More Magic, Peace and Presence in 30 Days

The voice of your soul speaks from your centre and through synchronicity.

The more you tune in and listen to this intrinsic wisdom, the more your ability and sensitivity to other levels of subtle cosmic information is enhanced, which is key to your infinite self becoming your guiding force for a more magical, inspired life. 

Your centre is your innermost core, what is also referred to as your higher self/ deeper self/ truer self.

Through the tumult of everyday life in the 21st century, it's easy to become distracted and scattered, pulled off-centre by emotions, fears, beliefs, preconceived notions etcetera.

🔱 Using a three-pronged approach of open-hearted discussion, customised Akashic pathworkings and Giza Crystal Reiki, I guide you into a relaxed space so you become receptive to how your authentic expression and expansion wants to flow.

These intuitive life coaching sessions are powerful and life-changing because they provide vibrational and practical support that meets you where you are right now, with practical know-how and profound meditative experiences so you can advance on the next phase of your path.

While the Akashic realm exists in a dimension that is just a thought away, beyond everyday reality, the experiences you have there filter into the physical realm affecting people, places, situations and opportunities in the here and now.

You know that the basis of everything is energy and this is the key to navigating life as it unfolds... Not demanding or attempting to force existence your way, rather leaning into what existence is asking of you.

A mystical experience grounded in practical action:

✶ With your "Head in heaven and feet on earth," merge the spiritual and material realms with your own consciousness as your guiding force to start your path to greater freedom, flow and fulfilment.

✶ Consult your divine guides in the sanctum of your own mind to experience the meditative transmutation and crystallisation you need for massive results.

✶ Potent Giza Crystal Reiki infuses your molecules with higher vibrations for strengthening your aura, activating your radiant bodies, relieving stress and unifying body, mind and spirit.

✶ Bring what you have discovered and created in an imaginative loving space, through your physical body into this world to build the life you want now.

What It Is:

🌀 3 x Intuitive Coaching sessions (60-minute Zoom audio call where I also walk you through a bespoke akashic pathworking as an instrument for higher consciousness to experience an immediate shift).

Hours are 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. (ET for USA & Canada) and 12 p.m. to 7 p.m. (GMT for UK and Europe) or 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. (AEST for Australia) on Tuesdays — Saturdays. Alternative appointments by mutual arrangement.

🌀 3 x 30-minute follow-up Giza Crystal Reiki sessions performed remotely by me to integrate everything experienced during your call as it bypasses the limitations of the conscious mind and rejuvenates your subtle energy bodies.

🌀 Reasonable email support is available throughout the magical 30 days between calls for any questions you may have.

During the Reiki, I use your astrological chart (like Spirit GPS) beneath a crystal grid that includes double terminated clear quartz crystals that were encoded in the Queen’s Chamber of the Pyramid of Giza for 48 hours.

They cannot be bought, only gifted by the world renowned master astrologer, psychic and extraterrestrial contactee known as Lavandar to specific crystal networkers who hold the intent, alignment and commitment that correspond to planetary balance. No one else on the planet works with these crystals the same way as I do.

How It Works:

In these sessions I will ask you a series of questions to get super clear about your goal for our time together.

Then, I will guide you to the Akashic Realm and you will experience a meeting with a guide/s to receive frequency attunement and/or explore your inner landscape specific to where you most desire to grow, shift and create now.

Life coaching sessions with me are experientially based, meaning it is a powerful way of absorbing the energy so higher frequencies are infused in your molecules, supporting deeper understanding, allowing you to attain and retain the energy in your aura, providing a valuable foundation which you can then continue to build on in your personal spiritual practice.

Just like ley lines form an energy system, so too do your meridians, chakras and aura. During and after your session the energy infuses your molecular structure, dissolving any energy blocks and bringing your vibration into alignment with your original sacred blueprint.

Most people find energy activation and healing sessions with me relaxing and/or rejuvenating and report sensations of heat or tingling, some even feel “hands” stroking their aura as the energy moves through their entire system.

Sometimes, clients feel very little or nothing ~ this does not mean that it is not working for you, everyone is different in their sensitivity of psychic energy and perception of it.

Additional Benefits of This 30-Day Synergy Passage:

✦ Self-balancing empowerment as you move away from fear based reactivity and in to joyful wholehearted action that arises from your centre. Inspiration and blessings reveal in unexpected ways.

✦ Life gets easier, more harmonious. You become more receptive to the peace, presence and magic inherent in everyday life and SO much more!

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I booked the coaching passage because I really wanted to connect with someone who could teach me more about working with energy and stepping into the magick

Before the sessions I felt quite confused and unsure what to do with newfound abilities. I also really felt the call to disrupt the old paradigm.

