New Moon Manifesting Spell |

8 simple steps to new moon manifesting and setting new moon intentions.

Because new moon energy is about the unseen stirrings of life force that occur in the dark beneath the ground (akin to the germination of a seed).

New moon phase is ideal for initiating fresh beginnings, such as; moving home, moving in with someone, getting married, job hunting, starting new habits and applying for a promotion.


At this time you experience a potent creative surge within ~ stirring what is next for you in this fresh lunar cycle. Thus it is time to you send forth your prayers, thought seeds and desires to take root and sprout as the light of the moon increases.

Soon this will be accompanied by a flash of inspiration or some passion within you that ignites either for another person or a creative endeavour. The creative fire element within you stirs to let you know that while you may not perceive it in your external reality yet, something is starting to shift and transform.


Trust your natural instincts and the quickening of your pulse as this renewed sense of self prepares to emerge from the unseen to the seen. In the meantime, if you are feeling undernourished or stuck in the mud, this is your cosmic reminder to be bold and persevere!

That doesn’t mean you can push the natural flow of life’s unfolding. Rather it is about resting and patiently allowing life force to flow through you unhindered by your mind’s agenda.


Keep your feet firmly on the Earth, tapping into the wild untamed force of nature and creative potential so that you are ready to answer when the call for expansion appears within the next week or so.

You can only bring your desires into physical form if you decide to create a starting point.

Start now.

When you get in touch with your core presence, you shift and transform internally for them to appear in your reality… like magick.


8 Steps to New Moon Manifesting and Intention Setting

1. Take a deep breath in and exhale slowly. As you do so, sense your energy gathering in your body and your awareness centring in the present moment.

2. Next, consider the one intention/ desire/ goal you have for this new lunar cycle.

Got it? Read on…

3. Rub the palms of your hands together to stimulate the palm chakras. Inhale. Then hold your hands palms facing each other about 5 centimetres (2 inches) apart in front of your heart. Exhale.

4. Slowly bring your palms closer together in front of your heart centre. You may feel tingling, resistance or heat. (If not, don’t worry this will come with practice). Next, think of your intention for this new lunar month.

5. When you feel ready, begin to “mould” the energy orb with a slight pushing motion, rotating your wrists and moving your hands slightly until you feel like you have gathered enough energy into a full, energised orb.

6. Hold the feeling of you having already accomplished your chosen outcome, sense your cells sparkling and charging the orb with this energy until it glows brightly. Like it has already happened ~ you’re just sashaying over there one step at a time.

7. Release the orb, launching it into the ether, to return to you in manifest form.

8. In your mind, re-affirm your thought seed and end it with the words, “for the highest good of all”. It is done.


Keep your eyes open to cryptic clues and signs that the universe is collaborating with you ~ synchronous events, uncanny coincidences and things that just seem to super impose as you float by and then get REALLY excited about them because that means magick is afoot!

For how to weave a manifesting cycle of 28 days of magick, check out Lunar Magick: Ultimate Guide to Connect with Your Inner Wisdom and Enchant Your Life Consistently

Give me 5 minutes...

And you will feel more deeply connected to yourself, your intuition and Source energy.

So that you shift your way of being in this world that benefits every area of your life.