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What drawing down the moon actually is, why you would want to do this in the first place how to do it with step by step instructions including what to do afterwards.


Important! Please note: Some sources state that the full moon is a time for release. This is serious MISINFORMATION. By simply applying common sense, one can see the moon is at the peak of its light and in no way representative of release (as is the waning moon phase when the light is decreasing in the sky).

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Drawing down the moon is a term used to describe the ritual gesture a mage makes at full moon to:

~ Open your mind and heart to unify as One with cosmic consciousness

~ Receive high frequency light codes that grant access to ancient wisdom, activating and assisting you with your navigation as a spiritual master having a human experience.

One of the most intriguing and often perplexing ritual gestures to newly awakened mages is the drawing down the moon part of an esbat (full moon ceremony). This is not something reserved only for an elite group of clergy.

Magick is inherent in your nature and therefore you can participate in this practice as you wish whether solitary or in the company of kindred spirits.

Calling down the moon is in my opinion one of the most soothing, healing and edifying traditions in the Craft because when the moon is “full” it is in direct opposition to the sun. This is symbolic of the conscious self fully illuminating the subconscious.

What this means is that your ability to interface between your internal and external worlds is heightened to choose which version of reality you want to align with and thus which one you experience.


Why Draw Down the Moon?

• Connect more deeply with the essence of the full moon (flavoured by the zodiac sign it is in)

• Commune with pervasive cosmic wisdom within the unified field

• Illuminate your energy field and incorporate this energy on a molecular level in your physical constitution

• Align with and attune to the divine light at your core

• Impart this energy to those around you for their benefit

• Infuse items with a particular frequency and light codes

• Celebrate and honour the past two weeks of your creative waxing moon journey


By attuning to the vibration of appreciation and accomplishment as the full moon comes to fruition, so too do you etherically support the creative aspirations you have been cultivating during the waxing moon phase.

By honouring your journey thus far, you can consciously open up to receiving clarity around what aligned actions will move you forward and dissolve blocks during the waning moon phase of the two weeks to follow.


How to Draw Down the Moon

You can make this gesture as simple as elaborate as you wish. If you are so inclined set the tone by taking a candlelit bath, listening to magical mood music, doing some Yoga, dancing, drumming or singing to step into a relaxed and receptive state beforehand.

1. If you have the privacy and space, that is weather permitting, go out into your yard and stand with your feet hip-width apart and arms raised above your head. If you are in the city, choose the window with the best view of the moon/piece of sky.


2. You can hold a wand, crystal point or athame (ceremonial knife) above your head between the palms of your hands. If you opt not to charge an object you can raise your arms so that you create a Y form, palms facing up toward to the sky. If you are unable to raise your arms for some reason, hold them slightly away from your hips with palms open, facing up.


3. Gazing up at the sky (it doesn’t matter if it is cloudy or you can’t see the shining moon, the energy will still find you as intended) inhale deeply.


4. As you exhale, allow all concerns and tension from the day to dissolve from your being, flowing out from the soles of your feet into the Earth for transmutation.


5. Inhaling deeply again sense the magnetic pulse of life force beneath the soles of your feet, affirming your connection to this physical realm as you exhale.


6. Drawing in another deep breath, state something along the lines of:

“I call upon my Personal Interdimensional Support Team

and all beings of light and love who work with me and through me

to come to my side and assist me with this ritual drawing down

of the moon’s essence to receive the cosmic wisdom,

activations and healing appropriate for me now.”


7. Exhale while sensing their loving support around you.


8. As you inhale again imagine silvery white moonbeams streaming from the sky toward your crown chakra. On its way, permeating any object you may be holding in your hands.


9. Imagine the pure, high frequency light filling your aura, increasing its size and saturating the very fibres of your physical being. Exhale slowly.


10. Envision your skin aglow as you inhale again, your muscles alight and your bones illuminated to their core.


11. Exhaling, sense the moonlight lovingly washing through you in gentle waves from head to toe, shimmering throughout your mental and emotional bodies as well, vitalising and informing you at the deepest level.


12. Next, when you feel “supercharged” lower your arms and return to your chosen altar space.


After You’ve Drawn Down the Moon

You’ve got options!

• Meditate

• Journal or create art to express your desires

• Consult a divination tool like oracle cards or scrying – keep notes!

• Carry out ceremony for a group of kindred spirits

• Place the charged object on your altar overnight

• Speak with your ancestors (no pleading or cajoling) chat about what’s coming up for you and what you would like some assistance with

• Perform a gratitude rite for all that is good in your life

• Send Reiki to wherever it will be of most service to the planet

• Ask for insights and realisations to reveal with this step by step rite


When you feel the activity you have chosen is complete, release any excess energy into the Earth to travel to wherever it is most needed. If you leave this part out you may feel overstimulated!

To do this visualise any excess energy leaving your body via the soles of your feet or place your hands palms down on the ground with the same intent. Have something light to eat to ground and centre, returning your awareness fully to the present moment.

In the days and weeks to come, stay open to signs, messages and synchronicity that reveals greater clarity and focus on your path. May you be blessed with radiant health, the sparkle of joy, the glow of prosperity and the abiding warmth of love, sparkling soul.

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