The Role of Willpower in Co-Creation with the Universe

You take responsibility for your actions, yet you don’t control everything in Creation, so where does willpower fit in?


Willpower in Conscious Co-Creation |



When it comes to creating your reality and choosing to manifest consciously, it can be tricky to strike a happy balance between actively taking physical action that drives your vision forward and when to hand things over to the universe to allow space for things to slide into place.



  • What role does your willpower play in co-creating with the universe?



  • How do you define the line between taking action toward a goal and pushing for results versus allowing the universe to take your wishes up to manifest in marvellous ways?




Here’s the key to walking in your personal “Heaven on Earth”




Aleister Crowley defined magick as;


“The science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with will.” 



The question that arises is; conforming to whose will?


It’s a combination of both your will and that of Source energy.





You are NOT willing anything into existence, that’s what Source energy does.



Your will is applied by opening your heart and mind up to new possibilities and allowing your energy to align with that of your intention. Applying your willpower on a consistent basis to draw your focus back to what you want to place your attention on and thus create in your life.



1) What are you choosing to experience in this moment?



2) And evoking the feeling of having that already in this moment…



You get to exert your will by consistently turning away from thoughts and behaviour that don’t serve you that aren’t a vibrational match to what you wish to experience in your life.



Which facilitates the space for the universe to deliver what you are asking for since you can’t receive it if you are not tuned into a matching frequency.



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