How to Start a Spiritual Practice |

What really stops you from having a daily practice, how to start a simple daily practice that fits in with your lifestyle and personality and why sustaining a daily practice is important now, more than ever.

How Does a Daily Practice Serve Your Busy Life?

At this time, we are literally being inundated by information that is both overwhelming and at times inaccurate. Being a spiritual seeker is a lot like having an unquenchable thirst, you just want to soak up all the information you can find like a sponge and once you’re full and can’t process any more.

You sit with all those thoughts swirling in your head but you don’t actually get around to doing any of the suggested techniques in practicality. Gradually this energising blast of delicious thoughts dwindles away and you find yourself seeking your next “fix”.


Ideas don’t bring adeptness.


Consistent daily practice does.


One small step at a time.


Magick is not a “New Age” trend or fashionable “witch aesthetic”. It has been around for eons and isn’t something you can treat as a side-line; like only consulting that enormous old dusty book in the attic when pandemonium strikes. Magick (like life) is not rational either. There is never one specific, clear-cut path for how to do things and how to yield results.

I want you to be able to access your inner centre of magick and stay there for longer and longer, regardless of what unfolds in your life. Because your daily practice is what will bring more ease, flow and magick into your life and get you back on track efficiently when challenges and obstacles occur.

Quantum living doesn’t mean that everything is perfect smooth sailing with no storms. But it does give you the know-how to navigate those storms adeptly and artfully. 🙂


What Really Stops You From Having a Daily Practice

You may not like what I am about to say, but I encourage you to at least hear me out on the topic, then decide if there is some resonance in it for you and what you are going to change about it. Alternatively, just filter it out.

• I don’t have time

• I don’t have privacy to set up an altar space

• I lack the motivation or energy to keep it consistent

• I keep procrastinating on getting started


Objection Number One

“I don’t have time.” Have you noticed how it seems that time is speeding up and there are fewer hours in the day? That you get less done in a set amount of time than you used to?

That is because time does not exist. It’s a limiting manmade concept. Can you remember what outfit you wore two days ago? Or what you ate for supper then?


What is actually happening is we as a collective human consciousness on the planet are becoming more grounded and centred in the present moment and thus we are slowing down, approaching what is known as Zero Point. In this space of unlimited potential and pure beingness there is no need for time.

We cannot run our lives based on clocks. This is what the old paradigm encouraged to distract us from our purpose. We were groomed from an early age by the education system to fit into neat concise boxes and conform to the rules of others.

We then went on to corporate jobs because that is what was expected of most of us. And there under the fluorescent lights in windowless grey cubicles and no fresh air we were expected to be productive for 40 or more hours a week.


No more.


You have to make time for what you value and place your focus on. Because that is what you will create more of in your life. If you want to embrace your inner magick and explore a spiritual path you have to make room for it in your life.

How else do you indicate to the universe what you wish to expand in your life? I’m not saying that you have to quit your job and sacrifice your income. But you can’t say, “universe bring me more Zen!”

If you want more connection with the vast and ancient, a deeper relationship with your innermost self and to experience spiritual expansion you have to make room for it in your life to provide a clear statement to the universe that this is what I want and this is what I am willing to do to show you I am committed to it.

You don’t have to get up 2 hours earlier to fit in an elaborate ceremony (unless you want to). Like I said earlier, one step at a time. That is how you incur change, with consistent small steps. What you give attention to expands. So just begin with the 30 second or 5 minute gaps you find and stick with that. It’s about quality not quantity.

If you’re watching TV shows that you don’t even find mentally stimulating or emotionally uplifting or checking social media or email first thing in the morning after your eyes open and you can’t rearrange some of that to make time for what is important to you, then you will stay stuck.


It is up to you to create more of what you want in life by deliberately placing your attention on it.


The restless and fast paced thrum that popular media attempts to sell you as normal and healthy, along with techno-addictions like spending hours locked in avoidance with video games and TV distracts you from the real magick that subtly roams within and around you.

It’s like when you meet a friend at a bustling coffee shop. You become absorbed in the conversation that takes place between you and zone out all the background chatter, kitchen noise and the music that is playing.

Similarly, you zone out your quieter internal self by becoming absorbed in the external world until you choose to become aware of your core being — like when there is a lull in the coffee shop noise and in that moment you notice the song playing is one of your favourites.

