Snakes and Witches ~ What’s the Connection?

When you look at images from ancient Egypt, Greece, South America, Australia etcetera you see snakes everywhere. Priests and Priestesses in the temples handled snakes during ceremony and you may wonder what the point is…


Snakes and Witches |



Snake-like energy can remain quiet and inert one moment, with a striking unexpected shift the next.



This is representative of the kundalini energy that runs up along your spinal column when raised shooting out from your forehead; clearing, healing and aligning the main energy centres.



This sacred life force energy activates personal expansion through experience and often the rediscovery of natural talents and abilities as well as stimulating a greater capacity for love, light and wisdom.



Many cultures have revered the snake as a symbol of rebirth because of its ability to shed its skin while alive consistently without losing its essential nature.




Consider how many times you have transformed throughout your life shedding your past emotional and mental resentments to expand into a stronger, wiser, renewed version of yourself. Each time you shed your former self, discarding what no longer serves a purpose you make room for the new and better to enter your life.




Think about common emblems such as the Rod of Asclepius; a serpent coiled around a staff, the Uraeus golden cobra headdress of the Egyptian Pharaohs, the helical structure of DNA, your snake-like circulatory system and fluid energy waves that are the means through which creation is brought out of chaos.




What you can do with this snake-like energy:



1) Check in with the life force flowing freely through your body, from your base chakra up to your brow. If you find any constriction, clear it away by breathing into tension and releasing bottlenecks upon exhalation.




2) Tap into the energy running along the Earth’s ley lines that travel through, beneath and around her landscape. Feel the pulsations of life force replenishing Gaia, restoring her to her original sacred blueprint.




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