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You might find I am your kind of person if:

  • You desire to create a soul nourishing lifestyle... a living philosophy based on your interest in metaphysics and spirituality.

  • You felt different from others in childhood, were intuitive to energy and emotions of others early on and you like quiet time to yourself, mostly in nature.

  • You delight in simple, meaningful ritual from the heart and subtly crafting with astrological energy that results in beautiful synchronicity.

  • You understand that life may not always be sunshine and rainbows (and know that you can use your innate power to prevail regardless of what unfolds).

  • You relate to a universal indeterminate Source energy and the idea of archetypes as the language of the mind conveying that which the written and verbal cannot.

I'm delighted that the universe set a carefully coordinated series of motions in place that brought you here.

What I Do

Switch on the inherent wisdom in the very fibres of your being so you easily access your intuition and deepen your spiritual practice for more soul-satisfaction.


Strong spiritual connection to the vast & ancient brings powerful internal transformation for peace of mind, calm, certainty and clarity around your life that you can't put a price on.


By facilitating space that enhances your intuition and energy body to connect with higher realms, dissolve blocks and activate DNA light codes that unlocks the next level you!


You are curious and want to begin exploring the higher realms, or you have begun and feel ready to develop your abilities and discover more of who you truly are.

Formal Bio.

Stella Seaspirit, is a spiritual life coach who works with a variety of modalities to help people discover the answers they are looking for within themselves and through connection with elemental and celestial forces so they can experience more freedom, flow and fulfilment in their lives.

She is a certified life coach, qualified holistic therapist, Usui Reiki master and holds a postgraduate degree in psychology. As a lifelong astrotheurgist with over 20 years of personal practice, Stella has been “officially” helping others accelerate their spiritual self-development since 2006.

Stellar Patrons Say

I love how you make some really complicated stuff so simple and easy to understand and apply.

Accurate and enlightening, in true Stella style! A heap of stuff has started surfacing for me, I am amazed at the depth.

No matter the topic you cover, it is with sensitivity and care every time.


Western Cape, South Africa

Another happy client! |

So far my journey with Stella has been amazing. It really helped me to connect with my feelings and allow me to get out of my head.

As a result I am spending more time connecting with energy flow and hearing my intuition.

Working with Stella has actually been a bit more than I expected honestly. After all of the synchronicities I’ve experienced from engaging with her, I’m not sure why it surprised me!


Québec, Canada

Another Happy Customer! |

Stella Seaspirit’s work is one of my biggest inspirations and keeps me rooted in my practice. I’m less reactive. More stopping and thinking and breathing.

I remember that I am a conscious creator more often. I am more aware of the promise I made to myself to live from my truth and that there is so much more to this life than the petty things we get lost in.


Alberta, Canada

Another Happy Member! |

Down-to-earth, magickal without being airy-fairy or outright scary. Stella’s energy is wonderful, after a little bit things simply clicked.

I’ve become more confident and attuned to myself and the natural world and the results were much faster than I thought – from the very beginning things began to manifest in wondrous ways.

Annette Pedersen

Florida, USA

Another Happy Client! |

Five years ago I got sick and didn’t really find my way back to myself. Now I’m feeling the connection to All That Is again and things I have been needing all came into my life, like meditation classes, an old book I’ve had for years, and the right person who could help me with a particular situation.

Sometimes I even see sparkles in the air! My anxiety levels have dropped and I feel so much more positive.


Washington, USA

Another Happy Client! |