Who and What Is a Fae? Are Faeries Real?

If you are reading this post it is likely that you have felt an affinity for the faery realm since you were very young; drawing them, talking to them and as you grew older, writing about them.


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Perhaps you have seen them like imaginary friends, in meditation or in your dreams.



The most common question I am asked is if one is really seeing faery beings when they are not tiny and winged but human sized. The answer is yes.




On the whole, a faery will generally appear in the form each individual’s conceptual framework and cultural filter shapes them to be, as with all other things on this plane.




The smallness is a misconception fundamentally symbolic of the old paradigm diminishing the status of the fae in order to convince the pagans that the only power was the church.




The goddesses whose archetypal influence they could not eradicate were simply morphed into saints instead. Some faerie queens became synonymous with goddesses such as; Maeve, Dana, Cordelia and Aine.




Faeries were “belittled” as it were, made fun of, demonised and ostracised ~ just like Witches.


As Witchy humans we can relate to the fae realm quite easily because of their more earthy, grounded ancient energy than for example, angelics who don’t take on physical incarnations.





To me the Fae are higher dimensional beings, meaning like us, they are manifestations of spirit that take on a physical form. However we have to be in a state of consciousness that matches their different frequency in order to be able to perceive them because we live in parallel dimensions.




That is why often you will interact with them in your sleep state, in that moment just before waking or when you fully relax and are at peace in a natural setting. With my physical sight I see the as bright flashes, sparkles or orbs. But when I close my eyes in a calm, grounded, centred state I can easily see their form in much more detail.




In my opinion the fae form part of a category referred to as elementals which includes other nature spirits such as; dwarves, undines, salamanders, sylphs, dryads and the overlighting devas. Everything has an overlighting deva that governs its blueprint of creation so each elemental being has their specific purpose to fulfil within the collective.




Witches have physical bodies in this realm with a spiritual counterpart; like the minerals, plants and animals we physically see on this plane. Fae visit our realm in their higher frequency bodies to maintain harmony in nature, protect and assist the minerals, plants and animals.




Fae can also incarnate as humans to carry out missions on the physical Earth plane. Witches share a close bond with the elemental realm because we work closely with each other anyway and through many incarnations on Earth.




We were there for each other through thick and thin and once again we collaborate to remind people of the inner power and harmony from within that creates peaceful coexistence.




Ever heard the saying, “healer heal thyself”? Everything occurring on the planet is a mirror of what is going on within the majority of the populations’ consciousness.




It’s not about rescuing others or saving the planet. When the greater volume of people on the planet actively engages their inner power through awareness, self-acceptance and compassion, the world will transform. It’s universal law.




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