How I Came to Be a Spiritual Mentor

Hi, I’m Stella! I help spiritual seekers discover the answers they are looking for within themselves by connecting with elemental and celestial forces so they can experience more freedom, flow and fulfilment in their lives.


I do this by guiding them through the steps to change and charge up their life with their own energetics and the unseen spiritual realms so that they can co-create a lifestyle that is in alignment with their purpose and mission to positively impact this world.

When I’m not facilitating mystical experiences, I am walking beside the ocean or sipping strong rooibos tea while immersed in a captivating book.


My personal path is solitary, somewhat shamanic and rather eclectic. My specialty is spiritual expansion through cosmic connection therefore, my teachings are such with no loyalty to any particular tradition or formal aspect of the Craft other than what intuitively feels right. I encourage you to do the same in our time together.


Source-ry: Crafting your personal energy on purpose with purpose to navigate the flow of life with poise.


As an astrotheurgist, I am interested in forming a relationship with the celestial intelligence that governs the energy of various things on the Earthly material plane to forge a link between myself and the associated luminary, star or planet. Like an “astro-shaman” drawing the celestial energies into the physical plane for personal growth or creative expression.

As a spiritual facilitator I guide you from spiritual knowing to cosmic being by conducting starlight rites, high frequency infusions and DNA activations (astrally, all over the globe) to dissolve blocks, enhance your intuition and boost your spiritual connection so that you experience more beauty, light and magick on your path.


That is not quite what I thought I was going through university for and planning to do with my qualifications so I wanted to share with you a little bit of how I came to being a cosmic connection guide in the 21st century…


I was born naturally mystical

My Barbie dolls were magick-wielding Amazons who communicated telepathically with everyone and everything around them. When I was growing up my parents were studying Rosicrucianism so I learnt about meditation and metaphysical concepts early.

At 14 my mom gifted me with my very first book about spellcraft

A teensy book she had bought in 1972 aptly entitled “Everyday Witchcraft” by Delphine Lyons. This quickly became my most valued possession. The cover has a white cat on it lying beside a black candle in a silver candlestick and a string of red coral beads. The write up on the back cover begins with “Sorcery in the 70’s! Modern witchcraft for today’s woman! If you dare, you can…”


How I Became a Witch |
My first book about making magick


I did a spell or two from it and then the book literally disappeared

Much to my dismay. It reappeared two years later inside the cover of another book on the bookshelf where I know it could not have ended up accidentally! I took it as a sign that I was ready. Both books still stand next to each other on my bookshelf today 🙂

A natural sponge for information and random trivia I did well in school and they rewarded those at the top of the class with vouchers for a local book shop (for a bookworm ~ incentive much)?!

Anyhow, I had a special aunt who would send me some cash in a card for my birthday too so I would add that to my voucher purchasing power. The very first book I bought about spellcraft was “The Supermarket Sorceress” by Lexa Roséan, it was fascinating and like I was re-membering things not learning anew. This really catapulted me into formulating a meaningful process.

In 2002…

I was looking for further understanding about the underlying dynamics of how spells work and I really wanted to build some structure around what I was already doing intuitively.

Many books about the arcane and metaphysics were consumed by me. My mom was teaching workshops on shamanic journeying so I accompanied her to every one and even spent 90 minutes a day immersed in shamanic journeying for two years straight.

By 2006, I was a psychology post-grad, a qualified Holistic Therapist, conscious starseed channel and Usui Reiki master, and facilitated my first Deep Magick training for a small group of students.


I had discovered that there was a HUGE difference between talking about the unseen realms and gaining knowledge about them through reason alone VERSUS actually working with the cosmic forces directly.


Stella Seaspirit in the Zone during a public full moon ceremony |
Me ~ Hosting a public outdoor Full Moon Ceremony in 2005 (Photo by Jill Charlotte)


What I had been looking for was

The trigger that would bring magick to life, not only in my head and heart but in the very fibres of my being so that I could confidently walk between the worlds of spirit and matter.

I wanted to bring the theory into practice and actually feel the shifts taking place.


Understanding how metaphysical concepts work is not enough.

Giving the energies expression through you brings them to life in your reality.


• I knew alchemical fusions and otherworldly realms existed.

• I took it upon myself to explore, expand and establish rapport with the subtle energies that called to me so strongly.

• I had a driving force flowing through me to recall their subtle stirrings within my being.

• I extracted fragments of soul memory and activated light codes held in my DNA from other dimensions where the hidden realms are tangible.

I had to reclaim a truer expression of myself, so that I could guide and support you in taking your natural proclivities for high magick to the next level.

In 2010, I launched this website to be of service to sparkling souls internationally. And now I activate and realign your DNA in ways that those before you have had positive results with too, so that you can shave years off your own learning curve and make a quantum shift at an accelerated rate!

Two things you need to know about staying magickal 24/7

1) No words on a page or screen will do that for you.

2) Teachers can only take you as far as they themselves have gone.

I facilitate safe space for you to etherically clear away outdated patterns, beliefs, behaviour and energy blocks holding you back from living a life touched by beauty, light and magick.

Afterwards you will feel a sense of renewal, a reset of sorts and you emerge from my etheric healing chamber energised to take action on what you know is in alignment with your core truth. Then it is up to you to build on to that with your own soul wisdom, rising into further new levels of experience.

