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Witch’s Basket

Witch’s Basket

The act of weaving baskets is as old as humankind itself. Traces of baskets have been found in the Ancient Egyptian pyramids and woven basket liners have left their impressions inside the fragments of ancient pottery.


There is something spectacularly Witchy about a basket for me, all shapes and sizes just prickle my curiosity about what treasure may be found inside; sequins, gems, dried herbs, prayer papers ~ the list of possibilities is endless.


There is also the deluxe picnic basket crammed with a delectable selection of cheese, fresh fruit, nuts, wine and candles all to be packed out on an deftly woven rug beneath a massive tree somewhere…


Baskets have been utilised as containers for almost everything imaginable for approximately 8000 years. So today, consider your etheric basket in your mind’s eye: 


1.) What does it look like?


2.) Is it worn and worse for wear or well cared for and glistening?


3.) Can it hold its contents safely or will it leak?


4.) How big is it? Is there enough room for all that you want to place in it?


Take a moment to:

  • Clear your etheric basket out
  • Give it a make-over, perhaps add some colour in the weave or change its form
  • Place some sacred items in it to represent what you desire to bring into your life. For example, this could be an apple for health, a shell for love or fertility, some gold coins for prosperity, a feather for increased contact with your Spirit Helpers ~ whatever comes to mind and holds significance for you.


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