I LOVE how this commitment turned into a regular self-care ritual with the calls, check ins and Reiki. It has really deepened my connection with myself and everyday magick. 

This package has made my path clearer. It has unearthed a deep sense of power that I am able to feel more and more. I am very glad to have had this opportunity to connect with someone who is intelligent, down to earth and talking to faeries all at the same time! 

It’s a real journey − you have to dive in, but it is so worth doing if you want to grow more into your power and learn to live more magically. It is truly transformative. And fun. It has given me a different perspective; I am more comfortable working with energy now and owning my power.  

The coaching passage has helped me turn intellectual knowledge into actually “living it”. I knew magic is not something separate, that it permeates everything but I couldn’t live it before, not like I can now. 

Stella’s coaching is in fact very practical and grounded, it was empowering and soothing at the same time. I feel my confidence is growing and even though I am not sure where it is all taking me, I can feel momentum building. That I am on the right track and that I will finally be able to fully be me, and fully use my talents. 

I will absolutely work with Stella in this way again as I really feel understood and that I can talk about anything, no matter how silly it feels at first. As a coach myself I value that some things you just can’t do on your own, Stella is a very wise counsel and I can tell she walks her talk.

Monique, Tilburg, The Netherlands |

Another Happy Client! |

I booked a coaching passage with Stella because I had previously purchased one of her courses, and after using it for 3 months I was seeing positive changes that made me want to further explore my connection to magick and learn how to use it every day – it is working! 

Other coaching experiences have been very business focused and healing in the past has either been deeply emotional or passive. Working with Stella I feel like I’m listening and moving with the flow and trusting, rather than pushing, manipulating or controlling. 

Before the sessions I was battling my head, heart and intuitionI was not allowing and trusting and I was creating more negative momentum by focusing on the negative. I was also being visited and affected by lower vibrational entities. 

Now after the coaching passage I feel more in tune with myself and the environment and realise more quickly when I am out of alignment. I am no longer troubled by lower vibrations. I feel empowered, supported and can rest in knowing that all is happening in divine timing. 

My connection with my spirit guides has definitely strengthened and my confidence in connecting with them has grown. 

I love that I am now taking action that is guided from within. It is very unique to have the coaching and healing combination – this really supercharges the benefits and depth of the sessions because I feel even more supported and rested. I seem to be making even better health choices too. I am an extremely healthy eater already but I’ve been drawn to increase my green and spirulina intake. 

The entire experience really exceeded my expectations. It’s the support, the answers within, the pathway to get there, being led through unique processes, the healing and the accountability. The long term working with Stella is magical and I have stopped worrying so much! 

coaching passage with Stella is essential if you want to; strengthen your connection to your personal power, learn and feel confident in listening to messages from your higher self and guides, and deepen your connection to the flow of the universe while learning to allow but also take aligned action, which is exactly what I wanted.

Heidi Lidholm, International Digital Nomad |

Distance Reiki |

Aspects of grids may vary at different times.

Open Your Mind and Heart To:

✦ Connect with your guides to assist you in living the life you’ve always wanted

✦ Shift from listening to your anxiety voice into honouring your divine voice

Make decisions from a place of trust in yourself and your own intuition

Align with the future you desire and actualise your goals into reality

Open to new opportunities for healing and success

Book Now for $1,111 USD 


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Secure Payment via PayPal

You don’t need a Paypal account to make a secure payment with Paypal. Simply ignore the prompts and continue with "Pay by Debit or Credit Card" to purchase.

Please understand that when you invest in yourself with this purchase it is final and you are acknowledging and agreeing to my standard terms and conditions.

Another Happy Client! |

Before the coaching passage I felt a little directionless and lost having just broken free from old restrictive beliefs that caused me to be deeply unhappy. 

I had opened up to a completely new world of ideas and thoughts, and I had all this newfound energy to invest in exploring my spirituality. 

The first half of this year, before my awakening I had been very emotional and down, and had lost the passion for life. Now a few months later, I am beginning to find my energy again thanks to these sessions. 

At first I was a little resistant to the calls as I was afraid that the advice given would be mundane or generic − like advice my friends or family would tell me. However I quickly learnt that the advice and knowledge that Stella passed on to me appealed to both my spiritual and logical side, which I absolutely loved! 

I couldn’t really see major shifts however I just felt that much better every week. Having a coach and a guide allowed me to not only release some of my burden through conversation, but also helped me greatly in seeing how I could overcome these issues. 

I know that I walk away from this passage more confident in myself and my abilities, as it helped me see and understand the power that I have to create the magic in my life. 

What I loved the most was it felt so safe and non-judgemental. I find it hard to discuss my feelings and issues and this was something that I had to get used to. Stella was so warm and accepting and worked with me to find solutions. This is something that I am forever grateful for, as I could feel myself open up more and really get the most out of the sessions. 