As an incarnate spiritual being you are not supposed to spend the majority of your time in spirit realms, you are here to fuse spirit and matter and you can’t do that if you deny your material side from taking pleasure in your experience of this living library we call planet Earth.


Spirituality by my definition is a living philosophy.


Not a religion.


It’s a lifestyle that nourishes your soul ~ it is about better knowing your true self and communing with the cosmos (what is greater than your physical sense of self).


I don’t work with deities, instead focusing on archetypes, not because I think that’s the only way to do things, it just feels right for me.


Universal Source energy is not an isolated superior entity from me. We are one and the same. I don’t require an intermediary for what I am capable of accessing within myself, and neither do you.


Deepening your relationship with your Soul-Source aka Spirit/ Ether/ The Universe/ Divine/ All That Is/ The Field of Infinite Possibilities etc. in fact makes you more productive and efficient. It places you in optimal flow from one moment to the next because you are fully in tune with yourself and the energy of a situation, you are better equipped to process and move forward from life’s challenges.

Now is the time to step into the truth of who you really are and stand firmly in your own power. You already possess the potential and ability and just need guidance on how to access the magick inherent within you. Earth and the Elementals require your assistance at this time to unlock your abilities and share your unique talents with the world as the radiant light that you are.

Welcome Magick Maker, I’m delighted you are here. Thank you for choosing to be on the planet at this time. Collectively we create a beneficent ripple effect throughout the time space continuum even greater than we can imagine.



About the Giza Crystals I Use:

Giza Crystal Magick |

The set of crystals I work with are clear quartz. This includes some tiny (and VERY powerful) double terminated quartz crystals which originate from the Jeffrey Mine in Arkansas, U.S.A. They formed in water by double helix spiral generation, which is a rarity in the mineral kingdom. A diver was commissioned to dive 90 feet (27 metres) to retrieve them.

There is a finite number of Giza Crystals left. They cannot be bought, only gifted by the world renowned master astrologer, psychic and extraterrestrial contactee known as Lavandar to specific crystal networkers who hold the intent, alignment and commitment that correspond to planetary balance.

She was telepathically directed with the task of placing them in the Queen’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid of Giza for 48 hours, while the sun was in Scorpio and the Earth in astronomical alignment with the Pleiades, for a group of off-planet Pleiadeans to place high frequency codes within these crystals.

(If you are unfamiliar with astrology, Scorpio is respected for its qualities of intense and major transformation). They became known as the Giza Crystals with Star Gate Codes, which are now legendary throughout the crystal network for the immense amount of celestial power they hold.


How I Do It:

Most people who received these special Giza Crystals would be tasked via telepathic communication to place them in specific locations (sacred sites, trees, buildings, lakes etc) to assist with the restoration of the planetary grid.

However, it didn’t happen that way for me. I started recalling rituals performed in other timelines in celestial temples (Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt), as the memories were transmitted to me via my interdimensional spirit team (pages and pages of invocations). I was using quartz crystals, drawing in celestial and elemental energy to assist people to realign with their natural state. No one else on the planet works with these crystals the same way as I do.


This subtle yet profound crystalline technology infuses your molecules with higher vibrations for strengthening your aura, activating your radiant bodies, relieving stress and unifying body, mind and spirit.

I created this healing and transformative modality based on the cosmic downloads I received about crystalline technology so that it works with your higher self, inherent wisdom and DNA via your astrological natal chart. Because every single cell in your body carries a celestial imprint from the moment you were born and what you wanted to be, do and have in this incarnation.


Your astrological chart acts like a drop of your blood. The unique imprint is held in your DNA. It’s like “Spirit GPS” for the energy sending and this is what triggers the shift, from within you.

This is extraordinary energy work that dissolves blocks to better connect with your higher self, initiates lasting shifts and supports deeper understanding to inform and inspire your path.

It is a powerful way for those who are willing, to absorb higher frequencies to renew, repattern and create, allowing you to attain and retain the energy in your aura, providing a valuable foundation which you can then continue to build on in your personal spiritual practice.


The quartz crystal grid links up with the grand crystal grid of the Earth and conducts the spiral of energy to wherever you are, permeating your physical and subtle bodies.

Just like ley lines form an energy system, so too do your meridians, chakras and aura. During your ritual the energy infuses your molecular structure, bringing your vibration into alignment with your original sacred blueprint and highest destiny.

In sacred space, I invoke the Ancient Ones of Earth, Sky and Spirit and invite the sacred lineages devoted to collective deep magick, through all directions of space and time, who wish to step forward at the time of your sending to optimise the next phase of your journey in the highest light and purest intent.


I’ve been conducting distinctive starlight rites and cosmic rituals internationally since 2010 and I consider the fact that many of my initial patrons back then are still patrons today, attests to my abilities.

If you feel ready in every fibre of your being to embody more beauty, light and magick in your day-to-day living, I look forward to facilitating space for you to become more receptive to how your authentic expression and expansion wants to flow. Let’s take your spiritual knowing to cosmic being!

May you experience spiritual activation and expansion into your truer multidimensional nature in the highest, most joyful ways so that you retain the magick for a lifetime, beyond any fleeting fictional fantasy fix could ever do.

From my heart to yours,


Stella Seaspirit
Your Cosmic Connection Guide

Give me 5 minutes...

And you will feel more deeply connected to Source energy and your intuition.

So that you create transformative shifts in your reality and shine your light, with confidence.