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Love spells, an ancient request from countless magickal practitioners over centuries gone by. Many a tale is woven around what happens when they go awry. But few have possessed the eyes to see why…

Hollywood loves the flimflam of portraying a spellcasting whimsy that wreaks havoc in the lives of both the caster and those they hold dear.


Because the drama both sells and keeps you fearful enough from exploring the beauty and brilliance of magick that is your birth right.

Sure it’s entertaining, but it’s not to be taken completely at face value.


Types of love spells include:

• Self-love spells on yourself to become more whole

• Attracting your best match

• Charming a specific person you’ve taken a fancy to

• Consolidating an existing relationship

• Reconciling with a standing or former love


You can’t affect someone else’s reality.

No matter what you do or think you are experiencing.

If you cast a love spell on a specific person and they respond,

it is because they are allowing your influence on some level, albeit subconscious.


The most common unravelling that occurs when someone casts a spell on a specific person is that the relationship derails after a brief time ~ the array is typically volatile and emotionally traumatic. More spells can be used to prolong the liaison BUT this comes at the expense of burning yourself out in the long run.


Here’s Why

The only reason that spells still go awry is because they are linked to your emotional state.

Casting a spell into the universe is like activating a receptor; it only receives and delivers frequency resonant with yours.


Pay attention to the life force that you set the pulse of your spell with. If your vibrational tone is one of neediness, desperation or spite you will only magnetise someone who holds the same vibrational match.

If you have trouble trusting intimately, opening up your heart or emotionally expressing yourself in a healthy manner that is precisely what the other person will mirror back for you to address so you can transform that energy and move on. Where soul agreements exist, both parties can transform and remain together to continue to evolve while others part ways.


What has self-love got to do with it?

Two whole beings make for a healthy, balanced relationship rather than the emotional turmoil and explosions that arise from co-dependency.

You cannot experience what you are unwilling to give yourself first. If your inner self talk is of a quality that you would never speak to anyone else like that, then what are you welcoming more of into your life?


Unhappy in love stems from unhappiness within Self.


Power Mantra:

As I more confidently lean into what I truly seek and give myself what I need, I receive better than I considered possible.


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