10 Ideas for Aquarius New Moon

How to connect and work with Aquarius new moon energy to set the tone for the fresh lunar cycle.


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The New Moon occurs when the Sun and Moon are aligned at the same degree in the same sign. The Moon lines up between the Earth and Sun, so your conscious self is in tune with the unconscious.



The sacred masculine (represented by the Sun) and sacred feminine (represented by the Moon) are symbolically united for seeds of intention to be sown.




Aquarian energy combined with the initiatory energy attributed to New Moon lends massive impetus to acknowledging interconnectedness ~ on all levels throughout all dimensions known and unknown, tap into innovative and revolutionary thought.




10 ideas for Aquarius New Moon:

  • Have a Reiki treatment or a Qigong session to expand your aura and connect with energy flow


  • Consider your role in larger collective issues, contemplate global interconnectedness; we communicate far and wide with ease via the internet (blogs, e-mail, forums, instant messaging, video, VOIP, websites etc.) How might this mimic intergalactic communication?


  • Consider the language of frequency that pervades all of Creation


  • Drastically change course in a matter that is not providing the results you want


  • Utilise a new or different form of networking or technology


  • Look at the bigger picture of why you are doing what you are doing and what the benefits of the outcome will be


  • Look to unconventional muse for inspiration or start a new trend


  • Form a committee for a shared interest  (or a coven *cackle*)


  • Start a journey to immerse yourself in alchemy, vibration and communion with Unified Mind to create your own magical experiments


  • Break a habit or moribund cycle



Since everyone experiences the energies of the New Moon, bear in mind that the intense Aquarian energies can bring about a stronger stint of rebelliousness and/or eccentricity so be serene, step back to observe from another’s perspective and embrace high-tech forward thinking.



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