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When others invade your space, trash your boundaries or approach you with downright meanness, you have the right to defend your personal space.

This working has nothing to do with ill-wishing. If you find yourself reacting emotionally, it is advisable to enter your heart-space to explore understanding of the matter from a broader perspective first, since adversity can only be resolved through awareness, follow these steps first if necessary.


1)  On some scrap paper or a digital document you shred/delete later… Journal out all your thoughts and feelings of anger, frustration, resentment, guilt, whatever the case may be. Vent as much as you would like about the situation to get it all out so your mind starts to settle. You can also draw one Tarot or oracle card for insight on the situation, asking for example, “What is the underlying dynamic of this situation?”


2) In a meditative state, call upon your Spirit Helpers to join you in setting a new foundation of fresh thoughts entering your consciousness, things that hadn’t occurred to you before that will lead you in a direction you haven’t been able to see yet. Ask that they will support you in this release and turning point in your life.


3) Breathe in this knowing as brilliant diamond light and exhale anything you don’t need into the light and so it is.


The ritual below is designed to release undesirable behaviour or bring destructive behaviour to a standstill ~ yours or another’s. Like all magical workings, refrain from attempting to comprehend how the matter will be resolved, just trust that it will be.


I did this ritual on behalf of a client who went to police training college. They were being fired at with live ammunition by the instructor. Twenty-four hours after the gesture was completed the instructor’s entire demeanour altered and he let up on his trainees.


How did the matrix swing this one? He met the love of his life.

Best outcome for all concerned. Every. Single. Time.


This working can be applied to:

• A person or unknown unit of consciousness that is draining your energy

• An unpleasant situation

• Untoward behaviour from another

• An outmoded cycle, pattern or habit that no longer serves you

• Free yourself from a compulsion or obsession


How to go about it

1) Create sacred space in the manner which you favour. If you’re new to this concept check out the articles here, here and here.


2) Write the name of the party involved on a piece of paper OR if you are releasing something from your own behaviour, your name and what you wish to release in as concise and to-the-point form as possible. Black paper with silver ink if you have, alternatively white paper with black ink.


3) With your hands over the paper, say the following mentally or out loud:


“I invoke the Ancient Ones (or your preference) to please clear away all that is not in the highest and best good for all concerned.


I ask that harmony and calm be restored and choose to replace all pain with joy.


May all effects be rescinded and transmuted and any discordant energy be returned to Source (or your preference) to be dissolved.


I ask my Spirit Helpers to intervene and manifest peace and resolution by miraculous means.”


4) If you have an affinity for Runes, draw Isa vertically over the entire piece of paper.

Fold the piece of paper up and tape, staple or pin it to keep it together. Then place it in the freezer or in an ice cube tray’s compartment with some water. Alternatively, make an incision in a lemon and place the paper inside the lemon to hold it in place and then freeze it. Forget about it!


Important Note #1: If you opt for the ice cube option, please pop it out of the tray and wrap it in foil to be stored in the back far corner of your freezer. You don’t want Aunt Millicent to refresh her Mint Julep with it 😉

Important Note #2: If you don’t get results after the first attempt, repeat the ritual once a week until you notice a shift.


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