And that is what a daily practice of some sort equates to. It is you taking a moment to get quiet and check in with your core, zoning out the external chaotic fray so that you can hear your deeper self.


Objection Number Two

“I don’t have privacy to set up an altar space.” Then I have good news for you, that’s not essential! While an altar is a symbolic means of making room for something in your life, you do not need one to establish a connection. It all starts with your flow of thoughts and emotions.

Your family and nosy neighbours can’t see them. Sit across from them and say a prayer of enchantment, imagine a wickedly positive outcome, flush your system from toxic emotional baggage with a shower of light particles, telepathically confer with a plant spirit, angel or faery, see them in their highest potential for who they could be and they wouldn’t be any the wiser.

The only person getting in your way is you. Privacy is just an excuse.


Objection Number Three

“I lack the motivation to keep it consistent.” I think a lot of this stems from the idea that you have to become a servant in some way to something seemingly superior to yourself. Sacrificing joy to display your devotion because that is what you are supposed to do.

Like spending copious amounts of time and energy doing ritual and meditation to somehow make yourself worthy of spiritual wisdom, gifts or blessings. You hold the belief that it should be hard, you shouldn’t take pleasure in it — all this false programming came from the old patriarchal paradigm which is dead.


Or maybe you think you have to perform the same thing day in and day out until you want to scream from boredom. So you’re placing a whole lot of pressure and heaviness on your idea of what a daily practice can be instead of joyfulness and lightness.

You also don’t have to follow the exact same ritualistic actions every day. Change it up as you wish, do what lights you up, it’s supposed to be something you enjoy and look forward to.

You don’t have to recite the same verse word for word in fear of something going wrong if you flounder. Communing with spirit, the universe (or whatever your preference) and your deeper self is a dynamic conversation.

Pose a question, ponder a situation, express your feelings, wishes and concerns. You don’t do that all in one monotonous tone with the same person on a daily basis do you? Like relationships shift and grow with the individuals in them, so too does your daily practice.


Objection Number Four

“I keep procrastinating on getting started.” This is where we find all kinds of resistance, like wanting everything to be just perfect before we allow ourselves to begin.

You place expectations or standards on yourself so that everything is in order first or you have such a big vision for what you want your daily practice to be like that it overwhelms you just thinking about it.

The thing is, some days you will be in the mood and others you won’t, but I urge you to take that one step, just one thing and do it anyway, it’s progress…


“I really regret connecting with spirit and my deeper self today,” said NO ONE. EVER.


You don’t need to wait for your next salary cheque or for the construction site to be quiet or until you retire and move out of the city. You don’t need any special tools and props to be qualified, to be enough or to be ready.

Other forms of procrastination manifest as;


Guilt — you think, “I should be doing something more “productive” with my time like cleaning the house, making money, reading that book on how to be a better parent.” Taking this time for myself is selfish when I have so much to do for my family, I’m taking away valuable time from them.

Shame — you study and research, reading up on the topic as much as you can but then you don’t implement that knowledge in actual life and feel bad about it!

Fear — I’m scared I’ll do something wrong and cause harm or affect someone else negatively in some way. What if they find out? Or what if I want something big to happen and nothing happens? Things always fall apart for me and so on.

Stop analysing the past, trying to control the future, figuring out the exact measures you must take to get a clear understanding, deciding what the best course of action will be and just be fully present.


Every day is an opportunity to start afresh, but actually your greatest power flows from moment to moment. However that doesn’t mean that years of fears, energy blocks and challenges disappear overnight, though we won’t rule that possibility out!

In general, all the baggage you carry from the past is with you right now, you carry it with you throughout this life and even from other lifetimes. So what if, you decided to set it aside in this moment and no longer carry it forward?

When you assume full responsibility for your choices in life and you recognise that each choice is not a standalone event, but part of an unfolding series from which other choices come about you will understand that each conscious and deliberate choice has the power to alter the course of events set in motion by previous choices which no longer serve you.


When you shift your perception you shift your reality because the way you respond to and honour your path determines the quality of your experiences. Everything is a perfect expression of Source energy, nothing is wrong or a mistake.

Even on your lowest days, instead of pushing against what is occurring or berating yourself for not being enough, don’t judge it as good or bad. It is what it is and how you choose to respond is your next best step.

Alright, so we have looked at the common themes that surface that really stop you from having a daily practice; time, privacy, motivation and procrastination.


