Witches and the Colour Black

Why do witches wear black? Or at least, why are witches portrayed as wearing black in typical witch outfits for Halloween and movies?


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We have all heard the adage that knowledge is power, yet implementing knowledge is what transfigures it into wisdom.



This is the kind of internalisation of what you know and believe to be true on a cellular level that gives you supreme confidence that your actions (both internal and external) go deeper than surface value.




So deep this wisdom nourishes your soul not intellect alone.


So deep that it lives eternally beyond neurons and everyday awareness.


So deep it is ageless within Universal Mind.


So deep that it is represented by the colour black.




The colour black has a grounding effect and calms extremely sensitive individuals, absorbing all colours and therefore lessening emotional intensity. It can be use in healing to help reduce chronic pain.




Stylish and timeless, black is powerful and authoritative. Witches are portrayed wearing black most of the time because this colour not only relates to Mystery but the inner (unseen) world as well. A strong feminine colour it is protective and opens up deeper levels of the subconscious.




Illumination is achieved by travelling into the darkness and embracing it. Only from being in the dark does the potential of stepping into light exist. By accepting the shadow we release the judgement and fear that prevents us from fully entering the space from where conscious creation of our reality takes place.




Until such time, we create our experiences subconsciously from aspects within us that we are rejecting. From this divided space no amount of positive thoughts and affirmations will make any difference.




Witches choose to enter the heart of darkness (what is unknown) and to explore the depths, warmth and support that exists there. Darkness is the seat of all potential. The void. The place of dreams. Once illuminated it brings clarity to the truth of who you are ~ dissolving blocks to creating your highest most joyful path in the here and now.




In ritual magick the colour black is used for matters involving neutralisation, removal of negative influences, secrecy, loss, protection, conclusions of all kinds and to access deeper levels of the subconscious.




It is my sincerest wish that wherever you are on your journey in exploring the Craft that delving deeper enhances your self-understanding, love, light and ability to flow and create within the cosmic stream of consciousness you are a part of and from this place of wholeness align with your highest good and happiness.



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