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Thanks so much for filling out the survey and interacting with me. I am genuinely interested in how I can best serve you on this part of your journey. Knowing what your thoughts and/or experiences are greatly helps. Your input is valuable and deeply appreciated!

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Click here to download the Cosmic Power Boost Process (4.17MB)

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Add it to your Book of Shadows, Spirit Journal or wherever you like to refer to these types of things


Use it when:

• You want to optimise interactions or activities before you engage in them

• You want to enhance your connection to All That Is and receptivity of higher guidance

• You want to calm down and step away from anxiety into the present moment

• You need a cosmic pick-me-up from an energy-sapping situation

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May deep magick flood your cells and bless you with love, grace, peace and abundance ~ more than you could even possibly begin to imagine.

Yours in Witchiness,

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