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Practicing self-love is an ideal way to invite more of the things that nurture your heart and stir your soul into your life.

Nurturing yourself with actions that you take pleasure in and value indicate to the unified field that you are making time to shift into your heart expression and deepen your relationship with All That Is.

A simple act of self-love can do wonders for the spirit and give you just the breather you need for some fresh inspiration to enter your mind or to uplift a weary mood.

9 Ways to Nurture Yourself

1) Do something creative that you are passionate about and allows you to express your heart and soul (you don’t have to be the best at it, how you feel doing it is what counts). Paint, draw, write, tend your garden, arrange flowers, bake etc.

2) Redecorate a room, rearrange the furniture, spruce up your wardrobe, declutter everything you haven’t used in a year unless you absolutely adore it every time you see it and smile at your reflection in the mirror in passing.

3) Give yourself a gift ~ it could be a new book, a massage, a facial or the nifty electronic device you have had your eye on, as long as you revel in your time with it.

4) Move! Appreciate your body. Tell it how magnificent it is that you have mobility. This could range from gentle stretching to high impact heart pumping endorphin releasing enjoyment.

5) Eat healthy, life-force filled food that nourishes your physical vessel with nutrients instead of bland processed goo. Drink water to flush your system of toxins and breathe d-e-e-ply at least once a day.

6) Indulge in “guilty pleasures” like sleeping in late, chocolate and ice-cream for the right reasons ~ because they feel so good! Not because you are trying to avoid something.

7) Break out in a happy dance, put a spring in your step or sing with every success (no matter how small) whether you are alone or amongst others, let your joy shamelessly radiate!

8) Celebrate, just by taking delight in being here. Celebrate the beauty of nature around you, celebrate your loved ones, celebrate a perceived failure because you now know what doesn’t work 😉

9) Listen to sweet sweet music, the kind that touches your soul where it’s just you, the artist’s shared thought and sound. Nothing else matters in that moment as your cells turn liquid and dissolve.

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