beginner crystal magick |

How crystal magick works, how to cleanse, store, activate and program (attune) crystals. Plus how to work with crystal energy in your life, work and home.


Crystals are formed within the depths of the Earth, over many millions of years.

They contain an elemental intelligence which is really pure energy ~ Life Force, which radiates out an endless supply of electromagnetism which can be employed by those who have the knowledge.

The guidelines in this post will explain; how crystal magick works, how to cleanse, store, activate and program crystals ethically and lovingly as well as give you some suggestions for a basic selection to start with.

You cannot own a crystal; it is a living energy being, as is all of Nature which you are nevertheless part of and a custodian to.


Working with crystals is a two-way process, you have to tend to the crystal and treat it with respect, the same way you should be treating your Self.

Love and attention are required for the crystal to respond best to your thought patterns, just as your own body.


It is important to understand that crystals are amplifiers. Your thoughts and emotions are amplified within the crystal’s structure and projected into the ether, reinforcing your intentions. In this way you send out an energy signal for how the universe treats you and what you receive back.

That is to say, crystals will intensify any thoughts and emotional states such as joy, fear, sadness. For this reason I strongly advise against working closely with crystals when you are in a heightened emotional state such as anger or depression.

It may be best to remove them and place them in storage for a while to be cleansed and re-attuned when you are spiraling up (body, mind and soul).

The exception would be working with black tourmaline or snowflake obsidian to actively transmute your emotions for short durations of time and then cleansing and re-attuning the stone each time you have energetically “vented” with it. Alternatively procure several pieces and bury each one for transmutation in the Earth after use.


How Crystal Magick Works

An enchanted (attuned) crystal’s energy surrounds the bearer which leads to manifestation of events, circumstance and/or individuals which are able to assist you to attain your goal as a result of the beacon of energy you are beaming out into the universe.

For example, if you are a landlord who purchases commercial and residential property for lease, you can enchant a green aventurine to attract visions and ideas (consciously or through your dreams) about being more creative and successful in the market or to attract more potential buyers and lessees.

Naturally as with all arcane acts you would have to support this energy by taking mundane action.

For example, monitoring your thoughts, beliefs and emotions to ensure that you remain in alignment with your goal, utilising methods such as affirmations, vision boards, journaling, visualisation, scripting etc.

Acting from your heart centre magnifies the power of your spell because the quantum field responds to the alchemy of perspective and emotion. According to the Institute of HeartMath, the heart is a complete and complex system all on its own.  In fact, the electromagnetic force of the heart is much stronger than that of the brain or any other organs.

Once you have activated and attuned a crystal, you as the bearer, will permanently have the crystalline energy amplifier within your auric field. You and the crystal are One and the same anyway, so all you are doing is consciously activating and enhancing your innate wisdom and potential.

This is where the idea that you shouldn’t touch another’s crystals originates from. It is a courtesy due to the energetic link or bond you form with the crystal which you have enchanted. That is why you would circumvent others handling it with their unique frequency and thought patterns flowing around in their energy fields.

You can use a tumbled pebble-sized crystal to carry in your pocket or a pouch. You don’t have to limit yourself to these though ~ you can enchant gemstone rings, bracelets, pendants and wind chimes etcetera too.

Once you have cleansed the crystal it can be used for another purpose and even given to another as a gift if you so wish.

I recommend magic with gemstones as I have had many successes with it, so the only way to tell if it works for you is to try it… just remain respectful and aware that it is a potent system of magick.


How to Cleanse Crystals

Whether they are newly purchased or have been in your possession for a while, the reason for cleansing crystals is that you clear any previous programming or negative vibrations they may have absorbed in an attempt to transmute them for you.

Some crystals heal other crystals while others absorb as much energy as they can and then break or crack as a result. Cleansing your crystals once in a while is like taking them to a day spa, they emerge refreshed, sparkly and re-energised.

There are a number of methods to go about doing this but I would recommend the following because they are amongst the simplest and most convenient.


Soaking in water: Includes rainwater, spring water, river, lake, dam or seawater. ALWAYS use a glass or ceramic bowl. Soak for 1 week. NEVER soak halite, limestone matrices, celestite, opal, lapis lazuli, selenite, pearl, turquoise or coral in water, they are porous and will be harmed.

You can add a drop of Crab Apple Bach Flower Remedy or some fresh or dried sage, lavender or rosemary if you wish. Alternatively add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and a tablespoon of fine sea or Himalayan salt dissolved into it. Soak the crystals for 10 minutes or longer in this solution.