How to Deal With Toxic People

As a precursor to starting a simple daily practice, let’s touch on the subject of toxic people… the pessimists and complainers of our realm and how to deal with them so that you don’t allow them to sap the loving, creative energy flowing from you.

Those of you familiar with the new age movement have no doubt heard the phrase “raise your vibration” and there are a few misconceptions that I would like to clarify around what this actually refers to.

Too often we come from a place of less than, we look to ourselves and any change we wish to make in our lives like there is something to improve or fix, that you’re doing something wrong.

Even in spiritual pursuits you shame and berate yourself instead of simply accepting yourself, warts and all. Thoughts may cross your mind like, “I wouldn’t have these problems if my vibration was high!”


The sooner you stop resisting your natural state as a spiritual being in a human experience the sooner you raise your vibration without a constant inner tug of war.

Much like the food you choose to eat to fuel your body with, rich in vitamins and minerals, as fresh and organic as possible, you want to fuel your mind with thoughts, mood, attitude and speech that feels good to you.

Again, quality over quantity; a bowl of fruit salad versus a pack of corn syrup additive laden candy. One act of self-love and acceptance, self-forgiveness and releasing blame is more powerful than ten acts of low quality self-chidings like; “you’re so stupid, who do you think you are, you’ll never have that, you’re not worth it, you don’t deserve any better, you’ll never make it” and so on.

Have you noticed how some people speak to themselves in ways that they would never speak to another person?

Many of you (myself included) at some point have thought, “this would be so much easier if I were living alone in a log cabin in the woods or in a crystal cave somewhere!” But at the end of the day you are here to learn more about yourself in a physical body through your relationship with others on this plane.

If you were to live as a hermit you wouldn’t learn as much as you are now. How easy it would be to monitor your thoughts, feelings, mood, attitude and speech in solitude away from modern distractions and the hustle and bustle from others’ lives intertwining with your own…

However, think about the person who pushes your buttons most right now and pinpoint how you are feeling. Then say to yourself, “I am feeling, angry/jealous/sad (whatever you are feeling) at so-and-so because I feel insecure/unsafe/vulnerable about what I perceive in myself about them.


OR I don’t quite know what it is about X… I’m feeling discomfort on some level and I am willing to acknowledge that and let it go now.

Again, don’t chastise yourself for not recognising it straight away or for responding to their behaviour in a way that you resent. You may feel silly taking this approach at first but it will become a default if you are willing to open your heart and mind to it.

When someone prickly or negative appears to be trying to bully or undermine you, look at what they are showing you about themselves, they are revealing their own pain and stress at how they have been treated in the past and what they have come to expect. If you respond in the totally opposite manner you will see them shift before your eyes.

When it comes to patterns of behaviour, people subconsciously wear certain t-shirts for example identifying with a specific group, run off rote scripts and play roles like victim, persecutor and rescuer in their transactions with others.

Until someone responds differently to them and jolts them out of this pattern, causing them to pause and reflect, then they can either choose to go back to their former pattern or set out creating a new one.


Being nice to toxic people is not about you racking up gold stars on the karmic board. It’s not about you proving to them how pious you are. It’s about honouring who they could be, holding that vibration and vision of the highest potential for them.

Give them a compliment, be it based on appearance or work well done. Give them your full presence in that moment with them; instead of thinking about what you still need to do next, how you wish they would stop talking or what you want to order for lunch.

Can you see how that is different from bending over backwards trying to please them or prove to them that you really are nice and they should like you? Or draining your energy by worrying about what they think of you, what they will throw your way next and giving them power over how you feel.

Their response is not a reflection of where you are at in your journey. Neither is their so called lower vibration separate from you or All That Is. Acknowledge them for their role and what they are showing you, that the universe/ Source/ divine (or your preference) has many expressions.


Look at so-and-so over there at the copier through eyes of love, aren’t they doing the best job at being the finest grumpkin they can be? Appreciate how well they’ve got that down J Smacking their lips, sneering and stripping flesh from bone with their razor tongue so well… So that you can see how you don’t want to be, so that you can get clearer on how you do want to be and then you go on to be the change.

Smile at them from a profound, assured knowing that all is well with the world. Make eye contact and affirm in your mind, “I see you in me” – it will unnerve them more than cringing!

Being your optimistic, best self isn’t about pretending that everything is a party either. It is about being willing to be honest about your deepest thoughts and desires and to celebrate your ability to experience these from a place of non-judgement and unconditional love and acceptance.

