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5 Ways to Make This Year More Witchy

5 Ways to Make This Year More Witchy

A new calendar year heralds a spell for mapping out what you want to bring into your life in the next twelve months, to daydream about your idyll and to consult oracles to get a glimpse of prospective energy streams, gifts and potential obstacles on your path.


Perhaps there is a voice in your head that tells you that what you want is just out of reach because you don’t have enough time or it’s too late or that you must wait until the time is right. It might feel like a pull to live differently yet a split by the call of duty to loved ones and other sought out obligations.


The perfect time does not exist. Begin in this moment, right now.


1) Simplify Wickedly

Perhaps you have heard of keeping a food diary where you write down everything you eat throughout the day. Apply this technique to noting down everything you do on a typical busy day. E.G. phone calls, emailing, Facebook, cleaning, cooking, TV etc.


Say no to low value commitments. Ask yourself what the underlying value of the activity is, for example, health, intimacy, family time, personal time, work and community. Which take you closer to what you hold dear? How can you streamline the essentials with better prioritisation? Are there time traps you can limit to a minimum?


2) Make room for more Witchiness

Look at the finer tolerations underlying your everyday routine. Perhaps make a list of “frustrations” to get clear on where your energy is being drained unnecessarily. Think of all the time and attention that wells up around these frustrations that could be channelled into creating better in other areas.


Eliminate, outsource or redesign. All new beginnings require change that may lead to temporary upheavals but they are worth it! For more ideas about how to allocate your time differently see this post about how to fit a spiritual retreat into a weekend.


3) Schedule a non-negotiable Daily Witchy Interlude

Decide to spend just five minutes a day doing just one thing that lets you feel more Witchy. It could be meditating outside before the rest of the household awakens, lighting an ancestral candle on your altar as you prepare or wind down for the day or reading a passage from an uplifting and inspiring book before bed and noting any dreamtime messages upon waking. Set a repeat reminder on your favourite digital device to follow through.


4) Set a Weekly Witchy Appointment

Set aside at least an hour or three once a week that is all yours. Get crafty; sew, knit, write, paint, garden, bake, read a novel, have lunch with a Soul Sister, something that is an escape from the daily grind to revitalise your spirits, quieten the noise in your mind and enliven your natural state. Block out this time in your calendar and treat it the same way you would any other set appointment.


5) Plan a Monthly Witchy Sanctum

Pick a lunar phase or seasonal turning point to engage in something that stretches your routine. If you usually have five minutes in the tub make it fifteen, if you can normally only spare an hour make it two. Start with a whole morning or afternoon until you can make it an entire day.


Spend some of this time either clearing away etheric debris that no longer serves you to reset your vibration and then focus on weaving and integrating an aura that matches and fuels what you want to experience next.


When in doubt imagine supreme Witchiness coursing through your veins, until your cells incandesce, then ask yourself what would the Witchiest of Witches do?


*I Am Witch. I use my life force to energise not endure.*

Own it. You know you want to.


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