How to Cut Cords |

What etheric cords are, how to cut cords between you, another person and situations that no longer serve your best interests (without severing connections you don’t want to) and why it is important to do so.

Without realising it, we create energy cords that act as etheric threads of connection to people and sometimes circumstances in our lives.

These cords send or receive energy or conduct both. They establish an energy exchange and usually have an identifiable link to an emotion such as inexplicable fear, sorrow or anger.


Different types of etheric cords can be made:

• Between intimate partners

• With “energy vampires” who feed off of your life-force

• From a previous time in your life that is keeping you stuck

• Due to abusive exchanges

• Attempting to help another heal by taking on their issue


Releasing these cords that often run from a chakra like a “feeder line”, draining your energy or keeping residual energy in place will allow more magic to flow in your life because you will have all your energy available to you.


This also means you are able to break repetitive patterns and cycles that no longer serve you.


Questions for reflection:

➜ Are you perhaps ‘plugged in’ to another? Have you been co-dependent at some point in your life?

➜ Are you attached to a past situation, experience or a person/s from your past? Someone or a group you just can’t seem to shake?

➜ Is all your energy available in the present moment for you to wield fully as you wish?


Process to Cut Cords

1) State your intention: “I call upon my Spirit Helpers to assist me in cutting the cords that are draining my energy and vitality which attach me to {situation, event, person’s name etcetera}.

2) What do the cords look like? Perhaps they feel like sticky, muddy netting or thorns instead of cords.

Say something along the lines of “I now choose to release and sever these cords that no longer serve me and transmute them into higher energy.” 

3) You may feel a pleasant tingling on top of your head at your crown, or visualise a violet and platinum light.

Allow this sensation to travel through your entire body, dissolving any cords from head to toe and then let the tingles or light move out through the soles of your feet and deep into the Earth for purification and release.

4) Know that you cannot destroy any connections of love, harmony and integrity that you share with Spirit and family by performing this process. It only clears away avenues upon which you are giving your power away to another (usually as a result of manipulation or intimidation).

5) Affirm, “I choose to move in to a new and better now. So Be It.”

6) Recall all your energy fragments into your etheric field by imagining you are pulling in vast starry goodness like drawing a thick smoothie through a straw into your body.

Power Mantra:

What is mine is mine and what is yours is yours.


Additional Notes

You can repeat the process for each person and event as they come to mind over a series of days, especially with regard to releasing cords relating to your past.

Alternatively you can perform this process at regular intervals for example, each evening after a busy day interacting with clients or being in a crowded place such as a mall or convention. Once a month at half moon waning or about twice a year during a lunar eclipse or at the equinoxes as you wish.

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