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🌌 We, collectively as a solar system, are being showered with electromagnetically charged particles that accelerate our life force flow and shifts in consciousness. These surges of photonic light are upgrading every cell in our physical bodies to resonate with this elevation to higher frequency energy.

🌍 This period of time only happens every 26,000 years and is referred to as, "The Turning of The Ages," or, "The End Times," as it heralds world renewal where we collectively weave the next great age of planet Earth.

⚡ Reminiscent of running maintenance on your computer, sorting the hard drive so it processes more efficiently and accesses fresh information more rapidly, this cosmic radiation is doing the same for our subconscious minds and energy fields, removing what is obsolete and updating your system with more current, progressive versions for new insights and experiences.

The Galactic Core is what astrologers consider the hub of our solar system that the rest of the Milky Way orbits, it is the centre of our galaxy. Much like Earth revolves around the Sun, our Sun revolves around the Galactic Core which is an immensely powerful vortex of cosmic energy and radiation.

Recently, it was verified that a black hole exists at its centre. This mysterious portal is emanating powerful broadcasts from the Source of All That Is into our realm, augmenting and rearranging consciousness in the interest of expanding the universe. This is the centre point of creation from which we draw the unadulterated plasma that gives form to our realities on Earth.

The erratic geomagnetic bursts of energy via regular coronal mass ejections (m-class and x-class solar flares) which cause temporary shortwave radio blackouts are indicative of the massive waves of new levels of photonic light and information flowing into every cell of our bodies, whether we're aware of it or not, transporting those who are willing, to a new state of being where intuition becomes your sovereign guiding force.

Step Into My Etheric Chamber To:

✶ Alleviate any negative patterns (fear/pain) blocking you from your divine destiny by immersing yourself in the light of the Infinite so that you can focus your life force on what matters most

✶ Open your energy centres, recalibrate your aura, activate your light-body and raise your frequency to resonate with divine truth and co-create with love

✶ Unlock the love, peace and bliss already within you to rebalance to your natural state of alignment and embody a grounded, soulful presence that overflows to all that you encounter

What It Is:

A Distance Energy Healing & Etheric Activation is a thirty minute ritual magick session performed remotely by me on your behalf.

Effortlessly replenish and nurture your soul self with a wave of high frequency rays pulsing through the fibres of your being, addressing whatever you need at this time to continue to raise your frequency to higher and higher levels of awakening.

In sacred space I invoke the Ancient Ones of Earth, Sky and Spirit in a rite to illuminate body, mind and spirit, anchor your divine original blueprint, neutralise negativity and reveal the next step(s) of your soul's purpose.

During this ritual magick session I use your astrological chart (like Spirit GPS) beneath a crystal grid that includes double terminated clear quartz crystals that were encoded in the Queen’s Chamber of the Pyramid of Giza for 48 hours.

They cannot be bought, only gifted by the world renowned master astrologer, psychic and extraterrestrial contactee known as Lavandar to specific crystal networkers who hold the intent, alignment and commitment that correspond to planetary balance. No one else on the planet works with these crystals the same way as I do.

The spiral of energy raised is sentient in and of itself and will develop over the weeks and months to come, unfolding at the most appropriate rate and frequency in accordance with your highest good and to the benefit of all as it is overseen by your personal Interdimensional Support Team.

How It Works:

I evoke the celestial and elemental energies that you already carry within your DNA with channelled invocations via your astrological natal chart. Because every single cell in your body carries this imprint from the moment you were born and what you wanted to be, do and have in this incarnation.

Using your astrological chart like a unique fingerprint it’s like “GPS” for the energy sending and this is what triggers the shift, from within you. This is extraordinary energy work that strengthens your soul mission and purpose for being on the planet and brings opportunities and people onto your path that support this unfolding with more ease and grace.

The quartz crystal grid links up with the grand crystal grid of the Earth and conducts the spiral of energy to wherever you are, permeating your physical and subtle bodies.

Just like ley lines form an energy system, so too do your meridians, chakras and aura. During your ritual the energy infuses your molecular structure, dissolving any energy blocks and bringing your vibration into alignment with your original sacred blueprint.

I will send you simple step-by-step instructions to prepare for your session when I confirm your booking. You don't have to to do it but it's recommend so that you set intentions on your part to open, allow and receive the energy work being done on your behalf thus facilitating a vortex of energy between us.

