Theurgy refers to magic-making for the purpose of personal growth and/or spiritual expansion like asking for guidance and actively clearing away outdated cellular memories etcetera.

“Rat race” culture promotes behaviour that keeps you tired, stressed and distracted so your connection to your Soul-Source is weakened. To intentionally design the soul-aligned life you know at your core is possible, start by saying “yes” to things that take you closer to who you are choosing to become and give yourself room to explore what arises.

Here you can find ways to unite the sacred with the everyday for more soul alignment, inner tranquillity and cosmic connection, whether you are in the countryside or urban concrete jungle.

How to increase your spiritual connection, communicate with spirit guides and quicken your spiritual awakening.

Often people mistakenly think a daily practise involves lots of extra time or access to wide open spaces.

Spiritual Expansion

When working magic, your mental and emotional space is actually more important than physical surroundings. With practice, you begin noticing when to intentionally cultivate your inner space to suit your best purpose. You need to be present with what you're doing, while remaining calm and open to the unexpected.

Cosmic Connection

Energy directed in a focused manner is life-altering and magical. Connecting to the subtle energies of nature, working with them from the wisdom within (harmoniously for the good of all) not only brings you back into balance but also unveils ways you can change your life.

Use these guided alignment audios to enhance your cosmic connection on a daily basis, quickly and efficiently.
They are the exact processes I use within my consistent spiritual practice to stay grounded while accessing the high vibe spiritual realm.

Sacred Space

Forget Fleeting Fantasy Fiction Fixes...

Ready to experience spiritual activation & guidance to connect with the everlasting mystical forces of the cosmos so you retain the magic for a lifetime?