Collecting soul aspects |

How to access cosmic consciousness and safely perform soul retrieval for yourself.

The word ‘psyche’ in its oldest and most general form was used by the early Greeks who envisioned the psyche as the soul or very essence of life.

What science is increasingly confirming is that all time is simultaneous, meaning you are a multidimensional being experiencing any number of existences in parallel realities, part of a hologram that is perceived as different timeframes.


When you receive insights, premonitions and inspiration regarding becoming your most awakened and best self you are in actuality remembering what has already happened, whether you distinguish it as from the “past” or “future”.


As a result of living many lifetimes at once you give and receive through your energy field with every encounter and come away changed in some way. Because the depth of experiences vary you may at one time or another give some of your soul aspects away, like your personal power, vitality and knowledge of talents and abilities.

This does not mean that your overall soul self is affected. You remain whole on a soul level, but the different personas you carry within the hologram appearing separate in space and time experience a disconnection and fragmentation. Usually this is precipitated by traumatic physical and emotional events.


For example, in one incarnation you are a gentle healer working with the plant spirits to know what ingredients to use for your healing ointments, teas and oils. In another incarnation you want to prepare natural and herbal remedies because it is something you feel a great affinity for yet you have trouble acting on that desire.

Let’s say in the lifetime of the gentle healer you were ambushed one night while gathering roots by the light of the full moon and lynched from your favourite oak tree because the villagers blamed you for a misfortune.


Now in the other incarnation you are unable to move beyond that trauma which resides in your cellular memory even though you have no conscious memory of it.

In this regard, retrieving a soul aspect would be beneficial for you to overcome the energy block you hold when it comes to working with the plants that call to you so strongly.


Another common way this plays out is repetitive patterns in destructive relationships or an emotional unavailability in relationships. You know the song “take another piece of my heart?” Or perhaps in great emotional pain you bargained for someone to take the heartache away. You literally gave a piece away, discarded or neglected it in a misguided attempt to heal.


Quite simply, when you collect soul aspects you are restoring elapsed consciousness.


The How-To

If you have the space available create a small altar that functions like a “vision board” to remind you of the soul fragments you are collecting now. This also functions as a symbolic portal of your intention to retrieve these fragments on all levels.

If you know where you are experiencing an energy block in a particular skill set or area of your life, select an archetype to use as a visual reminder of what you are welcoming back into your realm. This could be an oracle card, Rune or planetary sigil.


Consider what patterns consistently play out for you, then see how you can piece together the root cause. Or if you find chronic pain surfacing in a particular part of your body particularly in certain situations, turn within and seek what feels disjointed.


Every night for at least 21 days recite the following incantation:


“I call for any estranged aspects of myself to present to me during my sleep state.


Show me what I need to know about fully reclaiming and restoring this part of myself.


Guide me in an easy to understand and recognisable way as I choose to deepen my


wholeness across all time and space now. I will recall everything that I need to know.”


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Give me 5 minutes...

And you will feel more deeply connected to yourself, your intuition and Source energy.

So that you shift your way of being in this world that benefits every area of your life.