You can be asleep or going about your day as usual or be in meditation or a Yoga pose at the time of your session, whatever you prefer!

Most people find ritual magick sessions with me relaxing and/or rejuvenating and report sensations of heat or tingling, some even feel “hands” stroking their aura as the energy moves through their entire system.

Sometimes, clients feel very little or nothing ~ this does not mean that it is not working for you, everyone is different in their sensitivity of psychic energy and perception of it.

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per 30 minute session

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Another happy client! | www.stellaseaspirit.co.za

I knew that Stella had an immense amount of power in her and so I was expecting something… but not quite like this. And none of it was negative, it was all very good. 

Listen to Flora’s 10 minute audio testimonial or read the highlights below.  

I was very interested in how Stella uses crystals and energy work combined. I know her to be a very gentle spirit and a very sincere person in her energy work.  

I too am an energy worker and I am very picky about who I let into my energy space so I don’t pick people lightly that haven’t had some kind of training or background and are authentic in their work.

I was literally shocked at how profound the work was and how much it changed me:  

— Stella was on one side of the world and here I am on the other side of the world, I felt popping sensations as if someone was gently popping a bone or pockets of energy within my hips, head, and spine.  

— I had a sensation that went from my heart space, my third eye, all the way down through my base chakra and my feet as if I was slowly being put back into alignment.  

— I was really foggy for a few hours after the activation was done, I could feel myself floating and I also wanted to be outside because I hadn’t been energy-womped like that in a really long time. 

— In the process I had a sensation that I needed to have my reproductive health checked out, and the next day that was confirmed when I had my usual doctor’s appointment. My thyroid levels improved and my body had dispelled some cysts as if I had had surgery, but I have no scar tissue. 

— That next morning, I had a sharp quick pain behind my left eye, sneezed really hard and out came a metallic rock. When I went to make my bed, there was another rock on my pillow. I had felt a popping sensation in the night. When I picked them up and put them in the palm of my hand, they magnetically connected and acted like magnets. 

— I thought I’ve had an implant put in. And that’s quite possible because I did have an experience once in Cancún, Mexico after going to the pyramid there with about 12 other people on the beach, seeing a UFO. I’ve always wondered because all of us met for breakfast the next morning, and talked about all having a very odd dream. 

— After that happened I noticed that I was much clearer in my mind the next morning. I had really good thoughts. I had really good clarity about the determination about where I was going in my life. I felt like I was standing up straighter. 

— My meditations are much deeper than they have been, my dreamtime is very clear and very vivid. My intuition has been spot on and even my ability to manifest with the Law of Attraction has amped up. 

I can still feel things shifting within me and I’m really glad that I invested with Stella to do this and encourage you to do the same because of the potential for healing that this work will bring. Stella has tapped into something by taking that moment of our birth and aligning it with a greater harmony and a greater purpose or energy in this world. 

It’s profound and I’m really grateful to her and appreciate her work. I hope that you also choose to have this really deep and receiving blessing. It’s gentle and it’s good for you, and everybody deserves to have good things for them.

Flora, Oklahoma, USA | floraelmore.com

Another Happy Client! www.stellaseaspirit.co.za

This has been one of the most intense weeks I have ever had and that’s saying something! I am already used to having my guides and past loved ones contact me at different times throughout a year, maybe less than a dozen times maximum. 

This week however, every single night has been one intense dream after another… The best way I can describe it as if there were ANY unresolved issues I have EVER had they came to me for completion this week in my dreams. 

They felt like issues that have been with me for many lifetimes and I was completing. All kinds of activity was stirred up this week and it was literally hang on! Something stirred things up! 

The best way to describe what was going on in my was like this. If I’m generous I would say I was like a bear hibernating, but more realistically it was like hibernating in the summer when I should be out and about. For a variety of reasons I decided to go and stay in the cave. 

This was like a cattle prod that got me out and about shaking off the fog and engaging with life. The good and some of the crazy decided to prod me until I got up and started engaging. That’s why so much has been centered around dreams I believe because I was literally “sleeping” failing to engage in my life for the last few months.

Lots of powerful things have come: 

– My book, the one I have avoided working on for a million years… the story is flowing out of me like crazy. Even I don’t know what’s going to happen until I start writing and it just pours out of me… 

– I had an amazing job opportunity come up, I have a 2nd interview on Monday. (I have been trying to figure out the next chapter of my life for so long)! 

