How to Release Heavy Emotions with the Dark Moon |

A dark moon ritual to let go of toxic emotions and release emotional baggage so that you can feel better and move on.

Emotional baggage = thoughts and feelings that aren’t serving your best interests such as anger, resentment, shame and guilt for past things.

If you have experienced a series of unpleasant situations in your life with either one or several people.

Due to your ever expanding growth and soul learning, it is likely that you have emotional debris.

Depending on the duration of these circumstances, perhaps a thick sludgy build-up of ‘ugly’ heavy thoughts and feelings has occurred.


This is a simple yet profound rite you can perform to get all that toxic gunk out of your system so that you can leave it in the past and step forward and focus on creating better before you.


Rite for release of toxic emotions:

Timing: Dark Moon (any of the three days before new moon)

Create sacred space in the way you like. Incense is not a must but if you want to use it I recommend is Dragon’s Blood, Cinnamon, Nag Champa or Myrrh. Sit in a chair with your back comfortably supported and your feet firmly placed flat on the floor. Ground and centre your energy.

Call upon your Ancestors from all bloodlines, known and unknown to come to your side and assist you in letting go of the situation and all the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual baggage that has amassed as a result.


Ask your personal Interdimensional Support Team to lend you their support, healing and protection during this rite too. Protection doesn’t mean something negative is going to happen, it’s more like a shield or buffer from taking on anything that is not for your highest good and creates that sense of a safe space to process your emotions at the most appropriate rate for you.

Once you sense all parties presiding, state your intention to release all this toxicity into the Earth for transmutation to be returned to Source in its purest form.

Imagine a very deep, dark pit opening in the ground before you. Maintain a steady gaze at this pit and muster all the negative, heavy emotions from all over your body that have been locked up and suppressed inside you that are constricting your ability to shine and thrive, slowly squeezing the life force out of you.


Anger, sadness, heartache, disappointment, betrayal, resentment, frustration, guilt, shame, tension, regret etcetera ~ past and present.


Channel this toxic accumulation, like a dreary fog rising out from all your cells and energy centres, gathering it and pushing it out from your heart chakra then pulling any residual density down through your legs and out from the soles of your feet.

Then with all your might, drive it all out into the Earth, draining and funnelling it into the depths where it is neutralised and transmuted.

Repeat this purging twice more. It feels similar to when you have been so ill and vomiting to the point where you have nothing left to come out and you feel hollow to your toes.

On the third round you will feel much lighter and very little will come out. Visualise the pit sealing up before your eyes, casting all that density into the primordial depths of Creation.


Affirm it is done x3

Affirm I am free x3


Give thanks to all who presided over the rite and release any unused energy to the four directions.


To complete:

Run a warm bath with a cup of coarse sea salt dissolved into it. If you only have a shower, use fine sea salt and make an exfoliating scrub by adding some almond, olive or grapeseed oil to it so it becomes a paste and scrub your entire body with it before turning the water on.

In the bath or shower, imagine a clear stream of water washing over you for further cleansing. You can call to mind all the things that have been upsetting you. Imagine those feelings leaving your body, into the water which will be released down the drain into the Earth for transmutation.

Conjure a brilliant ray of diamond light in your mind’s eye to surround you like a soft, comforting cocoon of divine love. The essential oils of lavender and rose helpful for invoking this via their frequency. (Please click here for notes on essential oil safety).


As you carefully step out of the tub or shower, visualise an archway of fire burning around you and further purifying your energy field. Step forward into a better future.

Place a drop of your favourite cleansing essential oil into the palm of your hand and rub your palms together then gently inhale to remind you of all the good things you are opening yourself up to receive now. (Juniper, Hyssop or Elemi are my recommendations). Again, please click here for notes on essential oil safety, they are potent plant extracts.

If you have a favourite deep healing audio track it would be ideal to listen to as you rest or lie on your back for a few minutes with a piece of blue kyanite, white calcite or rose quartz on your brow chakra to realign and soothe your energy field. (And if you only have one crystal, clear quartz is multipurpose)!

Be gentle and compassionate with yourself as you recalibrate!

Repeat this rite at each monthly dark moon until you feel you have purged all toxicity, especially if you have been harbouring it for decades or live and or work with people and situations that are heavy in emotional baggage on a frequent basis. In this regard I recommend cord cutting as well.

✶ If somebody is messing with your boundaries, disrespecting you and outright sowing contempt, freeze bad behaviour with this spell.

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Give me 5 minutes...

And you will feel more deeply connected to yourself, your intuition and Source energy.

So that you shift your way of being in this world that benefits every area of your life.