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Stepping into Abundance and Prosperity

How to open up to money flow to receive abundance when that isn’t exactly what is occurring for you in the present, yet.

Reader question:

“…one thing I really do not understand. How am I supposed to feel rich or abundant when I am not already?

That seems totally backwards, but I’ve read this many places and tried to feel that way… and just found myself becoming a bundle of nervous energy rather than actually feeling abundant.”

The way I experience this feeling of abundance is by not judging my worth based on any financial duress I find myself in or attempting to place myself in denial about it.

Rather, it is a reminder of the limitlessness of my true essence which has zero to do with material possessions. By aligning with my Soul Self I automatically synchronise with the ubiquitous abundant flow of Creation.


“I only went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in.”

— John Muir


How to step into that feeling of abundance when you don't have it (yet) |

Here’s How I Do It:

1) Go to a place in nature where you are surrounded by massive trees or beside a body of water. Close your eyes and enter a meditative state and ask your Spirit Helpers to flood your being with diamond light.

2) Breathe in and out deeply and let this light shine through every cell, filling your molecules with light. Then imagine love in its purest form, from the very Source of All That Is, saturating every fibre of your being. Relax into it and feel relief flood through you as you surrender to the flow of life which permeates everything.

3) Acknowledge your Oneness and connection with everything. Stretch your senses into the vastness of Creation and marvel at how amazing life itself is. Open your eyes and take in the bounty of nature around you.

4) Look closely at everything, through the eyes of an innocent, curious child exploring the outdoors. Contemplate how intricate and amazing the workings of nature are, the germination of a seed, the birth of a fawn, the vibrant birdsong and the seemingly simple act of taking air into your lungs.




 Questions for reflection: 

• How much perfect instruction, energy, activity and love is packed into these things and more? 

• Can you see how rampant these qualities are around and within you already? 


You don’t become abundant. You are abundant.

Think of all the things you can do in this human body that you cannot experience in spirit form.


You will find there is a sense of great fullness that builds up within you and you will feel your connection to the Greater Whole strengthened. It is that sacred reverence reverberating in the deepest levels of your cells that creates a true feeling of abundance.

You are the brilliant product of abundance itself. You are whole as you are right now, nothing is missing or lost. You need only reawaken it at your core from within.

Abundant means plentiful, copious and rich. Prosperity is not limited to money or things, it is a state of thriving and flourishing and includes wealth of happiness and health amongst others. Your soul is abundant in learning, adventure, experience and expansion which is what you ultimately chose to incarnate on Earth for.


Power Mantra:

My abundance flows as a result of consciously stirring my connection with All That Is*

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Manifesting Money |


The Essence of Money: A Basis for Money Spells

Money spells won’t just bring money to you. There’s more to the way this works…

Many people associate money with the earth element for its material features.

However they tend to overlook that money possesses an energy that is fluid like water.

Have you noticed how money is associated with water-like adjectives most of the time? Cash flow, income streams, trickle to torrent, ship comes in…

Have you also noticed how your emotions are an indicator of your financial situation? When you are upset or depleted money flow tends to constrict. While when you are enjoying life and feeling supported and loved it tends to flow effortlessly.


At its core money is a fun, free-flowing energy that is infinite and we tend to weight it down by placing pressure on it by expecting it to make us feel good, loved, worthy, secure or any number of emotional states.


Here’s the thing, to tap into that infinite abundant flow and to be able to contain it so it doesn’t flow right on through to the other side and lingers instead, you need to step into right relationship with money and what it represents to you.

Do you believe money is the root of all evil? Or is it the lack of money that leads to nefarious activities? If the 99% wielded the world’s wealth how would the planet look? If thoughts of money stir discomfort, resentment or distaste within you that reflects your attitude toward it.

Money is associated with power and rightly so since clearly the more you have the more you are able to support others in your local and global community to thrive as well. The freer you are to choose what you purchase and where. The more you are able to stay true to your core values and have your voice heard.


Try on these thoughts about money

• As a fluid energy money enjoys circulation ~ whenever you incur an expense bless it and see it flowing out into the world contributing to the greater good.

• You are not separate from All That Is and therefore all the money in the world is already a part of you.

• Money is a symbol for infinite energy in physical form and this life force that is represented by money cannot run out.

• The more you approach money from an aligned vibration the more it will flow to you.

• Money is sacred not scary. “I give myself permission to receive more money and transform my thoughts and emotions around money now because it is just like me in my truest sense ~ timeless, formless, boundless, full of potential, deeply loved and appreciated.”

