No Time for Spiritual Practice |

Being spiritual in real life, making time for your spiritual awakening to further your spiritual journey.

Are you struggling to give yourself a few minutes to reconnect with your core?

Are you trying to see if some spare time shows up or until everything on your to-do list is complete before you give yourself permission to still your mind, process your reactions and replenish your connection with Source energy?


It starts with one simple daily choice to tune out of the typical noise and busyness and tune in to your inner power, which actually helps you deal with life’s twists and turns much more efficiently.

The more consistently you tune in to your personal power the more you will be able to exercise it consciously.


One of the biggest excuses I hear from people who say they want to experience a deeper soul connection, develop their intuitive abilities and deliberately create their reality is that they have “no time”.

This is really just a mental barrier because time in essence does not exist. It’s a human concept of linearity – up or down a timeline that is not real. All that exists is consciousness and that is timeless.

Humankind has been conditioned into feeling incompetent and to look outside of yourself for answers. So you are used to feeling that way. When you start to engage the type of habits that produce the feelings and experiences you desire there is resistance because it is not the norm.


It feels awkward, you tell yourself you’re being silly and you reject it and go back to your comfort zone where nothing changes.


That’s because you are used to playing small so expansion feels unnatural at first – then you contract and stop, but that is precisely what you need to continue to do (incrementally) until it becomes part of your natural state. It’s detaching from the former self to step into the new ~ but with a series of small steps so your ego doesn’t hit the panic button.

For some of you, this discomfort of unknown territory creates some weird scenarios in your life or you get sick as your molecules and reality recalibrate. The secret is to stay consistent with one small shift at a time to ride it out with the new behaviour you are engaging and then the drama fades away.

For others there is an immediate resistance where you find all kinds of reasons to procrastinate – I must clean the house first, I can’t meditate until I’ve filed those papers away or I have so much to do I don’t have the time to do something that I know will help me.”


Here is how to make time for the spiritual connection that you value:

Understandably at any one time you have a number of projects going on to do with home, family, work and personal pursuits. However if you feel that spirituality is important to you, amongst all these other distractions you simply choose to decide that you are going to make it a priority.


30 seconds is enough. 2 minutes is enough. 10 minutes is enough.


Whatever is available, use it.


Give yourself permission to maintain your spiritual connection because not only is it important to you and an act of self-love but you will actually notice that you get more done, more joy from activities you engage in and contribute to the wellbeing of others through the impact that the energy you bring to any situation or place makes.

When you take a moment to connect to the greater whole within which we all exist you effectively take a step back from frenetic scattered energy and move forward from a much more centred, calm and powerful place.

You can only shift from knowing what to do and not living it in a practical sense to integrating it into your way of being one step at a time and those steps begin with the decision to make time.


It can be as simple as

1) Pausing to take 3 deep breaths

2) Expressing appreciation as you eat breakfast

3) Reciting loving affirmations in the shower


Make room in your life for what you value and want to experience more of.

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Give me 5 minutes...

And you will feel more deeply connected to yourself, your intuition and Source energy.

So that you shift your way of being in this world that benefits every area of your life.