Witchy Glossary

I thought it would be helpful to define my lingo with you to clarify any obscurities 🙂



Witchcraft Glossary | www.stellaseaspirit.co.za



How many times have you received a brilliant idea that thrilled you to your core so much you couldn’t wait to get it out into the world? But then



You got all up into your head space about all the details; what, when, how, why, who and started thinking there was something else you had to complete first in order to be ready.



As if as though you would conceive the idea without already being a perfect vibrational match to it!




A word used to describe an action, state, or occurrence, and forming the main part of the predicate of a sentence, such as hear, become, happen.




A Wise One who practices the Craft of fusing the intangible realm of Spirit, with Form through inner magick, accepting and exploring both light and dark aspects of Self to become her/his truest expression, in the greater whole.





Getting to grips with the depths of energy-craft and infusing it in day to day living, taking inspired action, walking your path despite criticism and just being the magick.





The process of learning how to enhance your connection to cosmic rhythm, boost your ability to sail Universal energy streams and preserve a constant sense of Oneness with All That Is. Thus, bringing Witchiness into a way of being for yourself and taking your Witchiness to a new dimension.





Your potential and ability to create through the Source of all Creation within your self.





Your ability to intermingle your cells with Cosmic Dust giving you prowess in all aspects of magic.





The implementation of Witchification, Witchiness and Witchuition. Essentially, all round Witchy behaviour.





Of or pertaining to Witchiness, Witchery, Witchification and Witchuition insinuated in a most beguiling manner.





A way of life practising a heartfelt connection with nature, the elements, cosmic energies and Source Self to manifest purposefully.





The practise of integrating metaphysical teachings into day-to-day interactions and exercising your ability to act from your innate core Power Centre to craft your energy with purpose on purpose.




Spell Casting

A symbolic gesture that serves to alter consciousness through internal alchemy thereby affecting your external experience.





When the matrix/universe fills in the gaps and synchronicity unfolds, when subconscious processes shift and make way for new realisations to enter your consciousness, when you utilise primordial forces to enhance your intentions, when you are feeling at one with everything and in a state of flow. i.e. The result of Witchiness and Source-ry.




You are Witchiness in motion.

The resources to accomplish your vision will be provided as you move through various experiences on a daily basis. You show up in your zone of genius and the quantum field fills in the details.




Those who flourish living on the edge of chaos, do so because they are powerfully supported and have the motivation to invest energy and time in their personal expansion.




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