Personal Power 7 Ways to Increase Yours |

The word power has long been associated with control, domination and manipulation over others. Personal power however…

Affects you alone by taking accountability and making decisions based on guidance from within.

Each of us possesses a unique energy signature so we do not all hold the same dominant qualities of expression, resulting in our different journeys, intents and purposes.

On a soul level we choose different personality traits for the various manifestations and experiences on our paths.


1. If you feel threatened by a project or circumstance that appears to be leading somewhere undesirable, don’t be afraid to nip it in the bud now. Say NO to situations that inhibit or bind you.

Decide consciously what you want to continue holding on to or what you want to let go of along with what you are going to do to stimulate more of what you want to experience more of. Then take one small action that signifies this each day.


2. Place a piece of Azurite, Iolite or Lapis Lazuli by your bedside to activate or enhance your intuition or wear it near your throat chakra whenever you need assistance in speaking your truth or communicating your vision for something.

If you don’t have any of these crystals on hand visualise a brilliant sapphire blue light swirling in your throat centre, weaving your thoughts into eloquent speech.


3. Choose a power animal to manifest their characteristics through you and bring their inspiration or strengths to your efforts. We are all One in essence thus you can deliberately evoke their skills within you.

Attune to one in meditation or while journaling to ask what its instinctive response would be, helping you reach a different perspective or guidance on your approach toward a particular matter.


4. Allow room for mystery to unfold in your life, make way by allowing yourself to feel vulnerable as you accept uncertainty and the unknowable. Trust that the mystery will let you in at exactly the right time on your journey to wholeness.

Place a starry sky image in your meditation space or at your altar to remind you of this. You could also use midnight blue candles or a celestial themed altar cloth that draws you in as you focus on it.


5. Go with the flow of your intrinsic knowing in order to find inner tranquillity. Sometimes it’s easy to flow through one experience to the next, like pollen eager with potential whichever way the wind blows you and sometimes, not so much.

Ask yourself, where is the meaning in this experience located for me? How can I approach things differently? What can I do to move forward from this? Energy ebbs and flows like the tides. Waxing moon is creating time, waning moon is application time.


6. Make room for play and doing the things that nourish your spirit. Get out of your head and into your body, grounding your energy and lying flat on your back on the earth slows the pace of life down and allows for shifts in perspective and space for magick to fill in the gaps.

A few simple acts of self-love can work wonders.


7. Experiment with your quantum self. Pause and consider two options, travelling down a passage of time in your mind’s eye with each one to see how things potentially unfold before making an informed decision.

What does this other dimensional you feel like? Look like? Think like? Do you want to step into their reality? What would you shape differently?

Take the time to identify what you value in life. Look at how much of your life is based on realising these values. What simply doesn’t fit? What would your life look like without those? How can you become it? Then exercise your personal power in becoming a truer expression of yourself.


Power Mantra:

I enjoy flitting through dimensions, being a mistress of time and custodian of Earth and all her beauty.

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