People spend a LOT of time planning to do something magickal and not nearly enough time actually practicing daily. It’s easy to sit around daydreaming and preparing yourself for when the time is just right, but never actually take the actions that lead directly to your deepest knowing and connection with All That Is.

In this moment, I’m inviting you to focus on LIVING YOUR MAGICK. Focus all of your energy on re-creating the YOU that you came here to be.


It’s okay if you don’t feel ready.

It’s okay if you haven’t finished researching everything to death yet.

Let’s focus on getting a WIN.

Are you willing to spiral up with LESS THEORY and MORE PRACTICE? Here’s the breakdown:


STEP 1: Make time to do the things you know will change your life

MAKE time. That means “trying” or “hoping” won’t do. Not having enough time is about not being clear on your priorities. It’s that straightforward.

Is expanding your knowledge and finding ways to practice the Craft in everyday life a priority for you?


For me, it makes me a happier person, then that rubs off on everything I do and everyone I encounter in beautiful surprising ways. And I love knowing that I create a positive ripple effect in the world just by being a fuller version of me!

STEP 2: Pick 20 Practical Magick Actions to Take ~ One for Every Weekday for a Month 

You are going to take 1 practical magickal action step EVERY SINGLE DAY! Bear in mind ~ some of these actions you can repeat.

For example, grounding my energy is a practical magickal action for me. I can do it every day over the course of the month. Same for daily alignment. I’ll also be doing some housework which is an action that can be turned into practical magick.

Just do ONE thing a day and watch your life become more magickal this month than you have in a long time.

Need some inspiration?

Here are 25 you can take and use right now: 

Ground, center and shield your energy

Perform a ritual for awakening your inner voice

Connect with the elements (even if you live in the city)

Sow thought seeds with the New Moon

Get crafty with your housework (here are 17 ways to do this alone)

1-Minute daily spiritual practices (here are 3 you can do in 1 minute each)

Unwind and De-stress (there are 7 ideas here)

7 Ways to fit a spiritual retreat into a weekend

Perform a short solitary Full Moon rite

Draw down the moon

Pull an oracle card or three

Weave a spell with colour

Use breathwork to transform the energy of a room

Consult the Cauldron of Answers

Create a peace bindrune

Enchant your commute (here are 30 ideas)

Cast some self love magick (there are 9 ways here)

Enchant your dream recall

Make a money potion

Get over your ex

Freeze bad behaviour

Collect soul aspects

Connect with the Fae realm

Make galactic tea

Release toxic emotions with the dark moon

Every single weekday this month give yourself something to do with the goal of making time for more magick.


Here are 5 more:

Purify your energy field

Make an altar

Cut Cords To Reclaim Your Power

Write your own ritual

Enchant a crystal


STEP 3: Start doing them!

It’s astounding how easy it is to say, “I want to live a magickal life so bad!” Then not follow through and DO anything that would actually get you going on your chosen path. I’ve made it easy for you with the above-mentioned list. 🙂

I had a lightweaver reach out and ask me the other day if I had a “daily agenda of what I should be doing every day to make it all work so I can stop wondering if what I was doing daily was enough. I’m completely new to this and would also like to develop while at the same time will say I don’t have time to do it.”

That lead to this article. It’s not something you race through once. You actually continue to apply the concepts long after you finish, and that builds and expands with you on your path for all the pieces to fall in place.

Only by actively engaging it every day will you be able to bring the magic you feel deep inside yourself to the surface and use it in the “real world”.


Cast powerful spells of light with me every day, in 5 minutes. Activate your alchemical skills and connect with your highest wise self with my FREE Energy Alignment audio practises here. (Transcripts provided for the deaf and H/H).

Give me 5 minutes...

And you will feel more deeply connected to yourself, your intuition and Source energy.

So that you shift your way of being in this world that benefits every area of your life.