When you start to express a truer version of your Self, even if you change nothing physically on the outside, those closest to you are the first to notice the transformation.

They may not be able to name it but they know that they feel different, maybe even uncomfortable around you. Not because of your demeanour but because you are challenging their world view on a level they can’t perceive about what they consider to be true and possible.


Their insecurities and doubts are highlighted by your light. It’s not for you to take on what your beingness brings up for them or to try to convert or convince them to see things your way.

They see you reflect how they would like to be in some way and externalise their reaction by blaming you for their pain instead of turning within to see where it came from and restore their wholeness.

Don’t take it personally unless they are staging a personal vendetta against you that is affecting your wellbeing, safety or that of your loved ones. In that case, please seek out legal action and channels of support local to you.

That said, when you start to love and accept yourself your vibration naturally rises and that is when things can go haywire because they surface for clearing.

Choose self-compassion over shame or any other judgement related feelings you place on yourself, perseverance over stagnation and expansion over restriction.

In effect, your aura seeds a new pattern for them which they can choose to accept or reject.


Everything that is no longer a vibrational match for you has to shift to meet you where you are at or leave.


5 Steps to Start Your Spiritual Practice That Fits Your Lifestyle and Personality

This is quite simply taking what you have learnt, techniques that resonate for you and implementing it into your life on a daily basis and then gradually extending it so that it sashays from moment to moment.

Clarity about what to do isn’t something that you find, you choose clarity through your behaviour every single day. You are magick in motion, your guides will not dictate to you what you must do. As you step forward clarity and inspiration meet you along the way. Trust yourself to know what to do. Trust your inner authority.

So don’t feel too pressured about burning the right colour candle for the faeries or whether spritzing your maternal grandmother’s favourite scent will upset your paternal grandmother, then mix them both to keep the peace and give yourself a headache!


Step 1: Clarify Your Intent

The first question to ask yourself is what do I want to gain from a daily practice? I want to feel more; connected, grounded, aware, safe, confident, present, relaxed…

Setting an intention like this helps you assess whether what you are doing is working for you a few weeks down the line.

I have had various forms of daily practice, some I continued for a couple of years while others I tweaked every few months. If you haven’t set some guidelines to measure whether you are getting to where you want to be, then how do you know when you have reached the point you set out for?


Or maybe you don’t have any specific idea of what you want yet, that’s perfectly acceptable too. In this instance you could just ask each day, “What can I do today to serve the greater good and follow my highest path in joy, grace and flow?” Then follow through on what shows up for you.

Please bear in mind that your daily practice is not a driving to-do list of all that you still need to get done rambling through your mind. This is a time for you to withdraw from the external noise and turn within, deciding what to place your attention on and to tune in and listen to your innermost magickal aspect.

So that’s the first step, deciding what you want to gain from a daily practice.


Step 2: Cultivate Consistency

The second step is to commit to seeing it as something you are getting into the habit of. When will you choose to perform your daily practice?

• First thing in the morning before everyone else wakes up?

• When you get home after dropping the kids at school?

• After exercise?

• Before sleep a little later?

• Intermittently in short 30 second bursts throughout your day.

• A brief pause at breakfast time, lunch time and supper time?

• Or during your commute?

Once you have decided on which tack suits you best, add it to your calendar or diary, set reminders to ring on your phone, write or draw visual triggers on sticky notes so that you will remember.

If you miss a round or only remember near the end of your allocated time period, do what you can in the time remaining or move it to another time that your schedule allows to at least do something of what you intended.


Step 3: Derive Meaning

Step three is to consider what meaning you want your daily practice to hold for you.

• Do you just want to sit there, in peaceful silence for two minutes and breathe?

• Is this a zone you carve into your day to reassess and adjust accordingly?

• Are you going to use this time to gather life force flow and clear any energy blocks?

• Do you want to receive insight into a particular situation, input on a certain decision you need to make or help with a specific project?

• Do you want to connect with the Earthy mineral, plant and animal realms and cosmological waves?

• Do want to confer with elementals, fae, angelic or galactic beings?

• Do you seek counsel from your deeper self or spirit guides?


Step 4: Ascribe Symbolism

Step four is about finding ways to symbolise the meaning it derives for you. Here are some examples for incorporating body, mind and soul.