Running water: place your crystals in a mesh bag, secure and immerse in a stream or river for 1 week.

Allow them to air dry. Do not put aventurine, amethyst, aquamarine, beryl, celestite, citrine, kunzite, sapphire, fluorite, morion quartz, rose quartz and smokey quartz in direct sunlight as they will change colour/become paler.


Light the tip of the smudge stick, let it flame for a bit. Hold it over a fireproof bowl, plate or shell to catch debris. If you prefer loose smudge herbs, sprinkle them on a smouldering charcoal tablet.

You can distribute the smoke with a feather, a folding hand fan, miniature besom (broom) or by hand around the crystal/s. Alternatively a combustible incense stick or cone will be as effective although I personally favour natural incense.

Some fragrances to use include white sage, dragon’s blood, sandalwood, cedar wood, lemon grass, imphepo, lavender, rosemary, cinnamon or frankincense resin. Another option is to purchase Lobaan Stems which produce lovely thick plumes of smoke and are available at most Indian spice shops or tobacconists here in South Africa (as are the charcoal tablets).


Wrap your crystals in a piece of cloth and bury in soil, beach sand or brown rice in a container for 24 hours or longer if you wish. If you bury them directly outside, they have a tendency to disappear! Either you cannot find the exact spot again or the elementals move them… I have my suspicions 🙂

Essential Oils

Lavender, juniper, sage, cedar, lemongrass, pine, rosemary, lemon, rosewood. Place a drop of your chosen oil in 1ml of jojoba carrier and then place a drop or 2 on a soft clean cloth and wipe the crystal with it. Or add essential oils to your water soaking method. PLEASE check which oils are safe to use!

Sage Tea

Brew the tea and when cool, pour over the crystals (as with the water method).


Use Reiki to cleanse crystals if you are a practitioner. (This will heal the crystal too if it needs it).


Ask the overlighting Devas (or your preference) to specifically cleanse your crystals from any negativity or previous programming.


See the crystals glow in white, gold or diamond light projected from your third eye, while focusing on the intent to release any negativity and/or previous programming.

Resonating Sound

Ring a bell, gong, cymbals, play on a Tibetan singing bowl or beat a drum. This is an easy way to cleanse an entire roomful of crystals at once. You can also play a recording of meditation/instrumental type music in the room loudly.


How to Store Crystals

Wrap delicate rough crystals in tissue paper. You can purchase a small set of drawers with little clear plastic box divisions at a hobby or hardware shop.

Cardboard egg trays are also a workable option, they can be stacked too. Line each partition with a soft fabric such as felt to keep the crystals from sliding around. Keeping each crystal separate also prevents scratches.

If you are an avid crystal collector, place a little label in each compartment with the name of the crystal on it and maybe jot some useful properties for quick reference with it.

This is particularly helpful if you are just beginning to learn the names and identify the various types of crystals or if you have enough to stock your own crystal shop and your memory fails you from time to time…

If you have crystal wands, points and geodes it is probably best to store each in its own soft fabric bag (natural fibres are usually recommended), wrapped in tissue paper so that they are protected from damage when not in use or on display.

Remember to keep crystals that cannot be cleansed in water in a dry, warm space and those that fade in sunlight out of direct sun. Be wary of quartz crystal in direct sunlight! It can act like a magnifying glass and start a fire.


Beginner Crystal Magick |


Enchanting Crystals

Having cleansed your crystals you are now ready to activate them. What is the point of activating a crystal? You attune them to your frequency.

If you have purchased them with the intention of harnessing their metaphysical properties to assist you in manifestation or magick, creating a “link” between you and your crystal/s will be very beneficial.


4 Steps to Activate a Crystal

1) Hold the crystal in both hands. Close your eyes and concentrate on it. Visualise it surrounded by a misty glowing light; any colour will do but if you want to focus on a specific colour white or gold light is appropriate.

2) While you are holding the crystal sense energy beaming from your heart, brow or palm chakras stimulating your mutual bond.

3) Ask the crystal deva (life force energy) within the crystal to attune to your unique vibration and to activate the crystal for the purpose that you have in mind such as a healer or talisman at any level you may need now or at any time in the future/or when appropriate. Ask that the crystal be blessed by the highest energies in the Universe and that it be dedicated to you or that of the environment around you.

4) At this point you can send Reiki into the crystal and/or imagine light particles moving through it.


4 Steps to Program (Attune) a Crystal

1) Hold the crystal in your hands, close your eyes and focus the energy from your brow, heart and/or palm chakras on it. Set the intention to connect with the crystal deva (life-force energy).

