What To Expect

Distance (Remote) Energy Healing

When performing Giza Crystal Rites and Usui Reiki I utilise crystalline soul healing frequencies and ancient celestial temple technology to facilitate release, repair and rejuvenation of your subtle energy bodies.

The spiral of energy raised is sentient in itself and adapts to your unique needs at the time of sending, flowing at the most appropriate rate and frequency for you because your higher self and spirit helpers oversee the rite and activate the light codes within your DNA for your best path of healing so you can move forward and heal yourself, faster in the best possible way.

It permeates all your subtle bodies to effectively clear energy blockages, retrieve soul fragments, balance your energy centres, stimulate new information within (through your higher self) and support your body, mind, heart and soul in accordance with your highest good.

Each time you experience a crystal rite with me you receive a new level of healing and activation because as you continue on your life’s journey your desires change, your perspective shifts and you choose to have, do or be differently along the way.

Not all concerns can be resolved in a short timeframe. You are most welcome to book further sessions if you feel there are more layers to address. Nevertheless, please enter this process with reasonable expectations.

I do not claim to heal you or make your problems disappear overnight. These alternative healing modalities are effective as complementary action. You can read more about what Giza Crystals are and how I work with them here.



My mentoring style is rooted in supporting your personal empowerment, spiritual expansion and fostering conscious awareness of how you are the creative force in your own life. You will be doing approximately 80% of the talking.

When I deliberately tune in to your energy, I receive a stream of consciousness (a cosmic download through my channel). This means I hear specific words or phrases and see movie-like cutscenes in my mind. Mostly it is just a sense of clear knowing (claircognisance) and feeling (clairsentience). I am a vessel through which Source energy works so I simply open up and allow for the most appropriate flow to occur.

Don’t expect a psychic/mediumship reading. Instead I hold the space for you to experience greater trust in your own intuition and soul expansion. I advocate your highest potential to stand in your own light and power, spiral up and create better for yourself from a higher frequency.

Mentoring isn’t going to change your life for you. You are going to do that. However, the blend of heart-centred discussion, transformational energy processes and energy healing is like shining a light on what you know in your innermost core. My role is to help you get in touch with your inner guidance and follow through on it with practical aligned action steps.


Everything that I advocate is what I have learnt and experienced for myself first hand and I know it works. I am always learning, expanding my repertoire and immersing myself in further education. I don’t purport to know everything. I take being in the highest energy during our calls very seriously so that I can offer you the best experience.

Know that you enter safe and confidential space with me. My suggestions are delivered with empathy and respect. My focus will always be on what you can do to restore wholeness and activate your best self.  My insights and recommendations come from a neutral, compassionate perspective because I choose to see you in your highest light and facilitate that vision for you.

Guidance and spiritual prescriptions offered are in no way a replacement for sound legal, financial or medical advice and/or treatment by a qualified professional, they are effective as complementary action.


Intuitive Guidance

My approach to divination is an act of information gathering from your higher self, Source and Spirit Helpers (guides, ancestors, angels etc.) to help you assess your best approach to a situation of change/challenge.

I do not predict your future as if it is set in stone. Intuitive guidance is especially helpful when; you feel uninspired or lost, concerned about choices you’re in the process of making, or seek greater understanding of the underlying dynamics of a circumstance.

I may confirm what you already know and provide input about where the current energy of your circumstance is flowing to. All counsel provided is conveyed with empathy, compassion and respect from a neutral perspective in utmost confidentiality.

It is my intention to provide you with information that will assist you to step into a better you, to draw your attention to areas within your power to course-correct and to support you with a better understanding of both conscious and subconscious factors along with practical, earthly guidance to progress or move through the situation more easily if you wish to do so.

In this way you are empowered because intentions can change and perspectives can shift, therefore so can your future. So instead of feeling stuck or lost, YOU consider then choose how to make your best move on the chessboard of life. Therein lies the life-enhancing transformative magick.


No refunds. No cancellations. No exceptions.

Due to the bespoke nature of these services and labour involved please understand that when you invest in your Self with a service I offer, your purchase is final.

I bring the best of myself to our collaboration and I firmly believe that you get out what you put in. You cannot merely lay back and wait for things to shower down on you ~ although this can happen sometimes.

Know that all possibilities reside within you and the onus is on you to follow through on high value mundane actions toward your desired outcome.

In my experience with energy transfiguration I have come to know that there are very few instances where it is unable to bear some influence. So, even if we do not achieve the exact results we set out to obtain, we will still cast a favourable sway for the highest outcome of your situation.

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Give me 5 minutes...

And you will feel more deeply connected to Source energy and your intuition.

So that you create transformative shifts in your reality and shine your light, with confidence.