Modern Mysticism

Living from a metaphysical standpoint doesn’t mean that everything is perfect smooth sailing with sunshine and rainbows. But it does give you the know-how to navigate life’s storms adeptly and artfully.

Like life, magic is not predictable or linear either. There is never one specific clear-cut path for how to do things or guaranteed expected results. However, there are very few instances where some cosmic lightweaving is unable to bear some influence.

Here you will discover practical techniques and processes to bring magic into your day-to-day life that don’t require excessive planning and/or elaborate ceremony. Give yourself a few minutes, maybe before bed when you’re wrapping up the day, or early before starting your day. See what happens.

How to apply lunar energy streams practically to positively influence your personal situation each week of the lunar cycle to activate your highest most joyful path.

Household chores are only mindless time sucks if you approach them that way. Here’s how you can powerfully and regularly transform the energy in your life as you dust, clean and organise.

Removing Blocks

As you progress in your relationship with magic you realise how life's elements are like chess pieces on a board that can be moved around by magic to creatively express yourself, discover your true self and help it expand. You see links between experiences beyond the everyday bustle and find new meaning.

Invoking Potential

It is not a matter of running around finding time to fit another task into your day. Magic once experienced if only for a moment, renders you altered. Outside factors no longer control you and your time becomes your own dimension to express and create what you want in your own life.

Use these guided alignment audios to enhance your cosmic connection on a daily basis, quickly and efficiently.
They are the exact processes I use within my consistent spiritual practice to stay grounded while accessing the high vibe spiritual realm.

Relaxing & Rejuvenating

Forget Fleeting Fantasy Fiction Fixes...

Ready to experience spiritual activation & guidance to connect with the everlasting mystical forces of the cosmos so you retain the magic for a lifetime?