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What a sanctum actually is, how to use it to access your inner peace and enter a calm, centred state of mind.

According to the Encarta English Dictionary:

Sanctum (noun)

1. sacred inner place

a sacred place inside a church, temple or mosque 


2. a quiet private place

where somebody is free from interference or interruption 


The first definition made complete sense to me… until I got to the second line…

A sacred inner place ~ of course! That place in the core of your heart that you turn to within.


Wait… what? It is relegated to a building?


Your sacred inner place is where you find your deepest truths, most respectful answers and sage wisdom. Unconditional love and support emanates from this place and ensures your flow of wellbeing and self-assuredness.

The vibrations in an environment you find your Self in such as; Nature, a sacred structure or beside an altar may be conducive for reaching this place within but it certainly is not external from you and Source-ry is not dependant on it.


The second definition resonated well; a quiet private place free from interference and interruption.

Of course! That place within where you are completely present within your Self and so are unshakable by external circumstances. The calm within an emotional storm, where you can neutrally observe what is occurring and consciously choose how to weather it.

You are responsible for what you allow to intrude on or disrupt your internal equilibrium.


Questions for Reflection:

• How do you enter your personal sanctum, that is, access your core being?

• Which activities or environments facilitate this connection for you?

• Is it somewhere you only visit occasionally when you need to feel safe or relaxed?

• Or do you reside there permanently?


How to Access Your Inner Sanctum

1) The more you fill your body with air, the more relaxed, energised and healthy you feel and thus become.

2) Bring your attention to your breath ~ is it habitually shallow? Or when do you find you are not breathing deeply and fully?

3) Take notice which emotions or circumstances take you out of your core power centre.

4) Consciously deepen your inhalations and exhalations when you find yourself in a state other than centeredness.

5) Then affirm to yourself that you are now breathing in total peace.

6) Sense the glow of life force within you, as you fill your lungs.

7) Exhale as you make room for fresh possibilities, inspiration and awareness to enter your calm, centred state of mind.


Power Mantra:

I dwell in the sanctum that is within my heart.

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