If you want to honour your body because mind and soul receive greater attention, then make it about movement or exercise. This could be as unassuming as stretching before you get out of bed in the morning or standing up and reaching for your toes. Or you could take an early spin class or Yoga session.


Really pour into your body, staying present with it. Occupy your mind with feeling your breath, lungs, oxygen, the blood nourishing your cells and feed your soul with love for your limber body that answers when you ask.

If your body is fit and healthy but your mind needs to be vitalised, consider listening to some binaural beats for a few minutes to an hour depending on how much time you have at your disposal.

Listen to a guided meditation or walk an outdoor labyrinth to stimulate and inspire fresh ideas. You may like to paint or draw or create in some other way that is not related to your occupation.

Let your mind focus on something other than what it usually is aimed at, like sensing the breeze on your face, the sunlight on your skin, listening to the leaves rustle or water trickling somewhere.


Read a passage or a chapter from an inspiring book or recite a favourite quote or affirmation (in your mind or aloud). Sit in front of a lit candle for a few minutes and stare into the flame to see what shapes you can make out or hold a crystal and feel the energy it bears.

Maybe combine the two methods with breath and hold two crystals, one in each hand while you look into the flame breathe in and sense the energy drawing up your left arm then as you breathe out sense the energy flowing down your right arm.

In your mind’s eye, enter a sacred spot like an ancient temple or a rock high up in the mountains or deep in the Earth. If you are inclined to worry about falling asleep or that you will stay out of action for too long set a timer to gently ring and let you know your allotted time is up.


Take a conscious walk in nature, looking for the magick all about you, the sun glistening off dewdrops, dragonflies dancing on the water, spying the curious creatures that come to see what is rustling down their woodland path. If you work in the city, are you able to go to a park where you can sit and read for a while on a bench?

If your body and mind get enough attention but your soul feels lack lustre then bring that into your practice. Become aware of your emotions and process them with some techniques like emotional freedom technique (EFT tapping) or the ancient Hawaiian technique of Ho’oponopono.

Imagine spirals of light dancing on your crown and swirling light through your body. You might want to sing or lose yourself in a favourite uplifting music playlist.


Visualise yourself somewhere that nourishes your soul ~ aim for your daily practice to feel like water poured on parched earth regardless of its duration. Imagine living your dream life, reeling it in with each of your senses.

Think of happy memories that trigger your inner smile. Journal 3 to 5 things you count as blessings today, don’t just list them but add why too.

Sit quietly for one to three minutes or longer and just focus on your breath as it goes in and out, listening for subtle whispers from your soul about what you need to know about your day ahead or if you do this in the evening, what you need to acknowledge about the day gone by.

If nothing else, choose to eat slowly and savour the flavours and textures of your food, appreciating where it came from and all involved in bringing it to you. Turn off the TV, be present with your thoughts or listen fully to those of your family surrounding you. If you have a garden, houseplants or pets, tend to them in a fully present state.


Step 5: Implement

Step five is to put your intentionally designed spiritual practice into effect.

You know what you want to gain from a daily practice, the timeframe that is doable, what meaning it will hold and the subtle ways you can restore wholeness to your being. The final step is merging body, emotion, spirit, intellect, awareness, imagination, breath and presence.

So often we read or witness something inspiring that leads us to a sudden impulse to possess greater sacred activity in our lives, but it tends to wane after a few moments or maybe a few days until the next time we come across a great idea to bring more ritual, prayer or meditation into our lives.


A lot like New Year’s resolutions yes? Your daily practice may ebb and flow like the tides at different stages throughout your life, just keep returning to it again and again with gentle encouragement.

If you want to transform one or many aspects of your life, the fastest way to do so is to start telling a new story.

Have you noticed how you go to sleep worrying about something and then when you wake up in the morning you first have to establish your bearings, recall your identity on this plane and then promptly remind yourself what it was you are supposed to be worrying or complaining about?


“Oh yes, that was it, we don’t have any milk!” Or “I don’t have enough money to leave the job I dislike” or “Will I die alone?” So, instead of beginning your day with that type of inner talk switch it up to tell a new story.

In just three to five lines write out your new story as of now. When your eyes flick open in the morning, before you move or speak or do anything else, read that story so that you begin to live it cell by cell.


For Example:

“Everything I touch turns to gold, opportunities that support and inspire me flow my way, my income rises the more fulfilled I become. I am healthy, thriving, loved and happy in situations that allow me to showcase my natural talents and shine.