2) Ask if it is willing to act as you wish it to, then if the stone accepts continue… you will sense the answer.

3) In your mind’s eye formulate an image of your energy field encompassing the crystal and integrating the two energies so you operate as one. Formulate a precise phrase which accurately describes the nature of the programming you wish to instil such as, harmony, balance, healing, protection, and assistance in the programming process.

4) Allow a little time for the flow of energies and transference. When you feel the programming is complete, detach with thanks. This intention will be stored in the crystal until you cleanse or program it again.


Basic Starter Crystal Kit

You do not need to buy a set of specific crystals to begin working with crystal magick. One simple purchase of a clear quartz crystal will serve you well as it can be programmed for anything.

Quartz crystal can transform, concentrate, store, transfer and amplify energy. If you can only pick one, get a single terminated (one point at the end) or double terminated (one point at each end) clear quartz crystal.

If you would like a basic starter kit or if you have some but would like to build onto your collection to use for both healing and metaphysical purposes, I recommend starting with some in tumbled/polished form that are about 2.5 cm (1 inch) pebble size.

This is ideal to place on the body directly or to carry on your person in a pocket, pouch or wire-wrapped pendant.  I have listed 12 below along with their top properties:

Agate (blue lace)

Body  pancreas, brain, throat and throat chakra

Mind  peace, happiness

Soul   communication with other planes


Body  lungs, intestines, brain, crown chakra

Mind  soothing, relaxing, breaks negative thought processes

Soul   higher spiritual aspirations, channelling 

Aventurine (green)

Body  heart, lungs, sinuses, eyes, heart chakra

Mind  inner equilibrium, calming

Soul   stimulates dreaming and healing


Body  liver, intestines, kidneys, spleen, bladder

Mind  decrease confusion and anxiety, adaptability

Soul   maintain control of power during Spellcasting 

Carnelian (orange)

Body  reproductive system, kidneys, intestines, navel chakra

Mind  increase self-worth, overcome fear of public speaking

Soul   peace, harmony, relieves depression

Clear Quartz

Body  all areas, soul star chakra

Mind focus, concentration

Soul   healing, spiritual growth, enlightenment 

Jasper (red)

Body  liver, bile duct, testes, ovaries, base chakra

Mind  responsibility, choice

Soul   astral travel, protection 

Jasper (yellow)

Body  stomach, large intestine, liver, medulla oblongata, solar plexus

Mind  clears the mind

Soul   personal power, protection


Body  eyes, brain, gall bladder, stomach, spleen, liver, causal chakra

Mind  relieves anxiety, hopelessness, depressions, fosters enthusiasm, perseverance and strength

Soul   enhances intuition, clarifies and aids understanding one’s destiny

Rose Quartz

Body  Heart, lungs, kidneys, genitalia, liver

Mind  gentleness, forgiveness, compassion

Soul   love, heals childhood trauma, alleviates guilt feelings

Smoky Quartz

Body  heart, muscles, nerves, back, earth star chakra

Mind  centring, relives all negative emotions, serenity

Soul   assists with dealing with grief, removes emotional blockages and negativity


Body  vocal cords, larynx, brow chakra

Mind  communication, harmony, intelligence, logic

Soul   gentle psychic development, meditation

I trust you have found these beginner pointers helpful. Scroll down for ways to use crystals as magick jewelry, in your home and workplace to optimise your environment.


Enchanting Crystals in Your Jewelry, Home and Work Space

How to create your own real magic ring (and other enchanted jewelry) and how to work with crystal energy in your life, work and home environment.

While I’ve also written about how to create sacred space without any fancy tools in one minute here.

This following focusses specifically on how to use the amplification properties of crystals to enhance and optimise your environment.

If you are completely new to working with crystals, and if you haven’t yet, you may want to read everything above for a foundational understanding first.


Which Crystals Are Best Placed Where?


• Rose quartz (restful sleep and romance if that is your intent)

• Moonstone (dreaming)

• Black tourmaline (protection if you get nightmares)

Turn off wi-fi routers and devices at night to sleep without “frequential interference” or at least put your phone on flight mode so it isn’t scrambling messages from Spirit beside your head! All gadgets on flight mode if not off, especially with crystals nearby. Skeptical? Watch this 5-minute video.