• Imagine money as a fine gold dust at a microscopic level. Feel how it flows to you from all directions. Inhale this abundant free flowing joyful energy and let it begin to glow in your chest. Expand that golden glow of prosperity from your heart centre outward saturating your energy field.


At first these new thoughts may feel a bit outrageous, especially if money has been an issue for a long time. I strongly encourage you to see its light and the more you lean into the idea and what you know to be true in your heart the more you will expand into a divinely blessed abundant cosmic being. 🙂


Prosperity Magick |


Make Your Own Money Potion

Open up the flow even more to decrease resistance around receiving more money and to shatter self-imposed limits regarding reaching the next income level.

Earlier in this guide, we looked at ways to replace old thoughts about money and how you can start feeling abundant and prosperous, for free!

When people pay for goods or services received the energy they carry regarding that transaction is transferred to the money.

When you in turn received that money via its circulation in the system that energy enters your wallet and space.

This can be favourable if the person blessed their money and thanked it wholeheartedly for what they were receiving in exchange.

However it can be unfavourable if someone had difficulty parting with their cash and begrudged the transaction coming from a place of fear, lack and grief.

Symbolically cleansing that vibration from it and replace it with an uplifting, joyful positive one will serve you well.


The Money Cleanse

1) Simply take a large bowl and place all your notes and coins in it. If you like incense, smudge over the bowl with some smoke alternatively lightly spritz a little blessed sea salt water solution over the bowl.

2) As you do so affirm that you are removing any previous programming that is in discord with an abundant, supportive, loving frequency that serves the greater good.

Tap into better feeling thoughts about all the alchemical ways money transforms itself to bring what you choose to exchange it for into your life. Feel your heart space expand and sense the bowl and all its contents aglow in golden light.

3) Cleanse your wallet in a similar fashion and then pack your magical moolah back into it while inviting more money to join these in this happy place. After all, if you were money would you prefer to be in a blessed, loving space or a resented one?

Each time you take money out to pay imagine it going out into the world expanding the light in the world with the golden hue you blessed it with, trusting that whatever you spend will return to you with ease.

Tip: In the spirit of infinite abundant flow, take a gold metallic marker and draw the infinity symbol on a dry bay leaf, then place it with the notes in your wallet so that you are reminded of the flow every time you see it!


Money Potion |


The Money Potion

Repurpose a shower gel bottle, fill it three quarters of the way with luke warm water. Pour in three tablespoons of genuine fine sea salt and shake to dissolve. Add some dried:

• Basil (governed by Mars) creates a warm safe space in which to open up your heart, awakens the subconscious and stimulates self-recognition.

• Chamomile (governed by Venus) is harmonising and soothes the spirit and inner child in this instance regarding poverty consciousness from family and society that were internalised. Tip: Open up a chamomile teabag if you don’t have any on hand.

• Rosemary (governed by the Sun) assists in reminding you of the powerful creator being you are, boosting your success quotient and ability to perceive signals from the universe.


Hold the money potion between both your palms in front of your heart centre and charge them with the emotional tides you associate with financial stability and ease such as calm, confidence, accomplishment, security or whatever feeling underpins this desire of yours for more money until you sense the life force within the ingredients stir.

Once in the shower (or in the bath tub before you draw your bath) apply some of this cleansing money potion from head to toe. Right at the top of the crown of your head to beneath the soles of your feet and remember your back.


What To Do

1) Think Go
Call to mind the feeling of releasing any old or subconscious beliefs and resistance around money that hinders your ability to receive more of it. Imagine it dissolving from your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Open the shower tap to rinse off (or draw your bath water to hop in).

2) Think Flow
Open to receive money in whichever form it wishes to make its way to you, allow yourself to feel the sensation of receiving this representation of life force and to surprise you in delightful ways! Refrain from thinking about how it will or must come to you along a specific avenue. Just savour the feeling the end result evokes within you.


This ritual is especially potent when done regularly both at waxing moon to magnetise money to you and to dissolve barriers to receiving money at waning moon. Its effects are especially amplified when the moon is in Taurus and on dates with the number 8 in it to connect with the infinite abundant flow of life force.

You can substitute the dried herbs with a few drops of pure essential oils if you prefer BUT if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have high blood pressure or epilepsy DO NOT use these highly concentrated plant extracts without checking safety first.


Prosperity Spells |


A Simple Money Spell with No (Bad) Side Effects

When it comes to maintaining a nice steady cash flow it is by far better to do something on a regular basis because magick is cumulative!

