How to Write Your Own Ritual |

How to create customised ritual and real spells (with examples) plus how this is beneficial to you.

Free spells online or in a spell book can be helpful to draw inspiration from and they can be very effective since you are tapping into a collective energy of all the other people who have already cast that spell to carry yours into manifest form as well. Just like a family recipe handed down from generation to generation.

However writing your own ritual or spell is like crafting a personal note to the Divine. You pour your heart and soul into it, filling it with meaning unique to your self-expression.

Simple ritual acts help you lighten the load of everyday concerns by honouring your needs and nourishing your wishes with the attention they deserve; as an intelligent, loved, creative being and building a relationship with the Greater Whole.

This provides somewhat effective stress-relief, sustaining and encouraging you in times of adversity because you hand it over from your otherwise crowded mental space to a deeper mind that is capable of much greater miracles than just you acting in isolation.


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Ritual naturally elicits a bit of excitement because it is a playful and mysterious process where you get to go out on a limb and engage an aspect of life that the majority of the population (at time of writing) doesn’t do.


Ritual helps you to bring your life into focus and doesn’t have to be complicated or lengthy. Currently in many areas of the world, technology has largely replaced nature in the sense that we don’t get outside enough to appreciate our surroundings, inhale fresh air and absorb sunlight.

Instead we desiccate in air-conditioning beneath fluorescent lighting while listlessly gazing at flat screens. Instant messaging replaces face-to-face conversation and we’re left feeling out of sorts when we’re not “connected” by phone or internet.


Format for crafting your own ritual

When you think a thought you create a resonating field that spirals from the inside out, beginning with your blood life force. This begins to spiral the moment you start planning or in some way preparing for your rite.

1) Identify the purpose of the rite

Choose a place where you concentrate best such as a bustling coffee shop, a park or a library if you don’t have peace and quiet at home. Once you’ve settled there, collect your thoughts and become conscious of your internal state. Think about what you are wanting as a desired outcome of your ritual.

• Do you want to deepen your spirituality through feeling more connected with a specific lunar or seasonal window?

• Are you releasing something from your life?

• Are you enhancing something in your life?


2) Recognise Your Motivation

Draw your awareness to any physical sensations that arise in your body while considering the purpose of your rite. You might experience tightness in your throat, tension in your back or a sharp pain in your foot.

What do you think your body is communicating? Is there is stagnant energy that needs to be released or transmuted? Do you have some underlying emotional dynamics that need addressing?

Get clear on what it is you truly seek and if you are not sure, ask your Interdimensional Support Team for guidance and clarity on what to ask for ~ you will be shown (sometimes quickly and sometimes in small increments).

Wicked Tip: Check if your heart is in it because if it’s not, you won’t have the mindset, approach or energy to follow through. Pull a card to reveal what you are shedding and another to indicate what you are embracing to help you formulate your thoughts.


3) Refine your intention into an affirmative, current statement

Ask yourself, “Is it something I really want or is it something I think I should want?” Or “Is my desire for this because someone else has it? And if so, do I firmly believe I am capable (or deserving) of reaching that too?”

Instead of focussing on more money refine it to; bringing in new big clients, well-timed phone calls or meetings with people that have the power to give you what you want, an increase in revenue, a new job that meets all your needs etc.

Instead of focussing on my soulmate refine it to; a meaningful, loving and supportive relationship with someone kind and attentive who is my equal (or better) at this time.

Instead of focussing on health refine it to; a body that is healthy, energised, balanced, vitalised and radiant with wellness from the inside out OR with energetic fitness that makes my muscles sing.


Some more examples

“I choose to discard all former cycles that no longer serve me and declare this moment a turning point in my life now. Show me my next best step.”

“I experience more financial ease and flow.”

“The more I love and accept myself unconditionally the more love I observe in the world around me.”

“Every cell in my body is bathed in loving healthy rejuvenating energy.”

“As I step into greater alignment with who I am, I am witness to greater love, peace and harmony.”

Wicked Tip:  Ask for what you truly want – not the money (or whatever means) to get what you want. It isn’t ever really about the means, but how you want to feel. For example, secure, free, successful or validated.


4) Design Your Rite ~ the most fun part!

How are you going to communicate your story? I find myself doodling a mind map or flow chart of sorts and then I select and apply the symbology that is meaningful.

For example, in your enactment are you going to take a candle and dress it with some enchanted oils? Or will you write out a petition paper and place it under a crystal? Perhaps you would prefer to tell your story from A to B in picture form with Tarot cards… or bake a batch of enchanted cookies, the possibilities are endless!

If you use the Tarot or oracle decks, draw a line of cards to read their clues on the potential format of your ritual. For example, is there a prominent animal messenger? A dominant element like wands for fire or several water cards?


Some more questions to help you

• Are you working with a seasonal turning point or a particular lunar phase? What tokens and imagery do you associate with this?

• Will you be integrating astrological ties into your rite?

• Have you researched symbols like Runes, the Tarot or oracle cards that you feel resonate with your intention?

• What colours come to mind when you think of your desired outcome? Will you imagine light in that colour streaming in, or use that colour table cloth on your altar? You might want to create a piece of enchanted art as part of the rite.

• Which time of day will you perform your rite?

• Which element do you most enjoy working with?

• Is there a day of the week associated with a cosmic energy you want to infuse in your rite?

• Have you researched the metaphysical properties and lore of any essential oils, botanicals, incense and crystals you might want to incorporate?

• Check that your planned gestures flow fluidly because your subconscious communicates in pictures. Essentially you want to initiate your idea, open up momentum, pour an emotional charge into your story and experience it as manifest before it is.

Wicked Tip: Pretend you are taking snapshots of each part of your ritual. If you were a neutral party not privy to the intent, would you be able to piece together the essence of what is being conveyed?


5) Finalise the details

What do you need to prepare beforehand? How are you going to set up your sacred space? What gets you in the mood for magick ~ some chanting, Yoga or dancing? Outside or inside? Are you allowed to use open flame or smoke where you are going to perform your rite?

• Diarise where and when you will perform your rite.

• Set calendar reminders for the week and day before as well as an hour before

• Start gathering the items you will need so they are easy to find in one place when the time to use them comes

• Make a list to purchase anything you may not already have that you want to use

• How will you wind down the energy afterwards/celebrate?

Voila! Go forth and be magick in motion… It is also very likely that during the planning process circumstances will already begin to shift because you are already aligning body, mind and soul while you consider and prepare.

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