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You might be a Witch if…

You might be a Witch if…

Thanks to Hollywood, there is this common misconception that witches walk around green-faced, bearing ritual paraphernalia and casting a flurry of spells that can be seen with the naked eye.


In my opinion, Witchcraft is a living philosophy. It’s a lifestyle that puts into practise a view of nature and the workings of the universe that is different to the majority.


We do things that others don’t and experience results others won’t.


Witches aren’t all like the theatrical oddballs the media makes them out to be, living in gingerbread houses in the forest. They are well-adjusted, rational, intelligent adults who are able to consciously walk between the worlds of spirit and matter.


If you are unsure about whether you could define yourself as a witch, here are 7 signs you are a witch in the 21st century…


1. You are aware of a dynamic flow of life force around you

Somehow you know that All That Is feels each step you take, hears your voice and answers your questions. You have always taken an interest in what is considered mysterious and hidden because to you, quite simply, your heart seeks this bond out. Sometimes you just need to get outside to feel the ground beneath your feet, the wind in your hair and the sun on your face.


2. You can sense the character and theme of a day by just leaning into the energy

If you were stranded on a deserted island without a calendar, you would be able to tell the difference between the days ~ some are hotter, cooler, more moist or dry. Some put a spring in your step, a surge of inspiration and vitality while others are lazy and dreamy, with winding introspection, contentment and peace.


3. You can feel the distinct shift in mood and tone of your environment as people and circumstances come and go from your space

Some people and objects have an effect on you that makes you withdraw your energy and retract your aura while others effervesce the sparkle in your soul and set your spirits in bubbly flight. When you’re feeling out of sorts everything around you tends to reflect this.


4. Before you give someone a gift you hold it and charge it with a special wish for them

You can’t contain your childlike enthusiasm for enchantment, magic and miracles, even if you don’t know how it works, you inherently know that magic is real and there is a whole world of possibilities out there. It’s simply a part of you to know that you can imbue something with a special thought and it will carry that energy to that person.


5. You feel a close connection to the Earth and all her creatures and acknowledge this in some way with self-devised rituals you create

Your body automatically responds to seasonal rhythms and lunar tides. Communing with the creatures of this world and other realms is something you just seem to do ~ sometimes to the bewilderment of muggles who find themselves in close proximity to you.


6. You are easily drawn into the depth of ancient activities long held in the collective unconscious

The archetypal image of a Witch at her altar gathering the elements of alchemy and consulting with their wisdom or a Witch stirring a fusion of energies in a cauldron placed upon transformative fire. Entering stone circles and misty lands ~ these all transport you to another dimension, rousing memories of other times.


7. You get your regular fix of magical fulfilment through reading or watching fantasy

The imagery holds deep resonant meaning for you, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings ~ they all bring little puzzle pieces to your soul and instil trust in your notions that there is more, beyond what appears to be solid here and now. Affirming that, magick is alive and well within you.


This list is by no means conclusive, but at least you know that witches are human (and sane)! For all intents and purposes my definition of a modern witch is as follows:


A modern witch is someone who is self-aware, feels connected to Source/nature/the creative forces of the universe while trusting their ability to influence the way things are and create a life they enjoy living that also benefits the Greater Whole.


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