What I give out I receive back in multitude. The more I choose to relax and enjoy this new phase of my life the more good things are happening for me now and I am ready and willing to act in ways that manifest my heartfelt dreams.”


To help you, here is a basic outline of a simple daily practice:

1) Draw in greater amounts of vitalising life force.

2) Preserve your energy body, honour your physical body.

3) Tell a new story if you are in the midst of transformation. Send good wishes and loving energy to your loved ones or a problematic situation.

4) Align your body, mind and soul and set the vibrational tone for your day.

5) Enlist your magickal allies.


Big presentation? Call on the spirit of Mercury for eloquence and Jupiter for generosity from your benefactors. Cleaning the house and doing laundry? Call on the elements and fae. Sail the energy streams of the waning or waxing moon to either dissolve obstacles or increase blessings respectively.

Whatever you are currently navigating, you are never truly alone, ask your spirit helpers to intervene and guide you, you may prefer to work with cosmic energies or angels, power animals or crystals or directly via Source, whatever your preference, you must ask because without your consent they cannot impose on your free will.


Why Sustaining a Daily Practice Is Important Now, More Than Ever

As I mentioned earlier, as a collective human consciousness we are anchoring a new paradigm as we become more grounded and centred in the present moment. Many of you have experienced some formerly uncommon occurrence of time warping, expanding and opening.

For the first time in thousands of years we are being granted assess to cosmic wisdom that became lost to us as only ancient secrets when the planet’s vibration fell.


Infinite possibilities are within our reach as we become more aware of who we really are and merge a fluid harmony between head and heart. Each of us is accountable for our individual action. How will you make use of this energy?

As you increasingly open to this accelerated energy flow, consciously creating and stepping forward through deliberate choice, you will likely experience a magnification of your ability to flow with change.

Emotional dramas involving others will become intensified due to your increased level of light as density leaves your being. Whatever beliefs or situations set up in your life that require self-acceptance, unconditional love and/or forgiveness will be amplified.

Many a time we perceive what are actually opportunities for us to expand as crisis points. A daily practice will help you look within and stay in your heart space to honour the process and navigate the temporary chaos. Witness it, accept it for what it is and don’t resist it.


To be a cosmic lightweaver is to find your core centre, refine the ability to turn within and to respond to external circumstances from that space ~ regardless of what is transpiring around you at the time.

Here is where you ask yourself what is remaining disconnected from your own power and intuition costing you? Burnout? Resentment? Underperformance? Depression? Unfulfillment? Unhappiness?

Any change in routine feels uncomfortable at first, like you are taking a risk and exposing your vulnerability. Because it is something different, a deviation from the status quo, a shift in your way of being, an indicator and accelerator of transformation.


What would happen if you put what you truly value on top of your list?

If you value deep magick and spiritual expansion, and you want to heed the gentle tug your soul makes as your heart skips a beat when you recognise underlying truths in so-called tales of fantasy and you find yourself yearning for paradise-like communities with star temples, forests and waterfalls, dragons and swirling vortices.

You capture brief memories of what this feels like in children’s laughter, in soulful eyes and in tranquil moments.

How much attention do you give to what stirs your soul? If you were to construct a pie chart to illustrate the amount of attention you give to the various areas in your life, would spirit or soul be the largest slice?

While none of these areas are wholly separate, soul essence permeates them all. When you are fulfilled on a soul level everything else automatically spirals upward.


By channelling more energy, time and attention to this, would your quality of life improve?

➜ Do you think you would have a bigger impact and make more of a difference in the world shaping it into a place that stands proudly and lovingly in the galaxy?

➜ That you want to hand to the children of today as a thriving legacy?

➜ Would you be able to appreciate the beautiful things like lungs to breathe and a tactile body through which to experience this wonder-filled realm of crystallised spirit as matter more?

➜ Would you possess the bandwidth to think creatively, refresh your energy levels and transact interdimensionally?

➜ Would this greater wholeness increase your ability to be of benefit to others on a wider scale?

If a simple daily practice that you are free to shape to suit your lifestyle and personality, allows you to feel more connected, expansive and confident that reactivates the blueprint and potential for all this and more…


Then the overall question is, who does it serve if you don’t start?

Give me 5 minutes...

And you will feel more deeply connected to yourself, your intuition and Source energy.

So that you shift your way of being in this world that benefits every area of your life.