I like the fast turnaround that candle magick provides for this. Take a green candle that you only use for this particular spell.

If you are unable to have an open flame you can still use this spell substituting the candle with a green crystal such as aventurine, malachite, moss agate or green tourmaline. Or engage visualisation with green and/or gold light instead.

Should a green candle not be possible any colour will do or pure magickal beeswax is also great. Same goes for the crystal, if you don’t have a green one use multipurpose clear quartz instead.


You can either choose to do this once a month at each new moon, half moon waxing and/or full moon or perform the spell on days when the date has an 8 in it three times a month on the 8th, 18th and 28th

Why 8?

It represents infinite abundance of all good things such as health, happiness, love, laughter, miracles and magick.

Pythagorus actually had his students meditate on the figure 8, tracing its endless loops as a focal point.


Perform the spell just before bed so that you don’t think on it any further because with money we tend to shoot ourselves in the foot when our logical left brain starts trying to rationalise when and how it is going to come to us.

If you can’t do it before bed for some reason, try to do it just before you need to go and do something else that will distract you!


How to Cast Your Money Spell

Ground and centre. Light the wick. Feel your aura expand outward from the room you are in, shining beyond your home, across your state, beaming outward from Earth and radiating into the depths of space. Become aware of your chakras spinning and feel them opening and aligning.

Standing before the candle/ holding the crystal between the palms of both hands in front of your heart centre/ visualising, step into the energy of abundance. For example, call to mind the brush of soft silk on your cheek, the beautiful wood inlay your fingertip can’t help but trace and the sensation of stress melting away with a hot stone massage.

Essentially, think of all the things you experience that feel rich to you. Maybe a particular perfume scent, nail polish colour etc. Think about all the little things that add up in your life that you already have and are grateful for and draw in the feeling that goes with each one of them into your heart space.

Next, bring your attention to how it good it feels to have a free flow of abundance so that all your needs are met, where there is more than enough to share. And as you share with others your abundance touches the lives of others in your local community and globally, positively impacting everyone as you prosper so you help others prosper too.

In your mind’s eye see yourself in scenes where you are handing over money to purchase products and services, donating to causes dear to your heart, smiling and interacting with a warm fuzzy feeling because it feels so good to have enough and share the wealth, knowing that the flow can never run out.

{See below for a suggested incantation}


Money Spell |


Suggested Incantation

As you gaze into the flame (visualise light or hold the crystal, as the case may be) say something along the lines of;


“I now blaze away any obstacle to my ability to flourish.


I open my mind, heart and being to the infinite abundance of All That Is,


Which is my birth right as a child of the universe.


Prosperity flows to me in delightful, easy ways from all directions.


As I prosper, others prosper locally and globally,


Because I am able to share my love, light and generosity more freely with the world around me.


And so it is.”


Imagine a shimmering green mist strewn with golden sparkles wafting around and through you, emanating from the ether. Conjure the feeling of fullness, of infinite abundance in every fibre of your being.

To end off, extinguish the candle or set the crystal down while stating “until next time”. Allow any unused energy that accumulated within and around you to disperse into the Earth.


Prosperity Magick |


Easy Spell to Attract More Clients

How to attract more clients to your business with magick…

If you are self-employed or sidelining to supplement your income for example, running a craft business or offering private tutoring, establishing a steady flow of income from you offerings is likely one of your intentions.

While there are plenty of spells for money, it is always better to be precise about what you are actually wanting beside the money.

• Do you want people to come and buy?

• Do you want people to seek you out via your advertising?

• Do you want more of your right-fit clients?


What to Do

If you are new to working with crystals, I recommend partnering up with a piece of citrine, orange carnelian or yellow aventurine with this spell. More about crystal magick here.

1) Once a month at new moon or half moon waxing take your crystal and hold it in between both palms of your hands in front of your heart centre.

2) Close your eyes and imagine more clients flowing to you.

3) From your core, send out an inviting energy amplifying out from your aura into the ether.

4) Ask the unified field to send you good people who are in integrity, of high frequency, happy, financially stable and the perfect match for your services. Feel them as if they are there right now.

5) You could imagine them as many lights approaching you, almost like fireflies drawn to your light.

6) Finish off by beaming love to all your clientele, current and prospective. Appreciate what they bring into your life and take joy in what you bless them with through your offerings and unique talents that only your light brings.

Keep the crystal on an altar dedicated to business growth or in a secret spot on top of your business card.

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Give me 5 minutes...

And you will feel more deeply connected to yourself, your intuition and Source energy.

So that you shift your way of being in this world that benefits every area of your life.