Thaumaturgy refers to magic performed for the purpose of making overt changes in the material world like getting that promotion you want or finding a new home.

All energy is neutral, mouldable potential. Source energy is the infinite immanent life force behind all of Creation. It’s what makes planets spin and what causes cells to divide and grow.

From this universal flow you conjure experiences that resonate with your frequency. Based on the perception you hold of an experience, you may choose to transform yourself in order to experience differently.

With practice, over time you will find it easier to focus on what you want to achieve, then soon you will perceive your daily activities as acts of magic.

Here you will find insights that offer greater understanding of quantum workings and with that, greater confidence in your own abilities to set your intentions in motion in the unified field to return to you in manifest form.

It is my intention with this article to save you some of the heartache and headache when it comes to intentionally designing a life you love and reaching your dreams.

How to create customised ritual and real spells (with examples) plus how this is beneficial to you.

Metaphysical Unfolding

Exploring possibilities requires focus and belief that what you are doing is going to succeed. Not so much convincing yourself, "this is going to work," but more like accessing an inner wave of calm that washes over your most pressing problem from the part of you which knows. While understanding core concepts leads to confidence, magic cannot be formally learnt, it is to be lived.

Thinking & Creating

Magic-making is essentially a way of repeating what is actually happening around you all the time in life anyway. Rituals and incantations are "experiments" that open your mind and heart to what you are creating for yourself and are best approached as fun, relaxing and entertaining. These energies flow from and return to you, infusing your every day.

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Tips for Weaving Light Spells

Forget Fleeting Fantasy Fiction Fixes...

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