– I have a new spark, somehow great things are ahead 

I went into this with no expectations but with absolute clarity that it was the right thing for me. Thank you so much for showing up in my life right when I needed you (hug!)

Christina, Massachusetts, USA

Astral DNA Activation + Alignment | www.stellaseaspirit.co.za

Aspects of grids may vary at different times.

Prepare To Shine Brighter:

✦ With an infusion of light to remind you that you are  supported and guided by your spirit guides and higher self, so that you can become more of who you were born to be

✦ By releasing aspects of yourself that no longer serve you, which are keeping you from advancing on your path, your consciousness, intentions and energy flow more efficiently

✦ Through inviting fresh opportunities into your life; new people, places and things that help you live your highest purpose

Book Now
$125 USD

per 30 minute session

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Please understand that when you invest in yourself with this purchase it is final and you are acknowledging and agreeing to my standard terms and conditions.

Another happy client! | www.stellaseaspirit.co.za

First of all, I wasn’t sure what to expect and I fell asleep pretty quickly, but I definitely felt different immediately upon waking that next morning

I felt it in my heart chakra, as if something had been healed or lifted, it felt lighter. 

You wrote that I felt victimized and that was so true, but immediately after that session, my thoughts regarding the issue that this was related to had magically shifted, which was both a very surprising, strange and delightful realization. 

I tried to go with that flow as much as I could and I tried to explore it with the questions you offered in my report, but since I felt I couldn’t really get through to the core. I decided to let the questions go and just see what happened, if my feelings and thoughts would shift further by me just letting it go. And they did. 

Especially now, after four months, I feel very differently, more like my old self again. You have to understand this issue made me very unhappy for two and a half years, so feeling happy and satisfied like I do now very much seems like a miracle to me

On a different though not entirely unrelated note, after four years of pursuing something that I was good at, but I wasn’t passionate about at all, I’m finally happy and enjoying my daily life again. As if things couldn’t get any better, I got offered my dream job. 

Something else that wasn’t totally right at the time of my session was the house I was living in, my roommates and I didn’t get along really well. Three months later I got a new place to live, in a different city and moved a week later. I have never felt immediately at home before, but I did here. 

So, thank you. The magic just keeps on unfolding, I definitely feel healed and I look forward to another session with you. I don’t understand what you did exactly or how it is possible for this to be so powerful, at least in my experience, but I’m very impressed and very, very grateful!

Annemieke, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Another Happy Client! | www.stellaseaspirit.co.za

Wow. So, I set my intention last night. I awoke excited for this and also planned to get my day started as usual. NOPE! I was totally lethargic

Could not get out of bed even though I went to sleep. I suffer from insomnia, so if I get 90 minutes of sleep at night then I’ve done good but not last night. I slept through the night soundly

ALL day long too. I was also pretty weepy/teary for most of the day and at times a little ill — not like a cold or flu, but just not my normal self. I only started feeling energized around 8 p.m. 

Today I received a clear and powerful revelation. It is through writing that I receive divine downloads answers, guidance, etc. and have been instructed that this needs to be done daily, so I will incorporate it into my daily spiritual practice. 

I can definitely tell you that the days following my session I felt more calm and steady, I do feel more energized and my intentions seem to be much more aligned and full of purpose than in the past. 

Sumaiyah, Maryland, USA

Book Now
$125 USD

per 30 minute session

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Click the Paypal button below. You will receive confirmation of payment in a matter of moments.

Secure Payment via PayPal

You don’t need a Paypal account to make a secure payment with Paypal. Simply ignore the prompts and continue with "Pay by Debit or Credit Card" to purchase.

Please understand that when you invest in yourself with this purchase it is final and you are acknowledging and agreeing to my standard terms and conditions.

Stella Seaspirit | Spiritual Life Coach + Reiki Master | www.stellaseaspirit.co.za

About Stella Seaspirit:

Stella Seaspirit, is a spiritual mentor who works with a variety of modalities to help people access and develop their intuition by connecting with elemental and celestial energies so they can co-create the reality that is in alignment with their purpose and mission to positively impact this world.

She is a certified law of attraction life coach, qualified holistic therapist, Usui Reiki master and holds a postgraduate degree in psychology. As a lifelong astro-mage with over 20 years of personal practice, Stella has been “officially” helping others accelerate their spiritual awakening since 2006.

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