Additional for a child’s bedroom

• Celestite or angelite (nightmares)

Additional for a teen’s bedroom

• Sodalite (harmony and psychic protection) with clear quartz (clear communication & logic for studying)

• Haematite (repel and dissolve negativity, stress-reduction)


Draw a bath then select a water safe crystal/s and add a drop or two of essential oil such as:

• Amethyst and lavender (for relaxation)

• Citrine and sweet orange (for prosperity)

• Rose quartz and rose or ylang ylang (for love)

• Almandine garnet and basil (enhance personal power)

• Green aventurine and spearmint (revitalising)


• Rose quartz (rumour has it that it prevents food burning)

• Amethyst (purifying) 


• Carnelian (energy)

• Blue lace agate (peace)

• Smoky quartz (EMF’s)


Moss agate with the Rune Berkana (optionally) traced on it, scattered or buried throughout the garden will encourage healthy happy plants and increase faery visitations.



Enchant Your Crystal Jewelry

Obviously you can create any kind of spell with any piece of jewelry you like to wear either every day or for specific occasions like going on dates or to job interviews, when you require an extra boost of charm or glamour ~ the sky is the limit!

Here are some ideas to get you started (See above for exact steps to follow).


Citrine, Gold Tiger’s Eye, Green Aventurine or Malachite

Intention: “I constantly receive an effortless flow of abundance from the universe.”


Rubellite (Pink Tourmaline), Rose Quartz, Ruby or Pink Sapphire

Intention: “I am in a harmonious and passionate relationship with a partner who is perfect for me in every way.”


Red Jasper, Black Obsidian, Black Tourmaline and Haematite

Intention: “I am safe and secure.”


Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Selenite and Aqua Marine

Intention: “I am attuned to Cosmic Flow and I perceive perfect guidance.”


Crystal Elixir Spritzes

You can make crystal sprays to use around your office, altar or home etcetera with either the direct or indirect method described below. Add a drop or two of essential oils (check the safety list first) and you’ve got an extra added layer of aromawitchery.

Cleanse the crystal first.

Attune the crystal and water for a specific purpose. For example, red jasper for clearing away negativity.

• Cleanse the spray bottle as well so as to eliminate any contamination from the manufacturing process.


Direct Method

• Place the crystal/s in the spritz bottle. Fill it with spring water or filtered water.

• Apply the lid/spritz head and take some deep breaths.

• Ask for Devic help (or your preference) in charging the water most appropriately for your needs in accordance with your highest good.

• Stand overnight. If you wish, you can charge it further in a crystal grid like the one described in this guide.

You can tape a word like joy, love, focus, clarity, trust or gratitude (whatever quality you wish to have more of in your life) to the base of the jug to further reaffirm your intent. Check out Dr. Maseru Emoto’s books for amazing information on this.


Indirect Method for toxic or porous crystals

• Place the crystal (dry) in a small glass screw-top jar and then place the jar inside a bigger jug.

• Follow the same procedure as above and in the morning, remove the small jar and crystal to pour the energised water into the spritz bottle.


Balancing Electromagnetic Smog

Electromagnetic smog results from emissions from electronics such as computers, television, mobile phones etc. Shielding from this kind of smog is beneficial especially for those of us exposed to the radiation from these electromagnetic fields (EMF’s) for long durations.

Human beings are electro-magnetic so emf’s have the ability to influence our vibrational frequencies via our energy fields.

Too much exposure can have an adverse effect on the immune system and hormonal regulation and can be a contributing factor to headaches, depression, irritability and chronic fatigue.

To block or reverse the negative effects of EMF’s I recommend the following:

1) Q-Disc

This nifty cell phone protector converts the harmful EMF field into a beneficial field (much like orgonite does).

2) Orgonite

Place on your desk, in front or next to electrical equipment such as anything with the word “smart” in front of it 🙂 plus the usual radios, computers and televisions.

I have pieces of orgonite in the windowsill of each room and all over the place; at the water main inlet pipe, taped to the geyser, in the grocery cupboard, fridge, freezer and buried in the four corners of the property, in the car and one in my purse perpetually.

3) Supplement Your Physical Body with Silica (Si02)

EMF’s drain this essential compound from your body. Silica is found in your brain, spinal cord and blood. Not just in bones, teeth, skin and eyes as it is marketed to the general public.

Silica is what helps you elevate your vibration, heighten awareness and consciousness to receive “cosmic downloads”, perceive guidance from your Spirit Helpers and calibrate to new energies beamed in from celestial overseers as Earth and her inhabitants move into a new way of being.

It therefore helps alleviate feelings of disconnection, anxiety and depression.

You can get it in capsule form or colloidal form online or from your local pharmacy or health shop.

Give me 5 minutes...

And you will feel more deeply connected to yourself, your intuition and Source energy.

So that you shift your way of being in this world that benefits every area of your life.