Even some of the stuff that would have sounded so crazy had other people heard it, felt so normal and natural with Stella and this allowed me to feel comfortable asking more questions. Stella is like the wise magickal friend that I have always been looking for! 

The experience was much more than anything I expected as it helped me take action, stay on track and really felt as if I was doing something magical though subtle and easy to implement techniques. I felt heard and understood and would literally be able to throw anything at Stella and she would always have an answer. 

I have been able to gradually break free from always being worried, stressed, future-focussed, overwhelmed, helpless and basically every other negative thought! I have also discovered how to handle my emotions much better, which has allowed me to flow with life a lot more. 

I am feeling much more empowered, strong and magical as I know that all these techniques and knowledge are now inside of me, and that I will be able to use these in my life whenever I need them. 

This has been an invaluable experience that has helped me navigate the start of my spiritual journeyI am finally beginning to really understand who I am and why that is. Because I have developed such an open and warm relationship with Stella, I will definitely be back in future.

Isobella, Victoria, Australia

Another Happy Coven Member! |

I have remembered things about myself from long ago and allies have made themselves known to me. I feel alive and rejuvenated, powerful experiences keep me inspired and moving forward.

I booked the coaching passage because I wanted to live from a place of self-trust and confidence. Before the sessions I was holding onto past baggage but didn’t know how to let go

Now I am able to acknowledge and release that which does not serve me quickly and easily. I am able to face the world with open eyes and an open heart. These sessions helped me find and maintain balance within myself

Stella’s perspective and presence during our conversations helped me to shift in subtle but profound ways. She is open and allowing which helps me to be the same. Stella presents a genuine interest in each session and her weekly guidance was spot on. I felt an immediate trust with Stella prior to working with her and that trust was confirmed week after week. 

I was pleasantly surprised by many things during the course of our sessions − at times what seemed to be the most insignificant detail became the most purposeful and resulted in the greatest personal insights. 

By incorporating the simple energy alignment and visualization techniques I am more empowered. The releasing meditations and exercises were exactly what I needed and I now understand how to release and receive simultaneously. This process helped me to trust myself because our sessions confirmed all that I already knew and more. 

This experience differs from previous experiences as I was accountable for my needs and wants every week. Whereas, in other previous experiences I would have profound moments but then fall back into my old patterns of thought. 

The format of the coaching passage creates a forward flowing process of self-enlightenment and follow through. It provided a platform for me to share and discuss my thoughts in an open setting where I felt safe with disclosure and where I received instant feedback and guidance. 

Working with Stella has been illuminating. I have been able to accept myself in so many ways that I was not before and it has helped me to realize that I am the key to my freedom. 

I would work with Stella again because discussing and sharing methods and outlooks on connecting with self and The All is beneficial. It helps to expand consciousness and the free flow of energy. This program has truly helped me in body, mind and soul. I am brighter and lighter!

Shirley, Texas, USA

At the time I decided to book a coaching passage, I was at a place in my life that was very good, but I really felt like ‘something’ was missing. I had gotten away from my magickal practice and wanted to find my way back

I wanted to optimise my time in getting ‘back on track’ and accelerate that process, so the 1:1 coaching really appealed to me, plus I could do it from the privacy of my own home, across the world.

I also felt I had some ‘blocks’ to making progress to where I wanted to be spiritually, and felt that Stella would be able to help facilitate moving past that (which she did)! I was able to clear a roadblock that had been plaguing me for many years

Stella is SO EASY to talk to and a WEALTH of knowledge. She always seems to know the right answer! 

The biggest takeaway from this experience is knowing I was always on the right path, even though my beliefs and thought processes may not be (ok, definitely are not) considered to be the ‘norm’. I am so grateful for the time I spent with Stella. The weekly check-ins and doing the work between our sessions was very good for me in terms of the commitment to myself and spending time on myself and what matters to me. 

I don’t feel like I’ve done the coaching and that’s it. My time spent with Stella has set me up with a great roadmap, tools, and resources for continued growth and learning on my journey to live my life with authenticity.

Ann, Atlantic, Canada

Book Now for $1,111 USD 


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Stella Seaspirit | Spiritual Life Coach + Reiki Master |

About Stella Seaspirit:

Stella Seaspirit, is a spiritual mentor who works with a variety of modalities to help people access and develop their intuition by connecting with elemental and celestial energies so they can co-create the reality that is in alignment with their purpose and mission to positively impact this world.

She is a certified law of attraction life coach, qualified holistic therapist, Usui Reiki master and holds a postgraduate degree in psychology. As a lifelong astro-mage with over 20 years of personal practice, Stella has been “officially” helping others accelerate their spiritual awakening since 2006.

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