Challenging times offer opportunities for discovery and alignment that you otherwise would not experience nestled in your comfort zone.

I am often asked why bad things happen to good people. People become critically ill, relationships fall apart, money vanishes, loved ones transition, accidents happen and employment gets terminated. In times of distress it is common to want to blame someone or something, even escalating into anger.

First off, you determine through your perception what is good or bad. In truth it just is. The emotional experience that arises is what holds value to your soul, not the actual details of the experience which you go through.


Walking the Earth plane, learning to fuse spirit and matter, is ultimately about transcendence (to be in this world not of it). It’s about how you choose to respond to the cards dealt, exercising your own accountability.


While it may seem like everything is going haywire on planet Earth it is important to remember that as the collective consciousness shifts into a higher vibration all the old programming and structures built by those who don’t have the collectives’ best interests at heart are collapsing.

That is largely what you see going on around you now. The old must be removed in order to make way for the new and better to take form. Earthquakes, floods, fires, volcanic eruptions and various other extremes are all indicators of the energy shifts as they anchor from consciousness into the physical.


Carl Jung said, “a very bright light casts a very dark shadow”. As the tide of humankind on Earth turns to a higher natural state of being; in love, support, unity and peace, this light accentuates the contrast of the shadow.

Despite what media would rather have you believe; that everything is going to hell in a handbasket and you must hand over all your rights to those who don’t have your best interests at heart in order for them to keep you “safe” from what is an illusion to start with.

Mainstream media verbiage is designed to lead you into feeling helpless, shame or even loathing which fuels more instances to match! Notice the headlines focus on shock, horror, panic and so on.


By keeping you in a state of fear or any other lower vibration they can control the masses (who by and large want peace, tolerance and harmony) more easily because when you are responding from a place of fear you can’t hear your own soul/Source guidance and wisdom since simply because you aren’t tuned into that frequency.

It’s like a “signal scrambler” that an elite minority have been running for centuries with lies and corruption and the buck stops here, with us today and every successive day hereafter. That is why you are and what you came here to do and witness at this time.


You may have been sleeping until now but subconsciously anchoring in this higher vibratory energy. You may have been awake since the 1960’s. It doesn’t matter. You may be a cook, cleaner, chief bottle washer or an aerospace engineer. It matters not. Your life purpose and true path is being here at this time. Your light is valuable.



How to Deal With Earth Changes

1. Detach from doom and gloom media completely, don’t watch the news or read the papers (or their online versions). Unsubscribe from any emails, blogs or Facebook pages or friends etc. that don’t carry beneficial messages.


2. Do your best to eat whole foods (not processed) and as organic as possible (no pesticides, growth hormones etc). Performing a food blessing 3-5 times a day depending on your dietary habits serves body, mind and soul.


3. Don’t caffeinate up to simply get through your day, sip and enjoy your beverage of choice as a means of setting the tone for the day you look forward to consciously experiencing.


4. You don’t need a partner who will juice detox and chant with you, an elaborate altar, an entire meditation room or expensive esoteric tools ~ just breathe like you mean it.


5. Look for what is going right in the world instead of placing your awareness on what is “wrong”. Whatever you judge will be more prominent and also where your attention goes energy flows. What do you choose to fuel? Read, watch or listen to uplifting information only.


6. A daily segment of quiet time to listen to soul/spirit will help greatly in returning to a state of grounded calm amidst the “storm” more frequently. Practice discernment in all things.


7. Find a way to feel like you are doing something beneficial for the areas affected by crisis or devastation by contributing constructive energy.


Lastly and most importantly, look within. Don’t let the external illusion dictate how you feel and what you do. Listen to your core and heart for guidance. Your version of reality is the one you participate in, entertain and occupy. Choose where you send your energy and what you will allow into your space.


Perspective. It changes the level at which you experience anything.


Imagine, 7 billion people around the globe emancipated from the distraction-trance of physical survival? Instead of being placed in situations created to divide and conquer like war, conflict, fear and “us versus them” mentality…

What if just 10% (700 million people) were free to focus on love, harmony, unity through seeing ourselves in others. What would a world like that look like? And how would it evolve?


This is where your spiritual practice helps you stay out of fear-fuelled reaction and connected with your inner sanctum.

The more you look for evidence of endings the more you will find.

The more you look for evidence of beginnings the more you will find.

Have faith sparkling soul and remember, Mars energy rules mustard seeds. 😉


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And you will feel more deeply connected to yourself, your intuition and Source energy.

So that you shift your way of being in this world that benefits every area of your life.