on the outcome you have in mind of the final meal ready to appreciate and devour. Yet for now you focus on the task at hand, peeling and slicing.



Next follows the fusing of flavours, colours and textures. Optimistic testing then adjusting the components to taste. All the while fuelled by a constant motion of shifting states. Frying, steaming or grilling. Adding just the right amount of power that will lend your vision form and render it complete.




This is what a ritual gesture mimics, when you gather and enchant herbs, light a candle or partner with a crystal helper ~



You are opening to new experience and recalibration of body, heart and mind. Spellcasting is not what it seems 😉





The Synergy


The practise of magick is just like cooking. You pinpoint your wants and the true desires that underlie them. Then you deliberately choose where you will place your attention, with thoughts, words and deeds that nourish what you want to create more of in your life.



You prepare a vibration that matches the experiences you seek and who you are becoming with a consistent peeling away of old beliefs and past programming. Slicing away outmoded aspects of self and fusing all your best qualities to consciously shape a new beingness.



All the while enjoying the day-to-day tasks before you, engaging spirit and the unseen forces that collaborate with you in a playful, curious state because everything is in transition and the whole experience is worth savouring.



*I Am Witch. I taste then season accordingly.*
Own it. You know you want to.



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