A simple spiritual exercise to create more inner peace, soul connection and alignment in your life.

Peace is not something you can seek out,  it is something you become. 

The definition of peace is; a state of calm and quiet, free from disturbances, noise, anxiety or conflict.

The bindrune below is created for peace. It consists of Raido placed backwards and in most instances, positioning a Rune in this manner produces the opposite effect of the Rune placed in its correct flow.




In this case, it serves to slow down the rapid movement of Raido to a more peaceful, relaxing pace. Raido is also linked to emotional and spiritual travel.

This Rune is united with Berkana, which is a Rune associated with spiritual and emotional growth and symbolises new beginnings. It is also a nurturing Rune and speaks of developing Self.


Create a peace pocket with the following

• Draw or paint the above bindrune (you can add it to your vision board)

• Blue lace agate

• Lemon balm, marjoram and/or lavender (fresh or dried)


Place in an area where you can pause to reclaim your centre. Some good spots include on your bedside table and on your desk at work ~ place the bindrune under the blue lace agate if you don’t want to draw attention to it.


Power Mantra:

Challenges test my power to choose to remain centred, calm and happy.


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